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Magazine Stand :: The Writing Disorder – Spring 2023

The Writing Disorder Spring 2023 cover image

Flowers are blooming and so is the Spring 2023 issue of The Writing Disorder, budding new fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and art for all to enjoy! This newest online issue includes FICTION: “A Letter from the Batcave” by Charles Joseph Albert, “The Best Detective There Was” by Leila Alliu, “A Cat in a Box for Mom” by Joe Cappello, “The Best We Can” by William Cass, “Selling Out the Nation” by Stephanie Daich, “The Sad Princess” by Cara Diaconoff, “Dream On” by CL Glanzing, and “The Scarecrow Cross” by Erik Priedkalns; POETRY by Lorelei Bacht, John Cullen, Shae Krispinsky, James McKee, Sloan Porter, and David Sapp; and NONFICTION: “Zone Valves” by Graeme Hunter, “Father’s Day” by Kate E. Lore, and “What the F*ck is Going on?” by Arlene Rosales; and the art of Courtney Parsons.

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