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Magazine Stand :: The Writing Disorder – Winter 2023/24

The winter 2023/24 issue of The Writing Disorder features all-new fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and art. Is it possible to read 100 books in a year? Visit The Writing Disorder online and ead CL Glanzing’s article and find out.

While you’re there, check out these new works of fiction by talented authors: “The Angels Are Leaving, The Angels Are Leaving” by Gaurav Bhalla; “Embarrassment upon Humiliation upon Mortification in My Intern Year” by Christine Benton Criswell; “Nothing Better to Do” by Tom Eubanks; “Dad Stuff” by Toni Kochensparger; “Self Portrait by the Thing Within” by Clayton McMIllan; “The Longer View” by Patrick Parks; “Puppy” by Ruth Rotkowkitz; and “Doomsday” by Anastasia White.

Poets featured in this issue include Duane Anderson, Lawrence Bridges, Annette Gagliardi, Elizabeth Morse, Frederick Pollack, Charlotte Suttee, and Michal Zielinski.

Nonfiction lovers, in addition to Glanzing’s article, can enjoy “Tangled by Blood: Book Review” by Lisa C. Peterson; “Some Peace” by Rita Plush; and “Proper Posture” by Angela Townsend. And finally, our featured artist is Kevin Nance, whose winter-themed photographs are breathtaking.

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