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Magazine Stand :: The Writing Disorder – Spring 2024

The spring 2024 issue of The Writing Disorder features an interview with Sandra Niemi, who recently wrote a biography about her famous Finnish aunt, Maila Nurmi, aka Vampira. Fans will especially appreciate the gallery of Maila Nurmi photographs spanning her career.

Also in this issue is excellent new fiction, poetry, and nonfiction by Norman Belanger, L.S. Engler, P.A. Farrell, Evelyn Herwitz, Hannah McIntyre, Jacob Strunk, Cor de Wulf, Josh Humphrey, J. A. Lane, Dana Roeser, Nolo Segundo, Uzomah Ugwu, Diane Webster, Kelsey Berryman, Eric D. Lehman, Rachel Paz Ruggera, and a review by Claire Hamner Matturo.

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