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Magazine Stand :: Kaleidoscope Podcast – Episode 5

Kaleidoscope: The Art and Language of Inclusion has launched episode five of its podcast. Focusing on issue 87 of the same-named Kaleidoscope magazine, this episode aims to lift the words from the pages to present them to an audience through a different perspective.

Join host Nick deCourville as he explores the ties that bind. In life, we experience many connections. Whether this is connections to our family, to our friends, or to ourselves, these ties help keep us tethered to reality. However, some ties can also keep us connected from that which we are trying to escape. Ties can help provide security and comfort, but it can also be far too easy to become entangled in our binds. Ties can keep us connected, yet somehow separate us.

This episode focuses on these ties and their impact on others with readings from Roly Andrews, Shanan Ballam, Caitlin C. Baker, Susan Whiting Kemp, Ujjvala Bagal Rahn, Robert Douglas Friedman, Margaret D. Stetz, Rebecca Brothers, Melanie Reitzel, Kate Robinson, Ellis Elliot, Shelly Jones, Connie Buckmaster, Marya Summers, and Benjamin Decter. Listen today and reflect on the ties that bind you.

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