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Magazine Stand :: The Shore – Issue 15

The Shore online poetry magazine issue 15 Autumn 2022 cover image

The Shore issue 15 is here to bring in the autumn with crisp new poems by Michael Emmanuel, Jill Crammond, Ali Wood, Amy Wang, Lynne Ellis, Doug Ramspeck, Robert Carr, Nano Taggart, Mary Ford Neal, Jessica Baldanzi, Anne Cheilek, Jeanna Paden, Elizabeth Joy Levinson, Juliana Gray, Madelyn Musick, Ryler Dustin, Michelle Park, McKenzie Teter, Lawrence Di Stefano, Alicia Byrne Keane, Erin Little, Abigail Chang, Ion Corcos, Alec Hershman, Alison Hurwitz, Rachel Walker, Jared Beloff, Sarah Wallis, Brooke Harries, Adam Day, Maria Hiers, Bobby Parrott, Hannah Schoettmer, Lora Robinson, Jesse Fleming, Taylor Cornelius, Jennifer Metsker, Carson Sawyer, Gary Fox, and Annalee Roustio. This issue also features “gasp-worthy” art by Kaelyn Wright! All free to read online, so click on over and check it out today!

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