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Magazines Received August 10, 2020


cimarron review winter 2020 Cimarron Review

Issue 210, Winter 2020
In the Winter 2020 issue: poetry by Allison Hutchcraft, Jennifer Funk, Toshiaki Komura, Amy Bilodeau, Monica Joy Fara, Darren C. Demaree, Laura Read, Isabelle Barricklow, Amber Arnold, Meriwether Clarke, Amie Irwin, Ben Swimm, Sophia Parnok, Brooke Sahni, Will Cordeiro, and Patrick Yoergler; fiction by Nancy Welch, Dan Pope, and Michael Deagler; and nonfiction by R Dean Johnson and Jon Volkmer. Learn more...


crazyhorse spring 2020 Crazyhorse

Number 97, Spring 2020
The Spring 2020 issue is here and it features the winner of the Crazyshorts! Short-Short Fiction Competition (“Spinning Stories” by Bailey Cunningham) alongside outstanding stories, essays, and poems by Rebecca Morgan Frank, Afabwaje Kurian, Iheoma Nwachukwu, W. Scott Olsen, Ira Sukrungruang, Amy M. Alvarez, Ansley Clark, Charlie Clark, Ryan Collins, Luciana Jazmín Coronado, Josh English, Alice Friman, Matthias Göritz, Joseph Harms, Kasey Jueds, Leslie Adrienne Miller, Doug Ramspeck, Jane Springer, Zach Savich, M. A. Vizsolyi, Ross White, and more. Learn more...


crazyhorse spring 2020 Hole in the Head Review

Issue 3, August 2020 online
In issue 3: new work from Betsy Sholl, Charles Simic, Наталья Ершова, Alison Harville, Amalia Galdona Broche, Patrick Cole, Dawn Potter, Linda Aldrich, Janet Powers, Peter Bruno, Jaina Cipriano, Alice B. Fogel, Greg Clary, Richard Heckler, and many others. Michael Hettich interviews Denise Duhamel. In commentary: Baron Wormser. Learn more...


upstreet 2020 upstreet

Number 16, 2020
In this issue of upstreet, Vivian Dorsel interviews David Jauss. Fiction by Joseph Bathanti, Lee Martin, Midge Raymond, and more; nonfiction by Mason Cashman, Barbara Haas, Jericho Parms, and others; and poetry by Jennifer Barber, Vincent Bell, Patricia Clark, Cynthia Cruz, Rachel Hadas, Pamela Hart, Richard Jones, Daniel Lawless, Yehoshua November, D. Nurkse, Elaine Sexton, Alan Shapiro, Donna Baier Stein, Kirmen Uribe, Anton Yakovlev, Bill Zavatsky, and many more. Learn more...



Barrow Street

Spring 2020


Magazines Received August 03, 2020

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baltimore review summer 2020 Baltimore Review

Summer 2020 online
The Summer 2020 issue of Baltimore Review features work by Chera Hammons, Anita Olivia Koester, John Haggerty, Seth Grindstaff, Katy Mullins, Cara Lynn Albert, Dennis Cummings, Marlene Olin, Kathleen Melin, Kate Gale, Jehanne Dubrow, Francesca Bell, Will Cordeiro, Ellie Roscher, Merrill Oliver Douglas, Beverly Mason Parks, and Danielle Burnette. Learn more...


chinese literature today volume 9 number 1 Chinese Literature Today

Volume 9 Number 1, 2020
Chinese Literature Today Volume 9 Number 1 features short science fiction by Liu Cixin, Isaac (Shuntang) Hsu, and Dung Kai-cheung; an exploration of Xu Zechen’s urban fiction; a novella by Li Jing; and a look at diverse works by Sinologist Michael Berry. Learn more...


colorado review volume 9 number 1 Colorado Review

Volume 47 Number 2, Summer 2020
The latest issue of Colorado Review features fiction by Jessica Treadway; nonfiction by Jennifer Genest; and poetry by Saretta Morgan, M.A. Cowgill, and Matthew Gellman. Plus more fiction by Alex Sagona, Carol Dines, and Stefani Farris; nonfiction by Yelizaveta P. Renfro and Rebecca Brill; and poetry by Anna Hudson, Canese Jarboe, Elizabeth J. Coleman, Nancy Reddy, Gaby Garcia, Doug Ramspeck, Nicholas Yingling, Suphil Lee Park, Natalie Solmer, Jose Hernandez Diaz, Jack Christian, Travis Truax, Emily Cinquemani, Lindsay Wilson, William Fargason, Tara Bray, Gary McDowell, Maggie Queeney, Ryler Dustin, Isabelle Shepherd, Christine Robbins, Jeremy Radin, Matthew Gavin Frank, Maja Lukic, and Isaac Williams. Learn more...


the lake august 2020 The Lake

August 2020 online
The August issue is now online featuring Rey Armenteros, Robert G. Cowser, Rhienna Renèe Guedry, Stella Hayes, Karen McAferty Morris, Anthony Owen, Fiona Sinclair, Shelby Stephenson, Hannah Stone, Grant Tarbard. Reviews of Oz Hardwick’s The Lithium Codex, Jeffrey McDaniel’s Holiday in the Islands of Grief, and J.R. Solonche’s The Time of Your LifeLearn more...


plume issue 108 Plume

Issue 108 August 2020 online
Visit this month’s featured selection: “From Lewisburg to Syracuse: An interview with Bruce Smith by Chard deNiord.” Sydney Lea, in nonfiction, writes “Inviting the Reader: Narrative Values, Lyric Poems” and Donovan McAbee reviews Kontemporary Amerikan Poetry by John Murillo. This month’s poetry selections include Liana Sakelious, Kwame Dawes, Shira Dentz, Stuart Friebert, John Wall Barger, Rae Armantrout, Floyd Skloot, Denise Duhamel, Bruce Bond, and more. Learn more...




Volume 40 Number 2, Summer 2020


Magazines Received July 27, 2020

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bellevue literary review spring summer 2020 Bellevue Literary Review

Issue 38, Spring/Summer 2020
Issue 38 of the Bellevue Literary Review (BLR) came together just as NYC and Bellevue Hospital were in the throes of the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of the BLR staff were alternating N95 masks with red pens, balancing patient-care with literary work. But the issue made it to the presses and is packed with good reads. It features the winners of the 2020 BLR Literary Prizes. The poems, essays, and stories in this issue travel from China to Texas to Tehran, from small town to big city, from World War I-era to the present. Stay tuned for Issue 39, coming in the fall, whose theme is “Reading the Body.” Learn more...


radar poetry july 2020 Radar Poetry

Issue 26, July 2020 online
Patrick Deeley, Dante DiStefano, Sarah Dravec, Maggie Graber, Strummer Hoffston, Jen Jabaily-Blackburn, Virginia Konchan, Peter Leight, Martha McCollough, Caely McHale, and Jessica Morey-Collins. Artwork by Michael Boehnker, Danielle Kerese, Honour Mack, Karyna McGlynn, Rebecca McHale, Gail Spaien, Don Stahl, and Isaac Fletcher Weiss. Learn more...


southern humanities review summer 2020 Southern Humanities Review

Volume 53 Number 2, Summer 2020
In this issue, find nonfiction by Charlotte Taylor Fryar and A. Molotkov; fiction by Kim Bradley, Judith Dancoff, Janis Hubschman, Jeff McLaughlin, and Ann Russell; and poetry by Joseph Bathanti, James Ciano, Bryce Lillmars, Esther Lin, Derek Mong, Christina Olson, Lee Peterson, L. Renée, Kristin Robertson, Mara Adamitz Scrupe, Wesley Sexton, and Annie Wodford. Learn more...


terrain july 2020

July 2020 online
New in July on, find poety by Kim Parko, Anna B. Sutton, Dean Rader, and Andrea Cohen; nonfiction by Meg Mills-Novoa, Jason BreMiller, Samantha Scibelli, and Lucy Bryan; and fiction by Susan M. Gaines. Plus, Matthew Cooperman reviews Joshua McKinney’s Small SillionLearn more...




Summer 2020

Magazines Received July 20, 2020

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biostories 2019 bioStories

Volume 9 Issue 1, 2019 online
The latest issue of bioStories introduces readers to the survivors of wars and the survivors of accidents, transports them to homeless shelters and hospitals, onto urban campuses and within rural farmhouses, and invites them to live briefly alongside occupants of cramped Brooklyn apartments and Southwest desert trailer parks. Work by Steven Beckwith, J. Malcolm Garcia, Jay Bush, Gary Fincke, Tracy Youngblom, Kirk Boys, Devorah Uriel, Mario Loprete, Flo Gelo, Susan D. Bernstein, Sara Birch, Rosanne Trost, and more. Learn more...


macguffin spring summer 2020 The MacGuffin

Volume 36 Number 2, Spring/Summer 2020
Evan D. Williams’ Escape Risk on the cover of The MacGuffin’s Volume 36.2 charts a vivid route out via literature of whatever quarantine situation you may find yourself trapped in. Journey to a new home and a new job in Mark Halpern’s “Would You Like Fries with That?,” or head out on a cinematic cross-country trek with grandma in Jordan J.A. Hill’s “Marching Towards Golgotha.” Matthew Olzmann—guest judge of this year’s Poet Hunt contest—is highlighted in a short feature that begins on p. 101, while Erin Schalk’s gouache, ink, and wax form a vibrant mid-volume oasis. Learn more...


salamander summer 2020 Salamander

Number 50, Summer 2020
Featuring poetry by Rajiv Mohabir, Emily O’Neill, Rose McLarney, Sebastián Hasani Páramo, and many more; translations by Martha Collins, Nguyen Ba Chung, and Sergey Gerasimov; fiction by Anne Kilfoyle, Matthew Wamser, Olivia Wolfgang-Smith, and Joanna Pearson; creative nonfiction by Kathryn Nuernberger; artwork by Emily Forbes; and reviews by Joseph Holt, Mike Good, Katie Sticca, and Brandel France de Bravo. Learn more...


sky island journal summer 2020 Sky Island Journal

Issue 13, Summer 2020 online
Sky Island Journal’s stunning 13th issue features poetry, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction from contributors around the globe. Accomplished, well-established authors are published—side by side—with fresh, emerging voices. Readers are provided with a powerful, focused literary experience that transports them: one that challenges them intellectually and moves them emotionally. Always free to access, and always free from advertising, discover what over 70,000 readers in 145 countries already know; the finest new writing is here, at your fingertips. Learn more...



Asterism: an undergraduate literary journal

Volume 4, 2020



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