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Magazine Stand :: Rogue Agent – February 2024

The February 2024 online open-access issue of Rogue Agent features poetry and artwork that investigates the question: “What is it like to live in the body?” Contributors to the newest issue (with an excerpt from each) include Shloka Shankar (“Lanterns / glow brightly on a summer night, looking / for something you could sing but you don’t.”), Denise Alden (“Imagine quaffing thirteen beers in an evening then popping / up like a daisy the next morning.”), Melanie McCabe (“The tongue abides, sibilant / as ever in its wise tree. I let it beguile.”), Trystan Popish (“on days like this, I do not contain / organs, bones, or veins, / but a body of water, coursing with currents / I can’t control”), Horus Balogh-Zanin (“The first scars on my skin the tiny homes of other living creatures.”), Justin Vicari (“Men sometimes lead two lives. I knew this from an early age.”), Melissa Fite Johnson (“Each year, I decide to forget. Each year, I can’t.”), Xiaoly Li (“It was your thirst / that could not be doused.”), Jeannine Hall Gailey (“Fifty is the year a woman changes from waif to wolf, / from virgin to witch.”), and Michele Sharpe (“My future snaps like a rusted latch / and hasp. I live happily severed after.”). Rogue Agent publishes new content monthly with submissions open year-round.

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