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received July 07, 2018

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received July 09, 2018

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  • American Chordata - Summer 2018 - mag stand
  • The American Journal of Poetry - July 2018 - mag stand
  • The Disconnect - Summer 2018 - mag stand
    • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 2, Summer 2018 online

    Nick Briz dives into digital fingerprints for our second issue's cover. Author Ingrid Burrington opens up the world of prison email. We interview Nathan Jurgenson about what's on his mind right now. Alex Beattie reviews Stand out of our Light: Freedom and Resistance in the Attention Economy, James Williams's new book. And that's just the beginning! We also have three new short stories and five poems.

  • Hippocampus - July 2018 - mag stand

    Each July we put out a special theme issue, and this year we bring you our “Keepsakes” edition. Work by Maria Browning, Cindy Carlson, Natalie D-Napoleon, Ed Doerr, Richard Goodman, Gail Griffin, Mark Liebenow, Anne Moul, Mindy Haskins Rogers, and Andrea Tate.

  • Isthmus - Spring/Summer 2018 - mag stand
    • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 7, Spring/Summer 2018

    Isthmus Issue 7 is now available online. Read new fiction, nonfiction, and poetry from Brenda Miller, Nanette Rayman, Graham Todd, John Sibley Williams, Saul Alpert-Abrams, José Luis Gutiérrez, Alison Condie Jaenicke, Charles Rafferty, David Mohan, Benjamin Wagner, and Sophia Veltfort.

  • Jersey Devil Press - July 2018 - mag stand

    Calvin Celebuski's "A Legend Is Born" packs lots into a short space, and Devin Taylor befriends a summer squash in his poem "These Things—They Just Happen." T. S. McAdams explores "Creaturehood in Contra Costa County." Gary Moshimer returns with his flash story "Lar-a-bowl," and Alex Pickens appears with his sonnet "Stardumb." Terry Tierney explains "That Buzzing in Your Ear" in flash.

  • The Literary Review - Spring 2018 - mag stand

    Everything here (including work by Diane Mehta, Martin Ott, Regan Good) is lyric, melodious, and mired in a codependent relationship with language. Its authors have splendid perceptions and comprehensive understanding of beauty. With the inclusion of three essays on the art of poetry, it abounds with "meaningful exchanges of energy via language."

  • Prairie Schooner - Summer 2018 - mag stand
    • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 92 Number 2, Summer 2018
  • Third Coast - Spring/Summer 2018 - mag stand
    • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 45, Spring/Summer 2018

Alternative Magazines
received July 09, 2018

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