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Magazine Stand :: Humana Obscura – Spring 2024

The Spring 2024 issue of Humana Obscura features poetry, prose, and art by 87 new, emerging, and established contributors from around the globe, as well as interviews with poet Djana Kolaj and artists Rosemary H. Williams and Flick. Among the contributors for this issue: Jocelyn Ulevicus, Deb Baker, Lauren Carson, Sally Anderson Boström, Kristine Narvida, Ed Meek, E. D. Watson, Gabriel Welsch, Rachel Orta, Walt McLaughling, Zak Schafer, Stephanie Hanlon, Roberta Beach Jacobson, Amy Ratto Parks, Anna Lueck, Diane Elam, Abby Harding, Mary Anne Abdo, Pauline Le Bel, Eileen Begley, Melissa Laussmann, Jennifer Collins, Jocelyn Elizabeth, Tianming Zhou, Carrie Carter, Cristina Chaidez, Christie Gardiner, Ian Wells, Susanne Wurlitzer, Alison Reed, Elissa Greenwald, Jennifer Miller, Debbie Strange, Libby Saylor, Judith Rayl, William Ryan, Kimber Devaney, John Nizalowski, Kathryn P. Haydon, Katie Busick, Allison C. Macy-Steines, and Susan Ksiezopolski.

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