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Magazine Stand :: Bellvue Literary Review – 46

The newest issue of Bellevue Literary Review (46) features the 2024 BLR Prize Winners:

Goldenberg Prize for Fiction, Judge Marie Myung-Ok Lee
Winner: Stray Gods by Shastri Akella
Honorable Mention: Childe by William Klein

Felice Buckvar Prize for Nonfiction, Judge Edgar Gomez
Winner: Anticipatory Grief by Misty Kiwak Jacobs
Honorable Mention: Officium by Siobhan McKenna

John and Eileen Allman Prize for Poetry, Judge Melissa Lozada-Oliva
Winner: Dementia Unit for John Glenn by Amy Rothschild
Honorable Mention: It Has Nothing to Do with Argentina by Carolene Kurien

Other contributors to this issue include fiction by Tennessee Hill, Jonathan Strysko, Adriana Golden, Grace Glass, Rashmi Patel, and Peter Kessler; nonfiction by Erin Van Rheenen, Zoë Sprankle, and Nicki Porter; and poetry by Cynthia Marie Hoffman, J.A. Holm, Amy Ralston Seife, Judith Harris, Chelsea Kerwin, Bruce Bond, Seth Peterson, Lisa Dordal, Scott Frey, Megan Maier, Rachel Yinger, Deborah Bayer, Purvi Shah, Judith Fox, Bethany F. Brengan, and Olivia Olson, with a Foreword by Doris W. Cheng.

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