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Magazine Stand :: Humana Obscura – Fall/Winter 2023

Humana Obscura Fall 2023 cover image

Independent nature-focused literary magazine Humana Obscura’s Fall/Winter 2023 issue features work by 53 new, emerging, and established contributors from around the globe. Contributors include Amy Aiken, Bryan Stewart, Debbie Strange, Mary Catherine Creel, Vian Borchert, Marjorie Hanft, Joyce Meyers, Harry Bauld, Denise Miller, Sarah Garland, petro c. k., Jocelyn Velush, Rose-Marie Keller-Flaig, Janna Knittel, Lucy Flood, Chris Powici, Megan Muthupandiyan, Kerri Bowen, Lissa Watson, Adele Webster, Kimberly Phinney, Rachel Jeffcoat, Maureen Bennett, Rebecca Lacey, Tak Erzinger, Nicholas Olah, Tim Dwyer, Audrey Colasanti, Shane Coppage, Sarah Das Gupta, Kerry McPherson, Anna Freyne, Dustin Marley Hackfeld, Talitha May, Melissa Laussmann, José A. Alcántara, Patricia Rockwood, Jodi Balas, Kerstin Schulz, Ann Howells, Sally Anderson Boström, Jerome Berglund, Joshua St. Claire, Luke Levi, Kimber Devaney, Deron Eckert, Wally Swist, Vanessa Pejovic, Harold Sneide, Jennifer Browne, and Jennifer Steensma Hoag.

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