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Magazines Received October 26, 2020


adroit journal october 2020The Adroit Journal

Issue 35, October 2020 online
Welcome to Adroit 34. Featuring Diane Seuss, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Jos Charles, David Naimon, Dorianne Laux, Yalie Kamara, Alicia Ostriker, Mary Biddinger, Kevin Prufer, the winners of our 2020 Adroit Prizes, Jennifer Tseng, Elle Nash, Hazem Fahmy, Jenny Molberg, Darius Simpson, Zain Murdock, and many more. Learn more...


bitter oleander autumn 2020The Bitter Oleander

Volume 26 Number 2, Autumn 2020
The Autumn 2020 issue features an interview with the Danish poet Carsten René Nielsen, including a selection of his prose poetry translated by David Keplinger. Also in this issue: fiction by Michael Pearce, Kelly Talbot, Franca Mancinelli, Jason Dillard; essays by Will Stone; and poetry by Dolores Etchecopar, Stephen Tuttle, Madronna Holden, David Cholrton, Matei Vişniec, Silvia Scheibli, Patty Dickson Pieczka, Alan Britt, Lawrence William Berggoetz, Salgado Maranhão, Stephanie Dickinson, George Kalamaras, Alberto Blanco, Rob Cook, Homero Pomeral, Jaewon Chang, and more. Learn more...


chestnut review autumn 2020Chestnut Review

Volume 2 Number 2, Autumn 2020 online
Work by Erik Wilbur, winner of the Chestnut Review 2020 Poetry Chapbook Contest, opens the Autumn 2020 issue, followed by an interview with the poet. Also in this issue, work by Kate Bucca, Marie Metaphor Specht, Halle Gulbrandsen, Mike Bove, Kathleen Latham, Ankur Razdan, Cathy Ulrich, and more. Learn more...


terrain org october

October 2020 online
New on this month: poetry by Jane Lovell, Zach Eddy, Ted Kooser, Mary Fitzpatrick, Emily Tuszynska, and Jocelyn Casey-Whiteman; nonfiction and photos by Tyra A. Olstad; fiction by Jessica Bryant Klagmann; and an interview with Aimee Nezhukumatathil by Melissa L. Sevigny. Learn more...



American Book Review

Volume 41 Number 5, July/August 2020

Southwest Review

Volume 105 Number 3, Autumn 2020


Magazines Received October 19, 2020

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apple valley review fall 2020Apple Valley Review

Volume 15 Number 2, Fall 2020 online
Featuring short fiction by Kevin Bray, Morgan Cross, Adam Luebke, Tove Ditlevsen (translated from the Danish by Michael Goldman), and Epiphany Ferrell; an essay by Samantha Steiner; and poetry by Liana Sakelliou (translated from the Greek by Don Schofield), DS Maolalai, Emily Hyland, Antonio Machado (translated from the Spanish by Thomas Feeny), Tiffany Hsieh, and Joseph Zaccardi. Cover artwork by Konstantin Somov. Learn more...


aurorean 2020The Aurorean

Volume 25, 2020
The final issue of The Aurorean is here. Featured in this issue are David Jordan and Connie Jordan Green. Also included: Barbara Saunier, Joe Fitschen, Lee Rossi, Patrick Harkins, Thomas E. Schmidt, Dennis Ross, Sam Robertson, Jan Shoemaker, Joanne Stokkink, Holly Day, Anne Meis Knupfer, Robin Smith-Johnson, Thomas Griffin, Andrea Potos, Russell Rowland, Max Roland Ekstrom, James Croal Jackson, James B. Nicola, Mark C. Jensen, Ed Meek, Cynthia Brackett-Vincent, and more. Plus, a selection of haiku. Learn more...


parhelion halloween 2020Parhelion Literary Magazine

Halloween Issue, 2020 online
The stories in this issue scream “Halloween.” There are quite a few ghosts for you, from quite funny to disturbingly dark, as well as monsters, myths, and unreliable narrators. Work by N. T. Brown, Jeff Burd, Upasana Datta, Max Dorfman, Kelly Gray, Emily Miller, Michelle Morouse, Shilo Niziolek, Janet Parlato, Ruth Rouff, and Hayden Smith. Learn more...


poetry october 2020Poetry

Volume 217 Number 1, October 2020
The October 2020 issue of Poetry includes poetry by Maya C. Popa, Ed Roberson, Dorothy Chan, Arvind Krishna Mehrotra, Chester Wilson III, Oli Rodriguez, Tianru Wang, Nathan Sppon, heidi andrea restrepo Rhodes, Cathy Song, Orlando Ricardo Menes, Martin Dyar, Ingrid Wendt, John Lee Clark, Jennifer Jean, Adrienne Su, Tom Pickard, Katie Hartsock, and more. Learn more...


ruminate fall 2020Ruminate

Number 56, Fall 2020
Issue 56 celebrates Expression. Featuring the William Van Dyke Short Story prizewinning stories “Little to Do with Rain” by Leigh Claire Schmidli and “Occupation Rock and Roll” by Etan Nechin as well as Alberto Daniels’s short story “La Bruja.” Learn more...


sky island journal fall 2020Sky Island Journal

Issue 14, Fall 2020 online
Sky Island Journal’s stunning 14th issue features poetry, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction from contributors around the globe. Accomplished, well-established authors are published—side by side—with fresh, emerging voices. Readers are provided with a powerful, focused literary experience that transports them: one that challenges them intellectually and moves them emotionally. Always free to access, and always free from advertising, discover what over 75,000 readers in 145 countries already know; the finest new writing is here, at your fingertips. Learn more...


split rock review fall 2020Split Rock Review

Issue 15, Fall 2020 online
The new issue features work by Ted Kooser, David Axelrod, Lauren Camp, William Woolfitt, Celia Bland, and many more writers and artists, including fiction by Adrian Markle; nonfiction by Anna Oberg and Wendy Weiger; a comic by Don Swartzentruber; art & photography by Aaron Burden, Leah Dockrill, Natalie Gillis, and more; and poetry by Ellen Rogers, Connie Post, Jenny Wong, Rebecca Yates, Emry Trantham, and more. Learn more...


Magazines Received October 12, 2020

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about place october 2020 About Place Journal

Volume 6 Issue 2, October 2020 online
"Works of Resistance, Resilience" is comprised of poetry, fiction, nonfiction and visual art by 83 writers and artists. The issue has five themed sections that explore what it means to live in America at this time of profound reckoning. What does resistance look like? Can resistance contain love, power and empathy? In this age of collective anxiety, the writers and artists from around the world attempt to answer what it means to live and survive during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. The Works of Resistance, Resilience will rekindle our desire to learn and thrive and to discover what is needed to change our relationship to the earth and to each other. Learn more...


boulevard fall 2020Boulevard

Number 106, Fall 2020
Boulevard No. 106 contain a fantastic and diverse slate of great writing, including the winning story from the 2019 Short Fiction Contest by Sena Moon; a Boulevard Craft Interview featuring a conversation between J. Ryan Stradal and Beth Dooley; new poetry from Shara McCallum, Eloisa Amezcua, Molly Brodak, Doug Ramspeck, Katherine Smith, Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet, Dara Elerath, and Jeannine Hall Gailey; new fiction from Ron Austin, Matthew Di Paoli, Christine Sneed, and Adam Roux; essays by Christine Spillson, Jodie Varon, Matt Jones, Brandon Parker, and Min Han; and a new symposium about re-examining history. Plus, fantastic and striking cover art by Xizi Liu! Learn more...


event volume 49 number 2EVENT

Volume 49 Number 2, 2020
EVENT’s latest offering is jam-packed with a tantalizing assortment of literary goodies. Poetry by Bára Hladík, Alpay Ulku, Alan Hill, Patricia Young, A. Molotkov, Dominik Parisien,and more; fiction by Jason Jobin, Kari Teicher, Fraser Calderwood, and Wayne Yetman; and nonfiction by Scott Randall. Plus, four reviews of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction titles. Learn more...


massachusetts review fall 2020 The Massachusetts Review

Volume 49 Number 2, 2020
In the Fall 2020 issue of The Massachusetts Review: fiction by Gwen Thompkins, Alanna Schubach, Andrea Maturana, Kathleen Hawes, Aeriel Merillat, Annie Lampman, Selina Hossain, Lu Min, and Sonya Chyu; poetry by Marcela Sulak, Emily Schulten, Lance Larsen, Esther Lin, Brooke Sahni, C. P. Cavafy, Steven Duong, Ryler Dustin, Pablo Neruda, Julia Thacker, and Emily Van Kley; and nonfiction by Karen S. Henry, Ammiel Alcalay, Margaret Lloyd, Philip Metres, and Cody Kommers. Plus, photography by Paul Should and a novel excerpt by Giacomo Sartori. Learn more...


Molecule - A Tiny Lit Mag

Issue 3, Fall 2020 online

San Pedro River Review

Volume 12 Number 2, Fall 2020


Magazines Received October 05, 2020

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baltimore review 2020 The Baltimore Review

This year’s print collection includes poems, stories, and creative nonfiction published in The Baltimore Review's Summer 2019 Maryland Writers Special Issue, Fall 2019, Winter 2020, and Spring 2020 online issues. Work by Sandy Longhorn, Tim Griffith, Maggie Andersen, Jennifer Lang, Kathleen Hellen, Kris Faatz, Michael Downs, Grace Cavalieri, Stephen Tuttle, Libby Heily, Emily Stoddard, Diana Xin, Omer Friedlander, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Avra Margariti, Naomi Cohn, and many more. Learn more...


brilliant flash fiction Brilliant Flash Fiction

Issue 27, September 2020 online
In the September 2020 issue of Brilliant Flash Fiction, find new flash by Madalyn Aslan, Bernard Arogyaswamy, Lisa Fox, Alan Ford, Sudha Balagopal, Laurie Ann Doyle, Diane D. Gillette, Sara L. Godwin, Jerri Jerreat, sid sibo, and W. T. Paterson. Learn more...


cimarron review spring 202Cimarron Review

Issue 211, Spring 2020
Issue 211 of Cimarron Review features poetry by Bonnie Auslander, Clemonce Heard, Leslie McGrath, Emily Franklin, Chris Haven, Matt Morgan, Laura McKee, Bryce Berkowitz, Elisabeth Murawski, Jan Beatty, Kayla Sargeson, and others; fiction by Andrew Geyer, Molly Anders, and Steven Wingate; and nonfiction by Ephraim Scott Sommers and Caroline Sutton. This issue’s cover art is “River Fog” by Richard Speedy. Learn more...


cleaverCleaver Magazine

Issue 31, Fall 2020 online
In this issue, find three collaborations: “Reparations Wine Label” with text and concept by J’nai Gaither and art by Phoebe Funderburg-Moore; “The Esperanza Project” with music by Richard Casimir, video editing by Michael Casimir, and a poem by Herman Beavers; and “Terra in Flux” with poetry by Mark Danowsky and photography by John Singletary. Also in the issue: nonfiction by Greg Emilio, Freesia McKee, and Roberta Beary; stories and flash by Christopher David Rosales, Kim Magowan, Steve Chang, Susan Frith, and more; a visual narrative by Steph Jones; and poetry by Evan Anders, Lis Chi Siegel, Brian Ellis, and more. Learn more...


georgia review fall 2020 The Georgia Review

Volume 74 Number 3, Fall 2020
The Georgia Review’s Fall 2020 issue is now available, with new work from Kaitlyn Greenidge, Wayne Koestenbaum, Sally Wen Mao, Charles Baxter, Marianne Boruch, Yona Harvey, and many other compelling voices, both emerging and long-established. Special features include a portfolio of artwork from the High Museum of Art’s exhibition Picture the Dream: The Story of the Civil Rights Movement Through Children’s Books and a translation of Vinod Kumar Shukla’s masterful short story “College.” Learn more...


plume october 2020 Plume

Issue 110, October 2020 online
This month’s featured selection includes an interview with francine j harris by Amy Beeder, as well as works by the poet. Charles Coe writes “A Hard Road” in the essays and comment section, and Chelsea Wagenaar reviews Brett Foster’s Extravagant Rescues. This month’s poetry selections includes work by Elena Karina, Molly Peacock, Nin Andrews, Nancy Mitchell, Stewart Moss, John Skoyles, Elaine Sexton, and more. Learn more...


thema autumn 2020 THEMA

Volume 32 Number 3, Autumn 2020
The writers in the Autumn 2020 issue of THEMA all explore the theme: What a Strange Question! Stories, short-shorts, poems, and photographs by Andrew M. Seddon, Virginia McGee Butler, Linda Berry, Beverly Boyd, Lynda Fox, J. Jackson, John Hill, Dick Moody, Jonny Hawkins, Madonna Dries Christensen, H. E. Casson, Peter Trivelas, Steven Walker, Sue Mayfield Geiger, Max Gutmann, Lisa Timpf, Peter Venable, James K. Zimmerman, Annie Percik, and DJ Tyrer. Learn more...


understorey issue 18Understorey Magazine

Issue 18, 2020 online
Read Understorey Magazine Issue 18 for examinations on the many ways science and technology affect our everyday lives. Poetry by Moni Brar, Daze Jefferies, Kimberley Orton, Dawn Macdonald, Kayleigh Cline, and I. Sabrina Samreen; fiction by Gail Willis; and nonfiction by Jeanne Kwong, Sima Chowdhury, Stacey McLeod, and Rita Kindl Myers. Plus interviews with Maryam Heba and Chelsey Purdy. Learn more...


world literature today autumn 2020World Literature Today

Autumn 2020
San Juan, Puerto Rico, takes the spotlight in World Literature Today’s annual city issue with a powerful selection of poetry, stories, and essays by 17 writers. Other highlights in the autumn issue include Fabienne Kanor’s essay on uprooting the fetishes of white supremacy; interviews with Natalie Diaz and Margaret Jull Costa; a stunning poem by Achy Obejas on “the universe at absolute zero”; fiction by Vi Khi Nao and Lidija Dimkovska; and much more. Reviews of new books by Elena Ferrante, Mia Couto, Kapka Kassabova, and dozens more make WLT your go-to guide for the best in international literature. Learn more...


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