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Magazines Received November 23, 2020


carve fall 2020 Carve Magazine

Fall 2020
The Fall 2020 issue features the winners of the 2020 Raymond Carver Short Story Contest: Lindsay Kennedy, C. Adán Cabrera, Ella Martinsen Gorham, Anna Prawdzik Hull, and L. Vocem. New poetry by Beth Spencer, Cho A., Anthony Aguero, Andrew Navarro, and Esther Sun. New nonfiction by Sarah Yeazel and Clinton Crockett Peters. Additional features include Christine Heuner in Decline/Accept, Grace Talusan interviewed by Sejal H. Patel in One to Watch, and illustrations by Justin Burks. Learn more...


common october 2020 The Common

Issue 20, October 2020
A special portfolio of writing from the Lusosphere: Portugal and its colonial and linguistic diaspora, with works in English and in translation exploring Lisbon, Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, and Mozambique. A debut short story by Silvia Spring, essays on home and complicity, and the DISQUIET Prize-winning poem. Learn more...


from the depths 2019From the Depths

Issue 17, 2019
The 2019 issue of From the Depths features fiction and poetry by Chad W. Lutz, Emily Fox, Lauran DeRigne, Alejandra Serrano, Mary Hills Kuck, Eddie Fogler, Pat Phillips West, Riley Lynne Fields, Sian.E.Martin, Emily May Portillo, Travis Stephens, Claire Scott, Allen Guest, Stephen Nathan, Gwen Hart, Angela Just, and others. Penny Fiction by Itote Jegede, Erica Soon Olsen, Kimm Brockett Stammen, L.C. Ricardo, Jacek Wilkos, Keith T. Hoerner, Gerardo Lara, Hannah Whiteoak, John Grobmyer, Kendra Cardin, Sharon Kretschmer, and more. Cover art inspired by the 2019 Haunted Waters Press Fiction Open winning entry “Through the Fog“ by Chad W. Lutz. Learn more...


kenyon review november december 2020 Kenyon Review

November/December 2020
The latest issue of the Kenyon Review—the final issue compiled by editor emeritus, David H. Lynn—features work by writers whom Lynn came to know and admire during his transformative twenty-six-year tenure. Regular Kenyon Review readers will recognize many of the names in the Nov/Dec 2020 issue, among them fiction writers Nancy Zafris and T.C. Boyle; poets David Baker, Natalie Shapero, G.C. Waldrep, Carl Phillips, and Mary Szybist; and nonfiction writers Roger Rosenblatt and Geeta Kothari. Don’t miss this memorable issue, curated by our longest-serving editor. Learn more...


Magazines Received November 16, 2020

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baltimore review fall 2020The Baltimore Review

Fall 2020 online
Welcome to the fall issue! This issue features poems, fiction, and creative nonfiction by: Emily Rose Cole, Rebecca Cross, Monica Joy Fara, Elliott Gish, Vernita Hall, Joshua Jones, Meg Kearney, Cindy King, Adrian S. Potter, Amy Small-McKinney, J. C. Todd, Travis Truax, Jeanette Tryon, Nicholas A. White, Susan Wyssen, and Maria Zoccola. Ghosts. A head on a stretcher. The virus. A flood. Voices of dead people in a wardrobe. But—we're live! Learn more...


gold man review 2021Gold Man Review

Issue 10, 2021
Issue 10 of Gold Man Review is the cumulation of a decade of publishing West Coast writers. From tragic first encounters to family trauma, this celebratory issue has ten poems, ten short stories, and ten nonfiction essays that continues Gold Man’s mission to represent the West Coast literary vibe. Learn more...


hippocampus november 2020Hippocampus Magazine

November 2020 online
We're thrilled to announce the winner of our 2020 contest (Claire O’Brien’s essay “Dead Weight”), as well as to share all six finalist stories—and more great CNF content—with you in our November issue. Our runner-up and finalists: Nicole Graev Lipson (runner-up), Shea Williams, Laura Joyce-Hubbard, DW McKinney, and Lori Jakiela. Also in this issue: Jonathan Winston Jones, Zachary Ostraff, Jessica Ripka, and Catherine Young. Plus, three interviews. Learn more...


the meadow 2020The Meadow

This year’s issue of The Meadow is here with nonfiction by Brandon Hansen, Kayla Maxwell, and Jessica Murrillo; fiction by Soramimi Hanarejima, James Hartman, Jemiscoe Chambers-Black, Jeff Gard, and more; and poetry by Ron Reikki, Ace Boggess, Adam Tavel, Emily Light, Sarah Alcaide-Escue, David Axelrod, Kiana Bohm, Anna Leah, Lauren McKenzie Reed, Jake Goldwasser, Al Maginnes, James Stokely, Erin Hull, John Sibley Williams, Allison Hummel, Kimberly Ann Priest, Rhiannon Conley, Michelle Aucoin Wait, and many more. Cover art by Jaxon Northon. Learn more...



Off the Coast

Winter 2020 online
The issue features work from many talented writers and artists, including poetry by Doris Ferleger, Erica Anderson-Senter, Richard Widerkehr, and a translation of M.J. Cagumbay Tumamac’s work by Kristine Ong Muslim.


Magazines Received November 09, 2020

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anomaly number 31 Anomaly

Number 31, November 2020 online
In the new issue: comics by Tamara Jong, Jennifer Murvin, Chloe Martinez, Andie Frein, Amelia L. Williams, and Alina Viknyanskiy; poetry by Tian-Ai, Stephanie Jean, Shay Alexi, Saddiq Dzukogi, Noor Ibn Najam, Noʻu Revilla, Michal Jones, KL Lyons, Irteqa Khan, Ima Odong, Heather Simon, Eunice Kim, Chavonn Williams Shen, Bailey Cohen-Vera, Asmaa Jama, and Amanda Holiday, fiction by Laurence Klavan, LaToya Jordan, K-Ming Chang / 張欣明, and Carson Faust; and nonfiction by Tasha Raella, Jody Chan, and Anjoli Roy. Also in this issue: a selection of translations, “To Speak as a Flower: A Folio of Performance Writing,” and a “Citizenship and Its Discontents” feature. Learn more...


gettysburg review volume 33 number 1 The Gettysburg Review

Number 31, November 2020 online
The first edition of Volume 33 is out and features paintings by Tollef Runquist, fiction by Julialicia Case, Martha Shaffer, Kirsten Vail Aguilar, and Andrea Marcusa; essays by Elizabeth Kaye Cook, Kathy Flann, Don Lago, Christine Schott, Rebecca McClanahan, and Melissa Haley; poetry by Christopher (c3) Crew, Peter Grandbois, Despy Boutris, Douglas Smith & George Looney, John Hazard, Brian Swann, Maura Stanton, Cindy King, John Brehm, Michael Waters, Richard Lyons, Steve Kistulentz, Shane Seely, Charles Rafferty, Chanda Feldman, Christopher Buckley, Ed Skoog, Brendan Galvin, Matthew Minicucci, Allison Hutchcraft, Fleda Brown, Gary Fincke, and Samyak Shertok. Learn more...


main street rag fall 2020 The Main Street Rag

Volume 25 Number 4, Fall 2020
This issue’s featured interview is with Doralee Brooks, whose poetry is also included. Also in this issue: creative nonfiction by Frederick W. Bassett; fiction by Nathan V. Baker, Mari Carlson, Linda Griffin, Alan Nelson, and Eudora Watson; and poetry by Joan Barasovska, Rachel Barton, Ranney Campbell, Maria Ceferatti, Sally Dunn, Caroline Goodwin, Cleo Griffith, Dorinda Hale, Dennis Herrell, Zebulon Huset, Craig Kittner, Mike Jurkovic, George Longenecker, Robert Garner McBrearty, Terri McCord, Bruce Morton, Frederick Pollack, Brian Rihlmann, Timothy Robbins, Bruce Robinson, Gerard Sarnat, J.D. Schraffenberger, Scott Waters, James Bradley Wells, Milly Brown White, and more. Learn more...


plume november 2020 Plume

Number 111, November 2020 online
Visit Plume for this month’s Featured Selection: On Queer Poetics, Writing Courageously, and Becoming Otherwise: An Interview with Nomi Stone by Amanda Newell. In nonfiction, Peter Johnson provides “The Edson Letters.” Mark Wagenaar reviews Eric Pankey’s Alias. This month’s poets include Rainer Maria Rilke, Martha Collins, Jessica Greenbaum, Lee Sharkey, Muyaka bin Haji, Tara Skurtu, Jesse Lee Kercheval, Christina Pugh, and more. Learn more...


radar poetry october 2020 Radar Poetry

Issue 28, October 2020 online
Welcome to the contest issue. Read Laura Villareal's winning suite of poems, as well as work from finalists Hilary Berg, Mary Craig, Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick, Jessica Hincapie, Amy Miller, Meredith Stricker, and Sarah Wolfson. Cover art by Erin Case.  Learn more...


south dakota review volume 55 numbers 1 2 South Dakota Review

Volume 55 Numbers 1 & 2, 2020
South Dakota Review is delighted to announce the release of Volume 55 Numbers 1&2. Featuring Marcia Arrieta, Carol Berg, and Anne Barngrover. Plus work by Annie Christain, Lisa Fay Coutley, Aisha Down, Kimberly Glanzman, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Matt Greene, Madeline Hanley, Lillian Howan, Bethany Schultz Hurst, Tyler Truman Julian, D. E. Lee, Angie Macri, Michael McLane, Jeff Moreland, A. Molotkov, Aza Pace, Casey Pycior, Eric Roller, Linda Russo, Jennifer Sweeney, Emily Townsend, Anthony Huerta Velasquez, Michael Walsh, Ellen Welcker, and John Yohe. Learn more...


Magazines Received November 02, 2020

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hanging loose issue 111Hanging Loose

Issue 111, 2020
Our 54th year of continuous publication! Cover art and portfolio by William Linmark. Poems by Sherman Alexie, Indran Amirthanayagam, Jack Anderson, Martine Bellen, Polly Buckingham, Liuyu Ivy Chen, Jiwon Choi, Robert Clinton, John Corley, Sam Cornish, Harley Elliott, Gerald Fleming, Justin Jamail, Daniel Johnson, Faye Kicknosway, David Lehman, Michael Miller, Frank Murphy, Heather Newman, Charles North, Maureen Owen,Simon Perchik, Haya Pomrenze, Tim Robbins, Thom Schram, Hal Sirowitz, Robert Terashima, Ben Terry, Anne Pierson Wiese, Terence Winch, Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, Jianquing Zheng, Louis Aragon poems in translations by Peter Brown, and eleven outstanding high school-age writers. Learn more...


hole in the had review November 2020Hole in the Head Review

Volume 1 Number 4, November 2020 online
Issue 4 celebrates our first year with works by K. Johnson Bowles, Anna Birch, Bob Herz, Christopher Volpe, Ann Pedone, Richard Foerster, Hannah Tarkinson, James Crenner, Zoo Cain, Brendan Constantine, Norma Greenwood, Douglas Cole, and Stuart Kestenbaum. Special Prose Poem Mini Chapbook edited by Peter Johnson, including annotated correspondence of Russell Edson and works by Cassandra Atherton, Nin Andrews, Denise Duhamel, Gerald Fleming, Jeff Friedman, Holly Iglesias, and Anna McDonald. Learn more...


into the void issue 17Into the Void Magazine

Issue 17, Qtr 4 2020 online
Welcome to a great issue full of vivid, haunting, charming and thought-provoking pieces with a stunning cover image by Jeff Corwin. Fiction by George Choundas, Kathie Giorgio, Rosalind Goldsmith, Alice Ting Liu, Chris Neilan, and Alexander Woods; nonfiction by Audrey Burges, Marie Kilroy, and Ellis Scott; and poetry by Dianna Vagianos Armentrout, Swapnil Dhruv Bose, James Butler, Andreea Ceplinschim Hannah Copley, John Dorsey, Marc Frazier, David Groulx, J.A. Handville, Cordelia Hanemann, Justin Lacour, Brad Rose, Rachel Stempel, and Kristy Webster-Gonzalez. Plus, art by Sabrina Jovic, Nasos Karabelas, Lou Kiewicz, Dawei Wang, Baili Wise, and Ally Zlatar. Learn more...


the lake november 2020The Lake

November 2020 online
The November issue is now online featuring Jean Atkin, Joe Balaz, Carol Casey, Robert G. Cowser, Sarah L. Dixon, Edilson A. Ferreira, Nels Hanson, Dierdre Hines, Beth McDonough, Roger Mitchell, Ronald Moran, Angela Readman, Maggie Reed, David Spicer. Reviews of Natalie Scott’s Rare Birds: Voices of Holloway Prison, Ric Cheyney’s In Praise of Nahum Tate, Terry Tierney’s The Poet’s GarageLearn more...


raleigh review fall 2020Raleigh Review

Volume 10 Number 2, Fall 2020
This issue’s featured artist is Janice Joy Little. Fiction by Peter D. Gorman, Trina Askin, James Hartman, Melissa Reddish, and Katherine Conner. Poetry by Melissa Kwasny, Nan Becker, Dionissios Kollias, Colin Bailes, Rob Shapiro, Kabel Mishka Ligot, Hussain Ahmed, Johnny Lorenz, Darius Simpson, Camerin McGill, Jai Hamid Bashir, Melanie Tafejian, Maxine Patroni, Alaina Bainbridge, and Gabriella R. Tallmadge. Learn more...


southern humanities review fall 2020Southern Humanities Review

Volume 53 Number 3, Fall 2020
Nonfiction by Allison LaSorda and Alexandria Peary; fiction by Marlene Lee, Dennis McFadden, Sean Rose, and Gregory Wolos; and poetry by Ashia Ajani, Jubi Arriola-Headley, Ariana Benson, Nate Duke, Matt Donovan, Bethany Schultz Hurst, Rasaq Malik, Leslie Mcintosh, Mary Morris, Julia Thacker, Marisa Tirado, and Annie Woodford. Learn more...


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