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Magazine Stand :: Bellevue Literary Review – Issue 43

Bellevue Literary Review pint magazine issue 43 fall winter 2022 cover image

Bellevue Literary Review‘s newest issue (43) is themed “Recovery,” which Editor-in-Chief Danielle Ofri comments, “When we initially considered recovery as a theme for BLR, Covid-19 wasn’t yet a twinkle in any epidemiologist’s eye. [. . . ] It can be exhausting to contemplate all that is happening, much less consider how we might ever recover. Literature can never offer a ‘how-to’ manual for recovery—that we’ll leave to the strategists of the world. Rather, it offers an opportunity to grapple with the individual strands of our lives, teasing out one tiny aspect to ripple slowly through our fingers. Literature won’t necessarily give us the answers, but it will help us wrestle with the questions.”

Helping us wrestle with the questions in this Fall/Winter issue is Fiction by Kyle Impini, Andrea McLaughlin, Meredith Talusan, Yen Ha, Arya Samuelson, Wes Byers, Margaret Buckhanon, Julia Mascioli, Christopher Mohar, Daniel Pope; Nonfiction by Sakena Jwan Washington, Saima Afreen, Ucheoma Onwutuebe, Carolyn Abram, Rebecca Grossman-Kahn, William Walker, Diane LeBlanc; Poetry by Anthony Aguero, Monique Ferrell, Emily Hockaday, Gaetan Sgro, Lolita Stewart-White, Stephanie Choi, Anne-Marie Thompson, Talia Bloch, Rochelle Robinson-Dukes, Tara Ballard, Nicholas Yingling, Holly Mitchell, Denise Duhamel, Carrie Purcell Kahler, Nina Clements, Kathryne David Gargano.

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