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Magazine Stand :: The Shore – Issue 21

The Shore Issue 21 brings fresh new poetry, a rush of color and chaos, just in time for spring. The online issue is bursting with poetry by: Madeline Allen, Isabella Piedad Escamilla, Lexi Pelle, Anne Barngrover, Lara Egger, Sarah Anne Stinnett, Laura Donnelly, Kelli Russell Agodon, Sofia Fall, Martha SIlano, Mary Simmons, Erin Redfern, Brooke Sahni, Emma Murf, Nain Christopherson, Whitney Waters, Kelly Gray, Christian Ward, David Cazden, Caylee Gardner, Anthony Borruso, Christine Barkley, Lizzy Ke Polishan, Katherine Smith, BEE LB, Eric Cline, Michael Mark, Christine E Hamm, Leona Sevick, Sarah Elkins, Brendan Byrne, Lauren Swift, Robert Fillman, Donna Vorreyer, Christi Donoso, Lawrence Bridges, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Aaron Poochigian & Ronda Piszk Broatch. It also features striking and memorable art by Julia Kooi Talen.

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Magazine Stand :: The Shore – Issue 20

The Shore celebrates its 5th Anniversary with Issue 20 just in time for the season of reflection and introspection. These poems offer new ways to see the world accompanied by Susana Alcaraz’s visions of the world through a variety of art mediums. Poetry contributors include Sarah Barber, JP Dancing Bear, Tara Westmoor, Sarah Mills, Jane Zwart, Justin Howerton, Doug Rampseck, Zea Pippi Lotte van der Elsken, David Dodd Lee, Erinola E Daranijo, Allison Field Bell, Mickie Kennedy, Romana Iorga, Melanie H Manuel, Abbie Kiefer, Anna Pele, Kelle Groom, Drew Buxton, Philip Jason, James King, Grace Marie Liu, Osieka Osinimu Alao, Jane Satterfield, Rachel Becker, Caitlyn Curran, Agnieszka Tworek, Austin Allen James, Dorothy Lune, Milla van der Have, Kasey Jueds, Josh Luckenbach, Amanda Maret Scharf & Hannah Smith, Kathleen Winter, Alastair Morrison, Taylor Franson-Thiel, Seth Copeland, Ned Balbo and Constance Hansen.

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Magazine Stand :: The Shore – Issue 19

The Shore Issue 19 cover image

The Shore online poetry journal Issue 19 drops a little before the leaves with a longing for shadows and solace. These poems lace their lines across distance to celebrate the shortening days. This issue features new poems by Chelsea Dingman, Noor Shahzad, Jenny Munro-Hunt, MM Porter, Marisa Lainson, Catherine Weiss, Jennifer K Sweeney, Emily Patterson, Melody Wilson, Mary C Sims, Vanessa Ogle, Ruth Williams, Jill Klein, Lila Waterfield, Terin Weinberg, Heather Truett, Bill Hollands, Derek JG Williams, Tiffany Aurelia, Alejandra Cabezas, Conan Tan, Lizzie Hutton, Sam Moe, Elinor Ann Walker, Alyse Knorr, Todd Campbell, Mckendy Fils-Aimé, Jennifer Bullis, SE Street, Eric Steineger, Melanie Branton, Michael Lauchlan, Jared Povanda, Maggie Rue Hess, Jack B Bedell, Donald Pasmore and Ann Weil. It also features haunting art by Rachel Storck.

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Magazine Stand :: The Shore – Issue 18

The Shore Issue 18 cover image

The Shore Issue 18 brings the heat of distance and language and parenthood into haunting haze and burning light of the new season. It features scintillating poetry by Haley Winans, Sara Femenella, Dorsey Craft, Lisa Lewis, William Littlejohn-Oram, Laura Apol, Matthew Gustafson, Tracey Knapp, Sandra Fees, Roman Bobek, Jordan Walker, Emily A Benton, Jeff Newberry, Christopher McCormick, Katie Mora, Ashish Kumar Singh, Allison Thung, Fathia Quadri Eniola, Saba Husain, Matthew McDonald, Austin Segrest, Matthew Murrey, Amy DeBellis, Helena Mesa, Inkyoo Lee, Phoebe Gilmore, Alexander Duringer, Dan Schall, Jamie Tews, Peggy Hammond, Andrew Vogel, Laurel Benjamin, Annette Sisson, Phil Goldstein, Lisa Low, Barbara Daniels, Adam D Weeks, David Eileen Winn and Sarah B Cahalan. It also features art that interrogates ideas of space and distance by Andrew Spitzer.

Magazine Stand :: The Shore – Issue 17

The Shore Issue 17cover image

The Shore Issue 17 ushers in the spring with fresh poetry blooming into the world by Jennie E Owen, Pamilerin Jacob, Milica Mijatović, Nike Onwu, Frank Graziano, Samantha DeFlitch, Divyasri Krishnan, Michael Quattrone, Kelly R Samuels, Farai Chaka, Melissa Strilecki, KG Newman, Susannah Lawrence, Melanie McCabe, Ellen Zhang, Crystal Cox, Maggie L Wang, Ben Groner III, Ryleigh Wann, Savannah Cooper, Prosper C Ìféányí, Jill Khoury, Lily Greenberg, Luke Johnson, Jane Newkirk, Jessica Goodfellow, Nicholas Ritter, Jen Karetnick, Christopher Blackman, Laura Grace Weldon, Lindsay Clark, Alex Gurtis, Jill Kitchen, Taylor J Johnson, Letitia Jiju, Meg Kelleher, William G Gillespie, Kai Pretto, Karen Elizabeth Sharpe, John Barr, Arvinder Kaur Johri, Alston Tyer and Vincent Frontero. The issue is also awash with art by Ruby Miller & Kimberly Turner.

Magazine Stand :: The Shore – Issue 16

The Shore online poetry magazine issue 16 cover image

The Shore issue 16 marks the online quarterly publication’s fourth full year of production, and the newest issues keeps to their standard of selecting poems from new and established poets that are “cutting, strange, and daring.” Featured in this issue are works by Ellery Beck, Nasser Alsinan, Ryan Varadi, Michael Goodfellow, John Glowney, Heather Qin, Helen Nancy Meneilly, Mary Simmons, Justin Carter, Michel Agunbiade, Maggie Boyd Hare, Maya C Thompson, Ronda Piszk Broatch, Chris McCann, Margaret M Kelly, Daniel Dias Callahan, Katie Tian, Martha Silano, Marina Brown, Mike WIlson, Anthony Gabriel, Christopher Citro & Dustin Nightingale, Shannon Hardwick, Kevin Roy, Jay Brecker, Lauren Badillo Milici, Grant Schutzman, Monica Cure, Brandon Hansen, Erin Wilson, Lucas Dean Clark, M Cynthia Cheung, Leland Seese, Joey Wańczyk, Kimberly Ann Priest, Joe Dahut, and Vanessa Couto Johnson with haunting art by taylor d waring.

Magazine Stand :: The Shore – Issue 15

The Shore online poetry magazine issue 15 Autumn 2022 cover image

The Shore issue 15 is here to bring in the autumn with crisp new poems by Michael Emmanuel, Jill Crammond, Ali Wood, Amy Wang, Lynne Ellis, Doug Ramspeck, Robert Carr, Nano Taggart, Mary Ford Neal, Jessica Baldanzi, Anne Cheilek, Jeanna Paden, Elizabeth Joy Levinson, Juliana Gray, Madelyn Musick, Ryler Dustin, Michelle Park, McKenzie Teter, Lawrence Di Stefano, Alicia Byrne Keane, Erin Little, Abigail Chang, Ion Corcos, Alec Hershman, Alison Hurwitz, Rachel Walker, Jared Beloff, Sarah Wallis, Brooke Harries, Adam Day, Maria Hiers, Bobby Parrott, Hannah Schoettmer, Lora Robinson, Jesse Fleming, Taylor Cornelius, Jennifer Metsker, Carson Sawyer, Gary Fox, and Annalee Roustio. This issue also features “gasp-worthy” art by Kaelyn Wright! All free to read online, so click on over and check it out today!

Magazine Stand :: The Shore – Issue 14

The Shore online poetry magazine Summer 2022 issue cover image

The just-released summer issue of The Shore online poetry magazine of cutting, strange, and daring work from new and established poets alike is glistening with powerful work! In it is hot new poetry by Flourish Joshua, Aron Wander, James Kelly Quigley, KJ Li, Meghan Sterling, Alyx Chandler, Derek N Otsuji, Robert Fanning, Siobhan Jean-Charles, Ariel Machell, V. Batyko, Marcy Rae Henry, Hannah Riffell, Anne Taylor, Lily Beaumont, Jennifer Martelli, Lisa Trudeau, Kimberly Kralowec, Laura Vitcova, John MacNeill Miller, Aaron Magloire, Abdulkareem Abdulkareem, Molly Tenenbaum, Joseph Housley, Kayla Rutledge, Samuel Burt, Chris Kingsley, James Owens, Alexandre Ferrere, Urvashi Bahuguna, Amanda Roth, Jory Michelson, Miceala Morano, Seth Leeper, Michael Lauchlan, Summer Smith, Mary Lou Buschi, Jack B Bedell, Adam Gianforaco and Robert Beveridge. It also features amazing art by Roger McChargue.

Magazine Stand :: The Shore – Spring 2022

The Shore literary magazine cover art

The Shore online poetry journal “lucky thirteenth” is stocked full of writing that “pierces the easy observations of the everyday and gets at the ghostly underside.” It features poems by Lisa Compo, Stephen Lackaye, Cynthia Marie Hoffman, Jen Jayda Gupta, Jess Smith, Jane Zwart, Simon Montgomery, Lee Potts, Calgary Martin, Daniel Ruiz, Shannon Ryan, Wendy BooydeGraaff, Lori Lamothe, Adam J Gellings, Mikko Harvey, Sy Brand, Sam Rye, DS Maolalai, Carolyn Oliver, Victoria Mbabazi, Samuel Prince, Christien Gholson, Michael Battisto, Sara Fitzpatrick, Ja’net Danielo, Stephanie Kaylor, Afton Montgomery, Jenny Della Santa, José Angel Araguz, Sihle Ntuli, Jeanine Walker, Julia Hands, Matthew Herskovitz, Katherine Huang, Malorie Varnell, Meredith Arena, Laurie Sewall, Ariel Clark-Semyck, Kevin McIlvoy and Rachel Marie Patterson. This issue also features some intriguing photo art by Nadine Rodriguez.

The Shore – Winter 2021

This winter’s new issue of The Shore marks our third full year of publication! In it is glistening poetry by Shannon K. Winston, Marlo Starr, Lynne Ellis, Kyle Vaughn, Eunice Lee, Lauren K. Carlson, Fatima Jafar, Taiwo Hassan, Stefanie Kirby, Charles Hensler, Simon Perchik, Stephen Ruffus, Kathryn Knight Sonntag, Amy Williams, Meghan Kemp-Gee, Matthew Murrey, David Dodd Lee, Lorrie Ness, Julia Schorr, Jake Bailey, Katie Kemple, C.C. Russell, Adam Deutsch, Nick Visconti, Andrea Krause, Sam Moe, Patrick Wright, Brittney Corrigan, and more. Find a full list of contributors at The Shore website.

The Shore – Fall 2021

You will fall for the autumn issue of The Shore. It features moving and inventive poetry by Paige Sullivan, Julia Watson, Chris Cocca, Dhwanee Goyal, Paige Welsh, Caroline Plasket, Katie McMorris, Vismai Rao, Debarshi Mitra, Tatiana Clark, Abi Pollokoff, Sophia Liu, Mia Bell, Loisa Fenichell, Barbara Daniels, Julia McDaniel, Jennie E Owen, Melissa Strilecki, Corinna Schulenburg, Odukoya Adeniyi, and more. See who else contributed to this issue at The Shore website.

The Shore – Summer 2021

The summer issue of The Shore is stocked with simmering poetry by Linday Lusby, Jenn Koiter, Sarah Brockhaus, Grace Li, Karen Rigby, Brittany Atkinson, Erin Wilson, John Sibley Williams, Paul Ilechko, Audrey Gidman, Stella Lei, Todd Osborne, Bobby Parrott, William Littlejohn-Oram, David Ford, Matthew Valades, and more.

The Shore – Spring 2021

The spring issue of The Shore is bursting with breathtaking poetry by Dana Blatte, Jessica Poli, Matthew Tuckner, CD Eskilson, Dakota Reed, Kelsey Carmody Wort, Martha Silano, SK Grout, Hilary King, Babo Kamel, Noa Saunders, Jeremy Michael Reed, Lucy Zhang, C Samuel Rees, Becki Hawes, Kevin Grauke, Jenny Wong, Steven Pfau, Ashley Steineger, Danielle Pieratti, Eric Steineger, Farnaz Fatemi, Scarlett Peterson, Sarah Elkins, Katie Holtmeyer, Robert Fanning, Jean Theron, Heidi Seaborn, Caroline Riley, Sarah Stickney, David Keplinger, Nwuguru Chidiebere Sullivan, Tara A Elliott, Laren Mallett, Richard Prins and Sam Sobel. It also features dazzling art by Joshua Young.

The Shore – Winter 2020

The winter issue of The Shore marks our two year anniversary! It features engaging and moving poetry by Doug Ramspeck, A Prevett, Donald Platt, Jane Zwart, Iheoma Uzomba, Aiden Baker, Jennifer Loyd, Jane Satterfield, Emry Trantham, Dylan Ecker, Trivarna Hariharan, Karah Kemmerly, Su Cho, Laura Minor, Hannah Bridges, Eileen Winn, and more. It also features haunting photography by Ellery Beck.

The Shore Poetry – Fall 2020

The autumn issue of The Shore features gorgeous and dynamic poetry by Melissa Crowe, Lisa Ampleman, Susan Rich, Taylor Byas, Joely Byron Fitch, Emma Aylor, Jill Mceldowney, Samuel Adeyemi, Taylor Fedorchak, Susan Moon, Owne McLeod, Oluwadare Popoola, Isaac George Lauristen, Duncan Mwangi, Adam Day, Natalie Young, Dan Wiencek, Andy Keys, Vincent Poturica, Katherine Fallon, and more. The issue also features digital art by Joe Lugara.

The Shore – Summer 2020

The summer issue of The Shore features dazzling poetry by: Catherine Pierce, Kim Harvey, Beth Gylys, Joshua Garcia, Sara Moore Wagner, Kristi Maxwell, Dillon Thomas Jones, Matthew Bruce, Lorrie Ness, C.C.Russell, Travis Truax, Stanley Princewill McDaniels, Njoku Nonso, Erin Rodoni, Phillip Sterling, William Doreski, and more.

The Shore Poetry – Spring 2020

The Shore - Spring 2020

A new issue of The Shore features poetry by: Julia Bouwsma, Charlie M. Brown, Nicholas Samaras, Sarah Marquez, Nicholas Holt, Rachel Small, Noah Stetzer, Kathryn de Lancellotti, Molly Tenenbaum, Kathryn Merwin, Jenny Irish, Nicholas Molbert, Alicia Hoffman, TW Selvey, Anna Sandy-Elrod, Clifford Brooks, Stephen Furlong, and many more. It also features stunning photography by Melissa Marsh.