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Magazines Received August 02, 2021


biostories 2021 bioStories

2021 online
New on bioStories so far this year: Tim Bascom “At Ease,” Emma Berndt “Wisdom from the Alligator Purse,” Deborah Burghardt “Leaving Mum Behind,” Joe Dworetzky “Big League,” Patricia Feeney “Holy Mother,” Karen Foster “Carrying Sam,” J. Malcolm Garcia “The Reporter and the Reporter’s Mother,” Amy Suzanne Parker “Gracepoint,” Susannah Q. Pratt “On Want and Need,” Amy Roost “Modesty and Other Provocations,” Gabriel Sage “Eventually Everything,” and Terri Sutton “Familiar.“ Learn more...


emerald city summer 2021 Emerald City

Summer 2021 online
In the Summer 2021 issue: work by Brittany Ackerman, Dante Di Stefano, Melissa Feinman, Frenci Nguyen, Francesca Halikias, Liam Strong, T.D. Johnston, Sarah Rose Cadorette, and Michael Putnam.  Learn more...


the lake august 2021 The Lake

August 2021 online
The August issue of The Lake is now online featuring Joe Balaz, Rachel Burns, Clive Donovan, George Franklin, Peter Grandbois, Nels Hanson, Sheila Jacob, Jennifer A. McGowan, Yvette Naden, Carlos Reyes, George Ryan. Reviews of The Dolphin Letters, 1970-1979: Elizabeth Hardwick, Robert Lowell, and Their Circle. ed. Saskia Hamilton, Albert Goldbarth’s The Now and Sue Butler’s Learning from the BodyLearn more...


months to years summer 2021 Months To Years

Summer 2021 online
The Summer issue offers work by Ann Willms, Jamie Azevedo, Denise Rue, Melissa Mulvihill, Rebecca Villineau, Jesse Crosson, Justin Teopista Nagundi, Jack Bordnick, David Capps, Christine Andersen, Lawrence Bridges, Jessica Gould, Danny Rebb, Kristina Gibbs, Kathie Giorgio, Guilherme Bergamini, Walter Weinschenk, Karen Storm, Asha Edey, Edwin Wentworth, Eve West Bessier, Frances Fish, Charlie Becker, Rachel Hess Wachman, Roy Bentley, Marjorie Pryse, Mario Loprete, Melissa Crandall, Maril Crabtree, Bethany Getz, Marjorie Maddox, and Jan Schmidt. Learn more...


upstreet 2021 upstreet

Number 17, 2021
New fiction by Sam Fletcher, David Hammond, Emily Lackey, Sarah Mollie Silberman, and more; nonfiction by Gail Hosking, Beth Kephart, Allen Price, Nadya Semenova, and others; and poetry by Katharine Coles, Jennifer Franklin, Jessica Greenbaum, Rachel Hadas, Richard Jones, Sydney Lea, D. Nurkse, Yehoshua November, Nicholas Samaras, Jason Schneiderman, Sean Singer, Mervyn Taylor, Anton Yakovlev, and more. Learn more...



Free Inquiry

Volume 41 Number 5, August/September 2021

Space and Culture

Volume 24 Nmber 3, August 2021

Topical Poetry

Issue 12 online


Magazines Received July 26, 2021

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chestnut review summer 2021 Chestnut Review

Summer 2021 online
Our first issue of volume three is ready and free to read on our site. Find work by Jenny Hykes Jiang, Jacqueline Staikos, Tara Isabel Zambrano, Lindy Biller, Christina Yoseph, Akhim Alexis, Richard Lingo, Luna Ranjit, Kathleen Frank, James Curtis, Ehi-kowochico Ogwiji, Toby Sharpe, Tanner Barnes, Sarah Ghazal Ali, Star Su, Mary Ardery, and Jake Young. Learn more...


cutleaf issue 13 Cutleaf

Issue 30, June 2021 online
In this issue, Jesse Graves delves into that complicated space where family connects with history and place in three poems that begin with “An Exile.” Ace Boggess tells the story of the winding road the carries eight men to a West Virginia penitentiary in “Welcome to Rock Haul.” Amy Wright remembers the summer after her brother died from cancer, and the line of communication that opened, in “Life After Death,” an excerpt from her forthcoming book Paper Concert: A Conversation in the Round. The images in this issue come from Dr. Alesha Sivartha's The Book of Life: The Spiritual and Physical Constitution of ManLearn more...


kaleidoscope issue 83Kaleidoscope

Issue 83, Summer/Fall 2021 online
In this summer issue of Kaleidoscope, we have personal essays, poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, a book review, a dance feature, and information regarding the release of the documentary film Fierce Love and Art. Featured essay by Kimberly Roblin. Featured art by Diane Reid. Additional work by Mariana Abeid-McDougall, Dyland Ward, Carrie Jade Williams, Tobie Helene Shapiro, Cheyenne M. Heinen, Kelesto Mopai, Catherine Shields, Marc Littman, Sandra J. Lindlow, Sarah-Lizz Myers, Gerri Leen, Emily Uduwana, Toni Ortner, Kirsten Deane, and more. Learn more...


kenyon review july august 2021Kenyon Review

Volume 43 Number 4, July/August 2021
The July/August issue of the Kenyon Review features work by two poets who piercingly explore race and historical memory at a time when these issues seem more urgent than ever before. The noted writer Paisley Rekdal offers three poems from the online project “West: A Translation.” The issue also includes two poems by Bryan Byrdlong, whose work interrogates the figure of the zombie as it relates to Blackness and Black precarity in the face of white supremacy, and as a general symbol for those struggling with marginalization. Plus work by Betsy Boyd, Perry Lopez, Christopher Blackman, Kelsey Norris, Austyn Gaffney, and more. Learn more...


rain taxi summer 2021Rain Taxi

Summer 2021 online
Stop by and peruse our ever-growing Summer Online Edition! Escape into the world of "Dispatches from the Poetry Wars" as presented in an interview with creators Michael Boughn and Kent Johnson. Turn a corner with Kent and enter the synchronous world of César Aira in “How I Became the Narrator of a César Aira Novel.” Reviews of poetry by Nico Vassilakis; nonfiction exploring Black Mountain writers John Wieners and Larry Eigner; a curious memoir of a British neurologist who fulfilled a childhood fantasy to visit the Amazon; and a look at how artists shape their domestic and workspaces in Artists in Residence. Check back for more soon! Learn more...



Against the Current

Number 213, July/August 2021

Feminist Studies

Volume 46, Number 2&3

Mud Season Review

Issue 56, June 2021 online

Topical Poetry

Issue 11, July 2021 online


Magazines Received July 19, 2021

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brilliant flash fiction Brilliant Flash Fiction

Issue 30, June 2021 online
New flash fiction by Andrew Kozma, Mary Beth Hines, Ben Umayam, Alyssa Kagel, Leslie Anne Mcilroy, Thomas Broderick, Salvatore Difalco, Kaylor Jones, Douglas DiCicco, and Paul Lamar. Learn more...


cleaver magazine Cleaver Magazine

Issue 34, Summer 2021 online
A new issue is here featuring nonfiction by Tricia Park, Lindsay Rutherford, Courtney Elizabeth Young, and KC Pedersen; short stories by Kim Magowan & Michelle Ross, Lizzy Lemieux, Dylan Cook, and Marc Tweed; a visual narrative by Emily Steinberg, flash by Meg Pokrass & Rosie Garland, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Christine Muller, Sara Davis, Anika Pavel, and Tracy Rothschild Lynch; and poetry by Diana Rickard, Esther Ra, Savannah Slone, and Soheon Rhee. Plus art by Joe Lugura and Karen Rile. Learn more...


colorado review summer 2021 Colorado Review

Volume 48 Number 2, Summer 2021
The Summer 2021 issue features work by Rage Hezekiah, Patricia Liu, Neha Mulay, Bradley Bazzle, and Sarah Curtis. Also in this issue: Tom Howard, Lance Olsen, Nikki Ervice, Jehanne Dubrow, Richard Zonnenmoser, Darren C. Demaree, Paige Webb, Sara Quinn Rivara, Andrew Mossin, Jordan Keller-Martinez, G. C. Waldrep, Sun Tzu-Ping, Gabriella Balza, Shane McCrae, Kevin Prufer, Anna Maria Hong, Ae Hee Lee, and Jade Hurter. Learn more...


cutleaf issue 12Cutleaf

Issue 12, July 2021 online
This issue of Cutleaf features excerpts from Vanishing Point, Dirk Marple's hybrid memoir on handwritten postcards with original images. The text and images were part of ninety-two numbered postcards mailed over time to Marple’s thesis advisor, Jenny Boully. All of the postcards arrived, though not in the order they were sent. Learn more...


hippocampus magazineHippocampus Magazine

Issue 33, 2021 online
The July/August issue is live! Inside, you'll find essays and flash CNF such as: “Lake of the Ozarks, Osage Beach, Missouri” by Dawn-Michelle Baude, “A Very Good Liar” by Erin Branning, “Sharp” by Vanessa Chan, “11,000 People Lying Facedown on the Burnside Bridge” by Benjamin McPherson Ficklin, “Warsaw Ghetto Boy” by Sharon Goldman, “Studying the Dystopian Novel During the COVID-19 Pandemic” by Kaylie Jones, “Swimming Pool Blues” by Brian Koukol, “Psycho Bitches” by Anna B. Moore, “New Love Letter” by Keely O'Connell, and “Small” by Stephanie Cuepo Wobby. Learn more...


meadow 2021The Meadow

This year’s issue of The Meadow features nonfiction by Shaun T. Griffin and John Ballantine; fiction by A.M. Potter, Saramanda Swigart, Karly Campbell, Oreoluwa Oladimeji, Alex Moore, Mark Wagstaff, Meredith Kay, Thomas Christopher, and Eileen Bordy; and poetry by Joseph Fasano, Lisa Zimmerman, Doris Ferleger, Nancy White, Savannah Cooper, Michael Angel Martín, Jory Mickelson, Jessica Janeshek, Skyler Osborne, Sierra Hernandez Terrell, Savannah Slone, Emily Hyland, Jeremiah Zuniga, Peter Grandbois, Dianna Sion, Michael Estabrook, and many more. Learn more...


woven tale press volume 9 number 6The Woven Tale Press

Volume 9 Number 6, 2021
What’s new this month? Collagegraphs, phenomenal 3D modeling, hybrid landscapes, and more! Work by Manar Ali Hassan, Jasper de Beijer, Christine Crockett, N.R. Hills, Ewa Hryniewicz-Yarbrough, Victoria Kuzma, Sydney Lea, Emily McIlroy, Tim Seibles, Claude Clayton Smith, David Stromberg, Rodrigo Valenzuela, and Etty Yaniv. Learn more...


zone 3 spring 2021Zone 3

Volume 36 Number 1, Spring 2021
In this issue: poetry by Olivia Kingery, Kat Neis, Alyse Knorr, D.C. Leonhardt, Alice Turski, Naoko Fujimoto, John Allen Taylor, Emma Aylor, Jessica Hincapie, Alicia Mountain, Anthony Sutton, Benjamin Cutler, Camille Ferguson, Jennifer Maritza McCauley, Laura Walker, and more; nonfiction by Susan Barr-Toman, Jeff Ewing, Priscilla Long, Tina Mozelle Braziel, and Linda Parsons; and fiction by Erica Henry, Tom Lakin, Siarra Riehl, Paul H. Curtis, and Linda Wilgus. Learn more...


Blue Collar Review

Spring 2021

The Gay & Lesbian Review

July-August 2021

In These Times

July 2021

The Twin Bill

Summer 2021 online



Magazines Received July 12, 2021

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boiler logo The Boiler

Issue 33, 2021 online
Issue 33 features poetry by TR Brady, Despy Boutris, Chelsea Harlan, Anthony Thomas Lombardi, Rita Mookerjee, Olivia Muenz, Dustin Pearson, Jaz Sufi, Fargo Nissim Tbakhi, Ross White, and more; fiction by Kathleen Gullion, Colleen Mayo, R.S. Powers, Stephanie C. Trott, and Lucy Zhang; and essays by Elijah Hayes and Hannah VanderHart. Plus, the winner and runner-up of The Boiler Prize and art by Jamaal Peterman.  Learn more...


change seven summer 2021 Change Seven

Summer 2021 online
It’s our hope this issue of Change Seven will offer readers solace. In addition to the wonderful essays, stories, and poems you’ve come to expect from the magazine, this issue features a sparkling conversation with Deesha Philyaw and Crystal Wilkinson, and stunning visual art from Boon LEE, Shelby McIntosh and george l stein. Fiction by Christopher Acker, Lauren Dennis, Mike Herndon, Kerry Langan, and more; poetry by Jessica Newton Cooper, E.J. Evans, Kelly DuMar, Diane Thiel, and others; and nonfiction by Jennifer Colatosti, Amanda Davison, Alice Lowe, Elaine Palencia, and Whitney Shupert. Learn more...


courtship of winds summer 2021 The Courtship of Winds

Volume 2 Issue 2, 2021
This is a large issue, which seems fitting as we climb out of the Covid existence we've all been living—hopefully. So let the number, variety, and breadth of voices here signal a steady return to health, here at home and abroad. We continue to publish both young writers, just starting out—as young as 16 in this issue!—as well as well-established writers/creative artists with impressive resumes. Work by Sharon Kennedy-Nolle, Colin Dodds, Bob Meszaros, John Grey, Andrey Gritsman, Naomi Ruth Lowinsky, Paul Rabinowitz, Kyle Heger, Anne Whitehouse, Rebecca Burns, Kate LaDew, Emily Hageman, Edward M. Cohen, and many more. Learn more...


lahave review The LaHave Review

Summer 2021 online
Each season, The LaHave Review publishes one poem and an interview about craft. The Summer 2021 issue features “Rockaway Beach 110” by Denise Jarrott who then answers three questions. Learn more...


new england review volume 42 number 2New England Review

Summer 2021 online
New fiction and essays range across the US—driving, riverboating, skateboarding—and reckon with both the tragic and the mundane. This issue also brings a distinct Slavic and post-Soviet presence, both through works in translation and original writing by contemporary Anglophones. Poetry by Kaveh Akbar, Ellen Bass, Christopher DeWeese, Marilyn Hacker, Rachel Hadas, Dana Levin, Ada Limón, Wayne Miller, Eric Pankey, G. C. Waldrep, and more; fiction by Rob Ehle, Susan Heeger, Ismet Prcic, and Dana Wilson; and nonfiction by Anton Chekhov, Thomas Dai, Jesse Lee Kercheval, Dan O'Brien, and Suzanne Rivecca. Translated work by Yevgeny Bukhin, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and Aksinia Mihaylova. Learn more...


ruminate issue 59 Ruminate

Summer 2021 online
Our summer issue includes many examples of lives forged by experience. The characters in these poems and stories are shaped and revealed by what they endure. There is heat and pressure in Alex Pickens’ “Derecho.” Shamarang Silas’s poem “The Weight of Trains,” inquires, “What is worship if not the desire to offer yourself to the fire / & everything you have ever loved?” There is the more common forging of sustenance in the form of klesel, the pastry Melissa Spohr’s poem describes. Additionally, the featured artists all create through the medium of metalwork. This issue features selected pieces from our 2021 VanderMey Nonfiction Prize. Learn more...


sky island journal issue 17 Sky Island Journal

Issue 17, Summer 2021 online
Sky Island Journal’s stunning 17th issue features poetry, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction from contributors around the globe. Accomplished, well-established authors are published—side by side—with fresh, emerging voices. Readers are provided with a powerful, focused literary experience that transports them: one that challenges them intellectually and moves them emotionally. Always free to access, and always free from advertising, discover what over 90,000 readers in 145 countries already know; the finest new writing is here, at your fingertips. Learn more...


tiger moth review issue 6 The Tiger Moth Review

Issue 6, July 2021 online
Issue 6 is our largest issue yet, with works that honor wild plants and flowers in the poems of Meenakshi Palaniappan and Maria Nemy Lou Rocio, as well as the photography of Heather Teo. We enter forests with Tanvi Dutta Gupta and Zen Teh, we marvel at the moon’s music and magic with Sofia Wutong Rain and Lauren Bolger. We navigate sorrow and loss with Thomas Bacon and we grow old with Cassandra J. O’Loughlin. The bilingual poems of Fran Fernández Arce and Joshua Ip take us to the fields and rivers of language and dreams, while Danielle Fleming dreams her speaker into memory, tree, and elephant song. Plus more. Learn more...


under a warm green linden issue 11 Under a Warm Green Linden

Issue 11, Summer 2021 online
Under a Warm Green Linden Issue 11 is live! Read new work by 21 astonishing poets and translators. Work by Hasan Alizadeh, James Dott, Payam Feili, Emily Franklin, Dennis Hinrichsen, James Hoch, Vivian Ia, Arielle Kaplan, Persis Karim, Katie Marya, Kylan Rice, Ginny Threefoot, Tracy Zeman, and more. Learn more...


writing disorder summer 2021 The Writing Disorder

Summer 2021 online
The summer issue includes fiction by L. Shapley Bassen, Grace Ford, David Henson, M.F. McAuliffe, and more; poetry by Carolyn Adams, J.R. Solonche, Torri Hammonds, Elizabeth Train-Brown, James Croal Jackson, and Matt Zachary; and nonfiction by Anita Kestin, Eve Müller, and more. Art by Ryan Heshka. Plus, and interview with Paulin Butcher Bird discussing her book Freak Out! My Life with Frank ZappaLearn more...

Off the Coast

Summer 2021
"On Reentry." Work by Darren C. Demaree, Robert Fanning, Elaine Dillof, Laurie Sewall, Madeline Miele, Bibhu Padhi, Ivan Hobson, Maya Weinberg, Bruce Robinson, and more. Also in this issue: an interview with Fiona Sze-Lorrain.

Our Times

Spring 2021




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