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Magazine Stand :: Humana Obscura – Fall/Winter 2022

Humana Obscura literary art magazine Fall Winter 2022 cover image

Humana Obscura is a gorgeous literary/art publication, available to read digitally online for free (via Issuu) or readers can order single print copies. The Fall/Winter 2022 issue features work by 82 new, emerging, and established contributors from around the globe, as far as New Zealand, The Netherlands, Germany, Malaysia, Scotland, Mexico, Greece, and throughout the United States and Canada. Contributors include Amy Aiken, Subhaga Crystal Bacon, Elizabeth Barlow, Sienna Taggart, Gail Peck, Nick Olah, KB Ballentine, Luke Levi, Jasmin Javon, Najib Joe Hakim, Jolie B. Kates, Tiffany Mackay, Darnia Hobson, Jaqui Somen, Matt Rogers, Danielle Petti, Alan Toltzis, Michelle Ortega, Joon Song, Jean Ayotte, Ellen Rowland, Katie Mollon, Katherine Harnisch, Tiffany Tuchek, Joshua St. Clare, Kerstin Voigt, Robert Fanning, Kateri Kosek, Bonnie Matthews Brock, and so many more.

Magazine Stand :: Humana Obscura – Issue 4

Humana Obscura literary magazine cover image

The Spring/Summer 2022 issue of Humana Obscura – an independent nature-focused literary magazine – features work by 84 new, emerging, and established contributors from around the globe, as far as South Africa, United Kingdom, Amsterdam, Australia, the Cayman Islands, Germany, and throughout North America. Contributors include Melanie Shoeniger, Susan G. Sancomb, Byron Wilson, Andre Peltier, Jaqi Holland, Kimberly Kling, Roger Camp, Ian William L., Meg Venter, Maureen Bennett, Genevieve Leavold, and more. Available to read online or order a print copy.

Humana Obscura – Fall Winter 2021

Our cover artist is Retura Claar. This issue’s featured artist is Derrick Breidenthal, and our featured poet is Luke Levi. Also in this issue: poetry by Audrey Colasanti, Sam Sharp, J. P. White, Hugh Hughes, Elaine T. Stockdale, and more; prose by Jason Goldsmith and Waverly Woldemichael; and art by Buffy Davis, Sharon Becker, Katya Belena, Tiffany Wong, M. Russek, and others. More info at the Humana Obscura website.

Find Nature with Humana Obscura

Online and print literary magazine Humana Obscura publishes the best new, emerging, and established writers and artists in the “nature space.” As their name applies (obscured human), they focus on works where the human elements is concealed, but not entirely absent, aiming to revive the genre of nature-centric poetry and art.

They publish two issues a year featuring poetry, short prose under 1,000 words, and artwork in various mediums. Their inaugural issue features poetry by James King, Emily Hermann, Danielle Zipkin, David Baker, Mary Buchinger, and more; prose by Kathleen Deep, Nick O’Brien, Maggie Maize; and Angela Shen; with art by Margaret Dries, Kyra Schmidt, J. T. Bruce, and more.

They are currently open to submissions for their second issue. Learn more here. Don’t forget to stop by NewPages to discover more about this fledgling literary magazine.

Call :: Humana Obscura Spring/Summer 2021 Issue Open to Submissions

Submissions for the Spring/Summer 2021 issue of Humana Obscura are open! We are an independent online and print literary magazine publishing nature-themed work from around the world. For complete submission guidelines and more info on what we’re looking for, visit www.humanaobscura.com.