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Magazines Received April 12, 2021


gettysburg review april 2021The Gettysburg Review

Volume 33 Number 2, April 2021
In the latest issue of The Gettysburg Review: essays by Kate Lebo, Chad Davidson, Michele Battiste, Jen Silverman, and Maya Jewell Zeller; fiction by David Crouse, Lilly Schneider, and Melanie Ritzenthaler; and poetry by John Sibley Williams, Alice Friman, Kathryn Smith, Bethany Schultz Hurst, Claire McQuerry, Lex Runciman, Bruce Beasley, Albert Goldbarth, Carol Ann Davis, R. T. Smith, Fay Dillof, Carolyn Miller, and more. Learn more...


presence 2021Presence

With the publication of this 2021 issue comes the fifth anniversary of Presence Journal. Enjoy art by Reginald Baylor and work by featured poet Joseph A. Brown, S.J.. Ashaq Hussain Parray translates work by Rehman Rahi and Shahnaz Rasheed. Barbara Crooker, Dante Di Stefano, Linda Nemec Foster, and Mary Ladany celebrate the lives of others in the “In Memoriam” section. Plus, poetry by Kelli Russell Agodon, Lisa Ampleman, Charles Baudelaire, Ronda Piszk Broatch, Justin Carisio, Katy Carl, Zach Czaia, Cortney Davis, Christina Ellsberg, CJ Giroux, Kirsten Kinnell, Gerry LaFemina, Colin Pope, Rainer Maria Rilke, Cindy Veach, Daniel Tobin, and many more. Learn more...


ruminate spring 2021Ruminate

Volume 58, Spring 2021
In the face of the immense grief that surrounds us, for this issue Ruminate Magazine editors decided to explore What Remains. “Everything is held together with stories,” writes the acclaimed author Barry Lopez, who died this past year, a few months after the Holiday Farm Fire destroyed his house and archives. “That is all that is holding us together. Stories and compassion.” This issue features the winners of our 2020 Broadside Poetry Prize: Michael Dechane and S. Yarberry. Learn more...


valley voices spring 2021 Valley Voices

Volume 21 Number 1, Spring 2021
The Spring 2021 issue includes a special feature with work by Jim Kacian. In this section, John Zheng also interviews the poet. New prose by Ted McCormack, Sierra Tribbett-Collins, Khem K. Aryal, and DC Berry. Poetry by K. S. Hardy, Steve Myers, Shanti Weiland, Angela Ball, Michael T. Smith, Marjorie Gowdy, Charles Rammelkamp, Patricia Farewell, Richard Jones, Theodore Haddin, Susan Weaver, and more. Learn more...


willow springs spring 2021 Willow Springs

Issue 87, Spring 2021
Willow Springs 87 features prose and poetry from Joseph Millar, Ramona Ausubel, Jessica Lee Richardson, Andrew Furman, Lawrence Lenhart. Plus, John-Michael Bloomquist, Todd Davis, Charles Douthat, Robert Hedin, Heikki Huotari, Amber McBride, J.P. White, Alpay Ulku, Connor Yeck, A.D. Nauman, Hannah Pass, D.J. Thielke, Evan John Massey, Alexandra Teague, and more. Learn more...




Issue 44, Winter 2020-2021

Our Times

Winter 2020-21

The Twin Bill

Spring 2021 online


Magazines Received April 05, 2021

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bridge spring 2021 Bridge: The Bluffton University Literary Journal

Spring 2021 online
The Best Young Writers Age 14-24. These young writers and artists are deeply engaged—both with timeless themes and with their contemporary iterations and manifestations. Fiction by Michaela Crawford, Mac Bowers, Jonah Bradenday, Jacob C. Connerly, and Alexa Bocek. Nonfiction by Jessica Baker. Poetry by Shawn Anto, Liam Strong, Charlie Neer, Kristine Ma, Solomon Foster, Lyndie Mesina, and more. Drama by Maeve O’Connor and Nora Mohamed. Visual art by Rayoung Lee, Hyeseon Kim, Jacquelin Wu, Hyewon Cho, and Rahil Najafabadi.  Learn more...


brilliant flash fiction march 2021 Brilliant Flash Fiction

Spring 2021 online
In this issue: new flash fiction by Michael Kozart, Carol McGill, Anne Anthony, James W. Davidson Jr., Jess Koch, Lorette C. Luzajic, V.J. Hamilton, Andrew Hughes, and Charline Poirier. Learn more...


cleaver spring 2021 Cleaver Magazine

Issue 32, Spring Mix 2021 online
Welcome to the Spring 2021 issue featuring a visual narrative by Jennifer Hayden; flash by Rebecca Entel, David Galef, Gabby Capone, and others; poetry by Ann de Forest, Laura Tanenbaum, Valerie Loveland, James Miller, and Kate Peterson; nonfiction by Ali Kojak, Jason Jobin, and Marnie Goodfriend; and short stories by Nick Olson, Sandra Florence, and Claire Oleson. In art: ceramics by Constance McBride. Learn more...


humana obscura summer 2021 Humana Obscura

Issue 2, Spring/Summer 2021
The long-awaited Spring/Summer 2021 issue of Humana Obscura is here! This latest issue is packed full of incredible work from 96 different contributors from around the world. Work by Laura Smith, Beck Anson, Steve Fay, Hugh Hughes, Fen Kacin, Luke Levi, Retura Claar, Dick Altman, Margaret Lloyd, Randy Gerritse, Jennifer Lagier, Jennifer Atkinson, Claudia Ullman, and more. Learn more...


the lake april 2021 The Lake

April 2021 online
The April issue is now online featuring Melanie Branton, Luigi Coppola, Seth Crook, Melanie Hyo-In Han, Nels Hanson, Tom Kelly, Ibe Liebenberg, DA Maolalai, Megan McDermott, John Middlebrook, Lynn Pattison, Paul Waring. Reveiws of David J. Costello’s Heft, Charles Rammelkamp’s Ugler Lee, Anne Caldwell’s Alice and the NorthLearn more...


new england review volume 42 number 1 New England Review

Volume 42 Number 1, 2021
New design. New writing from Cuba. New essays, stories, and poems—from Susan Daitch, Carl Dennis, Matthew Lansburgh, Charif Shanahan, and more. In our long-awaited translation feature of new writing from Cuba, you’ll find “hyper-real, speculative, socio-politically explicit, photographically existential, and experimental forms,” says translator Katerina Gonzalez Seligmann in her introduction. You’ll find writers from Havana, Camagüey, and Granma province, writers living in Boston, Miami, and beyond, some with many awards to their name and some up-and-coming. Learn more...


plume issue 116 Plume

Issue 116, April 2021 online
For this month’s featured selection, Nancy Mitchell interviewed five Poet Laureates: Tina Chang, Elizabeth Jacobson, Paisley Rekdal, Levi Romero and Laura Tohe. In nonfiction: “Correspondence In The Air” by Ilya Kaminsky and “Twilight of the Theorists” by Doug Anderson. Andrea Read reviews Steven Cramer’s Listen. This month’s poetry selections include work by Jill McDonough, Kim Dower, Lynn Levin, Frances Richey, Daniel Tobin, Ashley Dailey, and more. Learn more...


southern humanities review spring 2021 Southern Humanities Review

Volume 54 Number 1, Spring 2021
Nonfiction by Jade Hidle and Emily Waples; fiction by Remy Barnes, Christine Ma-Kellams, Raquel Olive, and Keija Parssinen; and poetry by John Blair, Asa Drake, Giles Goodland, Aiden Heung, Patrick Holian, Avery K. James, David Klose, and Rooja Mohassessy. Learn more...


writing disorder spring 2021 The Writing Disorder: A Literary Journal

Spring 2021 online
In this issue: fiction by Alison Bullock, Jennifer Makowsky, Robert Collings, Wendy Maxon, and more; poetry by R.T. Castleberry, Nicholas Karavatos, Mark DuCharme, Natasha Sharma, Hana Jabr, and John Tustin; nonfiction by Katy Wright, Riley Winchester, and Donna D. Vitucci. Art by Stewart Francis Easton. Learn more...



Free Inquiry

Volume 41 Number 3, April/May 2021


Magazines Received March 29, 2021

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court green winter 2021 Court Green

Issue 18, Winter 2021 online
In this issue: Diane Seuss, Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, Kathleen Ossip, Kaitlyn Palmer, Ricki Cummings, John Gallaher, Timothy Liu, Maureen Seaton, Bernard Welt, Maxine Scates, David Semanki, Jehanne Dubrow, Sean Singer, Linda Russo, and Brian Johnson. Learn more...


court green winter 2021 The Fiddlehead

Number 286, Winter 2021
The Winter 2021 issue of The Fiddlehead features creative nonfiction by Chafic LaRochelle, Jen Ashburn, and Emira Tufo; fiction by Elise Thorburn, Liz Johnston, Dylan Taylor, and more; and poetry by Don Domanski, Rosebud Ben-Oni, Phoebe Wang, Keith Taylor, Rose Maloukis, LN Woodward, Monica Rico, and more. Plus, a selection of five book reviews. Cover art by Curtis Botham. Learn more...


massachusetts review spring 2021 The Massachusetts Review

Volume 62 Number1, Spring 2021
This issue includes poetry by Daniel Barnum, Ewa Lipska, Jamaica Baldwin, Uma Menon, CJ Evans, D. M. Gordon, and more; stories by Munib Khan, Sarah Emily Duff, Sean Cho A., and others; and nonfiction by Tera Joy Cole, Joanne Godley, David Lenson, and Beth Uznis Johnson. Plus, a memoir by Linda Dittmar and cover art by Adreinne Waheed. Learn more...


qu winter 2021 Qu Literary Magazine

Volume 13, Winter 2021 online
This issue’s contents: “Rogue Valley” by Midge Raymond, “Social Studies” by Stephany Brown, “The Summer of Disappearing Moms” by Kristin Gallagher, “Brooklyn” by Roy Bentley, “survival float” by Rachael Gay, “Touch Starvation” by Rachael Gay, “Last Seen Leaving Campus with Unnamed Male” by Mary Wolff, “A Marriage of Lies and One Truth” by Mary Wolff, “The Only Girl I Ever Loved” by Camille Ferguson, “Yard Sale” by Claudia Buckholts, “Death in Autumn” by Claudia Buckholts, “Morning at Starbucks” by David Joplin, “Reconciliation” by Ayesha Asad, “Antartica” by Anton Dudley, and “The Bee That Declared a War” by Cary Simowitz. Learn more...


radar poetry february 2021 Radar Poetry

Issue 29, February 2021
Radar Poetry’s newest issue features poetry by Geula Geurts, Despy Boutris, K. D. Harryman, Jennifer Beebe, Marietta Brill, Kathryn Haemmerle, Michelle Menting, Julia Paul, Amanda Chiado, Jane Zwart, Meggie Royer, Claudia Acevedo-Quiñones, Janine Certo, Cynthia White, Rachael Inciarte, Josh Exoo, Casey Patrick, and Ruth Dickey, as well as accompany art by artists such as Ethan Pines, Tema Stauffer, Lava Munroe, Honour Mack, and more. Learn more...


rathalla review 2020 Rathalla Review

Annual 2020
This annual issue of Rathalla Review is comprised of the best work from the Spring and Fall issues during the pandemic. In these pages, we showcase the best poems, essays, stories, and art we received during a time when all our lives were changing. Gale Acuff, Jay Julio, Bina Ruchi Perino, David Wright, Courtney Harler, Thad DeVassie, Isaac W Sauer, Phillip Sterling, Tricia Gates Brown, and Shelbi Tedeschi. Art by Robert Reinhardt, Rebecca Pyle, and Pam-McLean Parker. Learn more...


shore poetry spring 2021 The Shore Poetry

Issue 9, Spring 2021 online
The spring issue of The Shore is bursting with breathtaking poetry by Dana Blatte, Jessica Poli, Matthew Tuckner, CD Eskilson, Dakota Reed, Kelsey Carmody Wort, Martha Silano, SK Grout, Hilary King, Babo Kamel, Noa Saunders, Jeremy Michael Reed, Lucy Zhang, C Samuel Rees, Becki Hawes, Kevin Grauke, Jenny Wong, Steven Pfau, Ashley Steineger, Danielle Pieratti, Eric Steineger, Farnaz Fatemi, Scarlett Peterson, Sarah Elkins, Katie Holtmeyer, Robert Fanning, Jean Theron, Heidi Seaborn, Caroline Riley, Sarah Stickney, David Keplinger, Nwuguru Chidiebere Sullivan, Tara A Elliott, Laren Mallett, Richard Prins and Sam Sobel. It also features dazzling art by Joshua Young. Learn more...



In These Times

Volume 45 Number 4, April 2021

Whispering Wind Magazine

Volume 48 Number 5, 2021



Magazines Received March 22, 2021

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able muse winter 2020 2021 Able Muse

Volume 28, Winter 2020/2021
This issue’s themed art exhibit is “Exotic,” and our featured poet is “Stephen Kampa,” interviewed by Chelsea Woodard. Other poets in this issue include Tim McGrath, John Beaton, Richard Cecil, Estill Pollock, Bruce Bennett, Anne Delana Reeves, Elise Hempel, Terese Coe, Verga Ignatowitsch, Dan Campion, and others. Plus, a selection of book reviews; essays by N.S. Thompson and Christopher Rivas; and an international fiction special feature with Nageen Rather, Guadalupe Sexto, John McLennon, Treena Thibodeau, and L.M. Brown. Learn more...


colorado review spring 2021 Colorado Review

Volume 48 Number 1, Spring 2021
The Spring 2021 issue features nonfiction by Molly Rogers; fiction by Kathryn Harlan; and poetry by Genevieve Payne, T. Dallas Saylor, and Emma Lewis. Also in this issue: Tim Erwin, Holly Goddard Jones, Monica Macansantos, David Franke, Elly Bookman, Annette Oxindine, Erica Wright, Craig Morgan Teicher, Kim Garcia, Edith Clare, John Poch, Ellery Beck, Briggs Helton, Felicity Sheehy, Isabel Duarte-Gray, Regan Good, Jessica Tanck, Sarah Weck, and more. Learn more...


georgia review spring 2021 Georgia Review

Volume 75 Number 1, Spring 2021
The Georgia Review’s Spring 2021 issue is now available for purchase. This issue, which begins our seventy-fifth number, features new writing from T Cooper, Eloghosa Osunde, Kazim Ali, Heather Christle, Nikki Wallschlaeger, and many more. Spring 2021 features new translations of work by Alain Mabanckou, Hiromi Itō, and Toshiko Hirata and a special section with Julie Iromuanya and Virginia Jackson’s writings on Claudia Rankine’s Just Us: An American Conversation. This issue’s art portfolio presents Yaron Michael Hakim’s innovative anti-colonial artworks, as seen in two distinctive series, with an introduction from editor Gerald Maa. Learn more...


hampden-sydney poetry review 2020 Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review

Volume 46, 2020
The poems inside this issue speak to our moment in different and unpredictable ways. Maurice Manning attempts to capture the past; Lauren Slaughter faces mourning head-on; and Ed Falco wonders fitfully about Narcissus. And maybe Narcissus can be a mascot of sorts for this weird moment of ours—how so many of us have stared at our own faces on Zoom and felt paralyzed, perhaps not by self-regard, but by something still inevitably bounded by the self. Hopefully the poems and interviews in this year's issue of HSPR well help break you out of whatever trance you might be in. Learn more...


hippocampus magazine march april 2021 Hippocampus Magazine

March-April 2021 online
The March-April 2021 issue of Hippocampus Magazine is live, and it's full of CNF goodness for you, including work by Scott Bane, Paul Crenshaw, Bethany Kaylor, Anya Liftig, Francisco Martinezcuello, Tiffany Mathewson, Sheila Monaghan, Jim Ross, Michelle Strausbaugh, Kareem Tayyar, and Lish Troha. Also in this issue: a book review by Emily Dillon, a craft essay by Michelle Levy, and Robin Wheeler on “Going Mobile.” Learn more...


rattle spring 2021 Rattle

Volume 71, Spring 2021
The Spring 2021 issue of Rattle features a Tribute to Neurodiversity. This issue’s conversation features Michael Mark, who discusses how dyslexia has contributed to his life and work, as well as advertising, ghost stories, Buddhism, and many other topics. The issue includes another exciting and highly-varied open section, presenting poets such as Skye Jackson and Stephen Dunn, covering a wide range of subjects and styles. From gorgeous haiku (“Five Haiku in Spring” by Deborah A. Bennett), to Rebecca Schumejda’s thoughtful narrative poem “Volunteering at the Avian Rescue Center,” to a laugh-out-loud-funny exploration of the struggles of fatherhood (Jeff Tigchelaar’s “Is There Anything I Can Do”), there’s much for everyone to enjoy and savor in this colorful collection. Learn more...


still point arts quarterly spring 2021 Still Point Arts Quarterly

Volume 71, Spring 2021
This issue’s theme is “My Deep Love of Place.” Featured writers include Melodie Corrigall, Suzanne Finney, Catherine Young, Amy Cotler, Jeri Ann Griffith, Lawrence Gregory, Sue Schuerman, Cayce Osborne, Penny Milam, David Denny, William Bless, Barbara Cole, Rosalie Sanara Petrouske, and Teresa H. Klepac. Featured artists include Catherine L. Schweig, Walt Hug, Birgit Gutsche, MJ Edwards, and Barbara Anne Kearney. Learn more...



Willawaw Journal

Issue 12, Spring 2021 online
Of special interest this issue, you will find two FOLIOS by John Palen and Khalisa Rae. Also in this issue: Daniel DeRoux, Jeff Burt, Natalie Callum, Morgan English, Vivienne Popperl, Ellen Stone, Doug Stone, Emalisa Rose, James Owens, Hannah Joyce, and more.



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