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Magazines Received June 01, 2020


the lake june 2020 The Lake

Issue 33, May 2020 online
The June issue is now online featuring Sheila Bender, Phillip Henry Christopher, Robert Eccleston, Edilson Ferreira, Mercedes Lawry, Bruce Morton, David Olson, Carolyn Oulton, J. R. Solonche, Hana Yun-Stevens, Nwuguru Chidiebere Sullivan, Tanner. Reviews of Matthew Caley’s Trawlerman’s Turquoise and The Valley Press Anthology of Prose Poetry.  Learn more...


pembroke magazine 2020 Pembroke Magazine

Number 52, 2020
This issue contains poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction by emerging and established authors from the US and abroad. A young mother struggling to nurse trades notes with a gorilla; a Midwesterner finds a bathing suit in a sock drawer that whisks his mind back to a Grecian beach; a woman desperately seeks to return to her home at the edge of the world; a man takes a manic road trip with his schizophrenic uncle; a couple in a gated community is saddled with the job of maintaining an exalted lawn; a woman flees a California wildfire for a holy site near Albuquerque; and much more. Cover art by Margie Labadie. Learn more... may 2020

May 2020 online
New last month on poetry by Charlotte Pence, Michael Daley, Maryann Corbett, Lois P. Jones, Elizabeth Jacobson, Traci Brimhall, Sharon Dolin, Beth Paulson, Alison Hawthorne Deming, and Dennis Held; nonfiction by Andrew Furman and Gretchen VanWormer; and fiction by Amy Barker. Learn more...


wraparound south spring 2020 Wraparound South

May 2020 online
In this issue: fiction by Auguste Budhram, Ace Boggess, Martha Keller, H.W. Walker, Catherine Day, and Michael Wade; nonfiction by Paul Bryant, Catherine Vance, James Garrison, and Avis Kennedy; and poetry by James Whyshynski, Sallie Hess, and Donna Isaac. Art by Alice Stone-Collins. Learn more...



Against the Current

Number 206, May/June 2020


Volume 49 Number 1, Spring/Summer 2020


Issue 24, June 2020 online
In this issue, we are extremely proud to feature the extraordinary poetry and prose of Laura Mullen, D. A. Powell, Lewis Warsh, Joel Chace, Benjamin Paloff, Shevaun Brannigan, Alexandra Egan, Amy Strauss Friedman, Karen Holman, Rich Ives, and Laura Walker, alongside  text + image by Rick Pieto, and visual art by Susana Amundaraín, Alex Stark, and Frank Whipple.


Magazines Received May 26, 2020

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adroit journal may 2020 The Adroit Journal

Issue 33, May 2020 online
The May 2020 issue is here with poetry by Jenny George, Arthur Sze, Jessica Abughattas, Melissa Crowe, Jamaica Baldwin, C.X. Hua, Kara van de Graaf, Hala Alyan, Mark Wunderlich, Raymond Antrobus, Stephanie Chang, Max McDonough, James McKenna, David Roderick, Todd Dillard, Brian Tierney, James Longenbach, and more; prose by Scott Broker, Alyssa Proujansky, Maura Pellettieri, and Mina Hamedi, with a prose feature by Dima Alzayat. Conversations with Lelia Chatti, C Pam Zhang, Rick Barot, and Philip Metres. Plus the Bucknell Seminar for Undergraduate Pets 2020 Cohort Feature including Helli Fang, Eileen Huang, Grace Pursel, Heath Wooten, Lily Lauver, Miyah Powe, and more. Learn more...


baltimore review spring 2020 The Baltimore Review

Spring 2020 online
The Spring issue features poems, fiction, and creative nonfiction by: John Blair, Shevaun Brannigan, Naomi Cohn, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Katherine Gekker, Matthew Henry, R. Dean Johnson, Yume Kitasei, Andrew Kozma, Avra Margariti, Rita Mookerjee, Glen Pourciau, Ellen Skirvin, David Urbina, and M. Drew Williams. Learn more...


carve magazine spring 2020 Carve Magazine

Spring 2020
This issue includes short stories by and interviews with Ashley Hand, Chris Vanjonack, Reece McCormack, and David J. Wingrave; poetry by Kimberly Thornton, Andrew Szilvasy, Bruce Lowry, Ryan Meyer, and Jose Hernandez Diaz; and nofiction by Gregg Williard and Greg Oldfield. Find Prose & Poetry Contest Winners Nancy Ludmerer, Sarah Sousa, and Jason M. Glover. Plus, Daynee Alejandra Rosales in “Decline/Accept,” Gina Williams as our “One to Watch” interviewed by John Sibley Williams, and illustrations by Justin Burks. Learn more...


cave wall spring 2020 Cave Wall

Number 16, Winter 2019/Spring 2020
The latest issue includes poetry by Lisa Zimmerman, Sally Rosen Kindred, Jennifer Bullis, Carolyn Oliver, Andrea Potos, Michael McFee, Patricia Clark, Cathy Smith Bowers, Kevin Phan, Natasha Saje, Maggie Smith, Lesley Wheeler, Marjorie Stelmach, Brooke Sahni, Corinna McClanahan Schroeder, Lisa Ampleman, Ruth Williams, Amanda Moore, Julie Suk, Arra L. Ross, Maria Isabelle Carlos, Jason Tandon, Stephen Fregh, Michael Waters, Quinn Lewis, Joel Peckham, and Kasey Jueds. Art by Andis Applewhite.  Learn more...


gettysbrug review winter 2019 The Gettysburg Review

Volume 32 Number 4, Winter 2019
The Autumn issue features paintings by Jared Small, fiction by Jennifer Anne Moses, Jared Hanson, Darrell Kinsey, and Sean Bernard; essays by Andrew Cohen, K. Robert Schaeffer, and Christopher Wall; poetry by Jill McDonough, Max Seifert, K. A. Hays, Albert Goldbarth, Mary B. Moore, R. T. Smith, Jill Bialosky, Katharine Whitcomb, Corey Marks, Kimberly Johnson, Margaret Ray, Danusha Laméris, Linda Pastan, Christopher Bakken, Christopher Howell, and Margaret Gibson. Learn more...


malahat review spring 2020The Malahat Review

Volume 210, Spring 2020
Our spring issue showcases the 2020 Open Season Award winners: Joshua Whitehead (cnf), Patrick Grace (poetry), and Ajith Thangavelautham (fiction). Also featured: Manahil Bandukwala, Ayaz Pirani, Christine Wu, Rob Taylor, Edward Carson, Matthew Gwathmey, Tania De Rozario, Hollie Adams, Emi Kodama, Bradley Peters, Kevin Shaw, Emma Wunsch, Glen Downie, Stephanie Harrington, Rachel Jansen, Judy LeBlanc, Joseph Dandurand, and Melissa Spohr Weiss. Yi Zhe translates the work of poets Zhu Jian and Zuo You. Cover art by Jennilee Marigomen. Learn more...



 In These Times

Volume 44 Number 6, June 2020

Korean Quarterly

Volume 23 Number 3, Spring 2020


Volume 48, Spring 2020


Number 22, May 2020 online
Featuring some wonderful poetry and fiction by: Jai Hamid Bashir, Natalie Linh Bolderston, Maia Elsner, Noah Falck, Ambalila Hemsell, Di Jayawickrema, Snigdha Koirala, Anthony Thomas Lombardi, S. Qiouyi Lu, Emily Lee Luan, Aarti Monteiro, Joy Priest, Megan Denton Ray, Aimee Seu, Jessica Q. Stark, Janelle Tan, Emily Yin, Kristen Millares Young.



Magazines Received May 18, 2020

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agni spring 2020 AGNI

Volume 91, Spring 2020
Extending the range. With #91 we welcome a roster of new editors. Collectively chosen work explores impending crises as well as acts of mitigating goodness; elegies marking losses sit side by side with expressions flashing pure surprise. Cover and portfolio artist Christopher Cozier captures the sly globalized vectors of use and misuse, tracing a long history forward to now. Poems by Sandra McPherson, Steven Sanchez, Emily Mohn-Slate, Colin Channer, and others offer the sensory grab of the immediate, as do stories by Shauna Mackay, David Crouse, and Aurko Maitra and essays by Debra Nystrom, Jiaming Tang, and Ann Hood. Learn more...


bitter oleander spring 2020 The Bitter Oleander

Volume 26 Number 1, Spring 2020
The Spring 2020 issue features the contemporary Arizona poet David Chorlton, interviewed by our editor and including a generous selection of poems from his forthcoming book, Speech Scrolls. The issue also presents translations from the fiction of Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen (Portugal); and poetry in translation by Paula Abramo (Mexico), Alberto Blanco (Mexico), Maritza Cino (Ecuador), Andre du Bouchet (France), and Elaine Vilar Madruga (Cuba). New short fiction by Adam Falik, Sharanya Manivannan (India), Linda Wilgus, and Ye Chun. Plus new poetry by Carol Dine, Duane Locke, Ramon Garcia, Imran Boe Khan, Andrea Moorhead, Paul Sohar, Alice Pettway, and John Taylor. Learn more...


bitter oleander spring 2020 The Chattahoochee Review

Volume 40 Number 1, Spring 2020
In this issue, poetry by Ruth Bardon, Mirande Bissell, Darren Demaree, Eli Eliahu, Stuart Gunter, Marlon Hacla, Ted Kooser, Len Krisak, Komal Mathew, T. J. Sandella, Britton Shurley, and more; stories by Margherita Arco, Erin Flanagan, L. A. Harris, John Salter, and Mika Seifert; essays by George Choundas, Catharina Coenen, Sari Fordham, Laurie Woodford; and art by Deedee Cheriel. This issue also features the 2020 Lamar York Prize Winners: Lisa Nikolidakis in Fiction & Rachel Toliver in Nonfiction. Plus, reviews by Michelle Donahue, Charles Gleek, Sadia Hassan, and Natalie Sypolt. Learn more...


zone 3 spring 2020 Zone 3

Volume 35 Number 1, Spring 2020
The Spring 2020 issue includes poetry by Darius Atefat-Peckham, Colin Bailes, Brian Bender, Daniel Biegelson, Christopher Citro, Lynn Domina, Alexandria Hall, Lauren Hilger, Angie Macri, Martha McCollough, A. Molotkov, Kell Nelson, Amy Seifried, Pui Ying Wong, and more; fiction by James Braun, Janice Deal, Tammy Delatorre, Maura Stanton, and Terry Thomas; nonfiction by Rebecca McClanahan, Katherine Schaefer, and William Thompson, and art by Khari Turner. Learn more...



American Poetry Review

Volume 49 Nuber 3, May/June 2020

Arc Poetry Magazine

Spring 2020

The Gay & Lesbian Review

Volume 27 Number 3, May-June 2020

Louisiana Literature

Volume 37 Number 1, 2020

Santa Monica Review

Volume 32 Number 1, Spring 2020



Magazines Received May 11, 2020

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boulevard spring 2020 Boulevard

Numbers 104 & 105, Spring 2020
In this issue: the winning essay from the 2019 Nonfiction Contest by Emi Nietfeld. An interview featuring Téa Obreht. A new fiction piece by Joyce Carol Oates, and a story by Mary Troy. The winning poems from the 2019 Poetry Contest by A.D. Lauren-Abunassar. A collection translated by Yifei Wu of the initial days of the Wuhan quarantine. Fiction by Devin Thomas O’Shea, Jiesung Diana Park, and John Biguenet; poetry from Mark Aiello, Leila Chatti, Diana M. Chien, Jose Hernandez Diaz, Owen McLeod, John Sibley Williams, and more; essays by Jan Bridgeford-Smith, James McGovern, and others; and a symposium on the economics of writing in a free content era. Learn more...


kenyon review may june 2020 The Kenyon Review

Volume 42 Number 3, May/June 2020
The May/June 2020 issue features the sixth edition of “Nature’s Nature” including twenty-nine new works by eighteen poets, selected by Poetry Editor David Baker. Featured contributors include: Madhur Anand, Elizabeth Bradfield, Stephanie Burt, Stuart Dischell, Rebecca Morgan Frank, Paul Guest, Christian Gullette, Leslie Harrison, Didi Jackson, Devin Johnston, Joanna Klink, Phillis Levin, Leslie Adrienne Miller, Carol Muske-Dukes, Atsuro Riley, Nicole Stockburger, Hannah VanderHart, and Shelley Wong. This issue also includes new works of fiction by Justine Champine, Brianna Johnson, Etkin K.C., Sanam Mahloudji, and Judy Troy. Learn more...


seneca review fall 2019Seneca Review

Volume 49 Number 2,Fall 2019
Poems and essays by Carl Dennis, Donald Revell, Katrina Vandenberg, Adam Clay, Lyllian-Yvonne Bertram, Karen Brennan, James Longenbach, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Tyler Mills, Katharine Coles, Maya Pindyck, Emma Bolden, Geneviève Paiement, Timothy O'Keefe, Leah Poole Osowski, Matthew Vollmer, Rachel Marston, David P. Miller, Merridawn Duckler, Elton Glaser, Naomi Washer, Collin Callahan, Rebecca Weiner Tompkins, Matthew J.C. Clark, Daniel Schonning, and Kelly Weber. Cover art by David Ruhlman. Learn more...


sky island journal april 2020 Sky Island Journal

Issue 12, Spring 2020 online
Sky Island Journal’s stunning 12th issue features poetry, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction from contributors around the globe. Accomplished, well-established authors are published—side by side—with fresh, emerging voices. Readers are provided with a powerful, focused literary experience that transports them: one that challenges them intellectually and moves them emotionally. Always free to access, and always free from advertising, discover what over 60,000 readers in 145 countries already know; the finest new writing is here, at your fingertips. Learn more...



Aji Magazine

Spring 2020 online
Discover sculpture born of childhood fantasy, tales of loss and betrayal, stories of glory days, poems celebrating new love, old grief, the beauty of a summer afternoon, or the aftermath of a hurricane. Welcome to an incredible issue packed with wisdom, humor, regret, all the varied fruits of backward reflection.

Mud Season Review

Issue 49, May 2020 online

Sierra Magazine

Volume 105 Number 3, May/June 2020



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