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Find Nature with Humana Obscura

Online and print literary magazine Humana Obscura publishes the best new, emerging, and established writers and artists in the “nature space.” As their name applies (obscured human), they focus on works where the human elements is concealed, but not entirely absent, aiming to revive the genre of nature-centric poetry and art.

They publish two issues a year featuring poetry, short prose under 1,000 words, and artwork in various mediums. Their inaugural issue features poetry by James King, Emily Hermann, Danielle Zipkin, David Baker, Mary Buchinger, and more; prose by Kathleen Deep, Nick O’Brien, Maggie Maize; and Angela Shen; with art by Margaret Dries, Kyra Schmidt, J. T. Bruce, and more.

They are currently open to submissions for their second issue. Learn more here. Don’t forget to stop by NewPages to discover more about this fledgling literary magazine.

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