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Magazine Stand :: Willawaw Journal – Spring 2024

The Spring 2024 online issue of Willawaw Journal highlights the graphic literature of J.I. Kleinberg’s found poetry (including the cover image). She and several poets in this issue responded to CMarie Furhman’s prompt “Hells Canyon Revival,” which is also included.

Other contributors to the issue include Ann Farley, ash good, Barb Lachenbruch, Bette Lynch Husted, Catherine McGuire, Charles Goodrich, CMarie Fuhrman, Dale Champlin, Diana Pinckney, Diane Funston, DS Maolalai, Elizabeth Kirkpatrick-Vrenios, FD Jackson, Frank Babcock, Gary Lark, Jeff Burt, Jo Angela Edwins, Joel Savishinsky, John Palen, Kevin Grauke, Llewynn Brown, Marc Janssen, Marilyn Johnston, Martin Willitts, Jr., Maureen Eppstein, Neal Ostman, Phyllis Mannan, Richard Collins, Ron. L. Dowell, Sam M. Woods, Sarah Cummins Small, Sherry Mossafer Rind, Stephen Grant, Susan Landgraf, Terry Adams, and Tzivia Gover among many other fine poets.

Magazine Stand :: Willawaw Journal – Fall 2022

Willawaw Journal online literary magazine Fall 2022 issue cover image

The newest issue of Willawaw Journal is now online for poetry and art lovers to enjoy! This issue features contributors from 22 different states and four different countries, 22 men and 19 women. Twenty-six of the forty-one poets are first-time Willawaw contributors, and an array of talent, emerging to very well-established: Kenneth Anderson, Frank Babcock, Jodi Balas, Louise Cary Barden, Carol Berg, Robert Beveridge, Ace Boggess, Jeff Burt, Natalie Callum, Dale Champlin, Margaret Chula, Richard Dinges, Rachel Fogarty, Matthew Friday, D. Dina Friedman, David A. Goodrum, John Grey, Allen Helmstetter, James Kangas, David Kirby, Tricia Knoll, Linda Laderman, Kurt Luchs, Stacy Boe Miller, Kathryn Moll, John C. Morrison, John Muro, Toti O’Brien, John Palen, Darrell Petska, Vivienne Popperl, Laura Ann Reed, Erica Reid, Lindsay Rockwell, Beate Sigriddaughter, Jeffrey Thompson, Elinor Ann Walker, William F. Welch, Charles Weld, Kevin Winchester. David Memmott is the featured artist, sharing a high-energy and high-chroma palette of work based on photo and ink drawing, which he calls his “Crooked Comix.” He is also a contributing poet.

Magazine Stand :: Willawaw Journal – Spring 2022

Williwaw Journal online poetry magazine Spring 2022 cover image

Willawaw Journal hosts two month-long submission periods in August and February, with a mentor poem from one of the Northwest Poets Laureate as a prompt for both poetry and art submissions. The Spring 2022 issue mentor poem was “Sweat,” from Montana Poet Laureate Sandra Alcosser. Featured in this free online journal are works by Hugh Anderson, Louise Cary Barden, Corbett Buchly, Jeff Burt, Natalie Callum, Ken Chamlee, Dale Champlin, Daun Daemon, Kris Demien, Jannie M. Dresser, Ann Farley, Sarah Ferris, C. Desirée Finley, Suzy Harris, Lorraine Jeffery, Stephen Jones, Tricia Knoll, Laurie Kolp, Gary Lark, David Dodd Lee, Amy Lerman, Scott Lowery, Katharyn Howd Machan, Jayne Marek, Catherine McGuire, Robin Michel, Cameron Morse, John Thomas Muro, Kevin Nance, Lisa Ni Bhraonain, Robert Nisbet, Toti O’Brien, Vivienne Popperl, Laura Ann Reed, Frank Rossini, Maria Rouphail, Beate Sigriddaughter, Pepper Trail, Heather Truett, and Paul Willis, with artwork throughout by Jessica Billey.