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Magazines Received July 27, 2020


bellevue literary review spring summer 2020 Bellevue Literary Review

Issue 38, Spring/Summer 2020
Issue 38 of the Bellevue Literary Review (BLR) came together just as NYC and Bellevue Hospital were in the throes of the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of the BLR staff were alternating N95 masks with red pens, balancing patient-care with literary work. But the issue made it to the presses and is packed with good reads. It features the winners of the 2020 BLR Literary Prizes. The poems, essays, and stories in this issue travel from China to Texas to Tehran, from small town to big city, from World War I-era to the present. Stay tuned for Issue 39, coming in the fall, whose theme is “Reading the Body.” Learn more...


radar poetry july 2020 Radar Poetry

Issue 26, July 2020 online
Patrick Deeley, Dante DiStefano, Sarah Dravec, Maggie Graber, Strummer Hoffston, Jen Jabaily-Blackburn, Virginia Konchan, Peter Leight, Martha McCollough, Caely McHale, and Jessica Morey-Collins. Artwork by Michael Boehnker, Danielle Kerese, Honour Mack, Karyna McGlynn, Rebecca McHale, Gail Spaien, Don Stahl, and Isaac Fletcher Weiss. Learn more...


southern humanities review summer 2020 Southern Humanities Review

Volume 53 Number 2, Summer 2020
In this issue, find nonfiction by Charlotte Taylor Fryar and A. Molotkov; fiction by Kim Bradley, Judith Dancoff, Janis Hubschman, Jeff McLaughlin, and Ann Russell; and poetry by Joseph Bathanti, James Ciano, Bryce Lillmars, Esther Lin, Derek Mong, Christina Olson, Lee Peterson, L. Renée, Kristin Robertson, Mara Adamitz Scrupe, Wesley Sexton, and Annie Wodford. Learn more...


terrain july 2020

July 2020 online
New in July on, find poety by Kim Parko, Anna B. Sutton, Dean Rader, and Andrea Cohen; nonfiction by Meg Mills-Novoa, Jason BreMiller, Samantha Scibelli, and Lucy Bryan; and fiction by Susan M. Gaines. Plus, Matthew Cooperman reviews Joshua McKinney’s Small SillionLearn more...




Summer 2020

Magazines Received July 20, 2020

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biostories 2019 bioStories

Volume 9 Issue 1, 2019 online
The latest issue of bioStories introduces readers to the survivors of wars and the survivors of accidents, transports them to homeless shelters and hospitals, onto urban campuses and within rural farmhouses, and invites them to live briefly alongside occupants of cramped Brooklyn apartments and Southwest desert trailer parks. Work by Steven Beckwith, J. Malcolm Garcia, Jay Bush, Gary Fincke, Tracy Youngblom, Kirk Boys, Devorah Uriel, Mario Loprete, Flo Gelo, Susan D. Bernstein, Sara Birch, Rosanne Trost, and more. Learn more...


macguffin spring summer 2020 The MacGuffin

Volume 36 Number 2, Spring/Summer 2020
Evan D. Williams’ Escape Risk on the cover of The MacGuffin’s Volume 36.2 charts a vivid route out via literature of whatever quarantine situation you may find yourself trapped in. Journey to a new home and a new job in Mark Halpern’s “Would You Like Fries with That?,” or head out on a cinematic cross-country trek with grandma in Jordan J.A. Hill’s “Marching Towards Golgotha.” Matthew Olzmann—guest judge of this year’s Poet Hunt contest—is highlighted in a short feature that begins on p. 101, while Erin Schalk’s gouache, ink, and wax form a vibrant mid-volume oasis. Learn more...


salamander summer 2020 Salamander

Number 50, Summer 2020
Featuring poetry by Rajiv Mohabir, Emily O’Neill, Rose McLarney, Sebastián Hasani Páramo, and many more; translations by Martha Collins, Nguyen Ba Chung, and Sergey Gerasimov; fiction by Anne Kilfoyle, Matthew Wamser, Olivia Wolfgang-Smith, and Joanna Pearson; creative nonfiction by Kathryn Nuernberger; artwork by Emily Forbes; and reviews by Joseph Holt, Mike Good, Katie Sticca, and Brandel France de Bravo. Learn more...


sky island journal summer 2020 Sky Island Journal

Issue 13, Summer 2020 online
Sky Island Journal’s stunning 13th issue features poetry, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction from contributors around the globe. Accomplished, well-established authors are published—side by side—with fresh, emerging voices. Readers are provided with a powerful, focused literary experience that transports them: one that challenges them intellectually and moves them emotionally. Always free to access, and always free from advertising, discover what over 70,000 readers in 145 countries already know; the finest new writing is here, at your fingertips. Learn more...



Asterism: an undergraduate literary journal

Volume 4, 2020


Magazines Received July 13, 2020

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cleaver magazine issue 30 Cleaver Magazine

Issue 30, Midsummer 2020 online
This issue features art by Madeline Rile Smith, a visual narrative by Emily Steinberg, and an essay on the art of Jan Powell by Melanie Carden. Also in this issue: short stories by Reilly Joret, Elaine Crauder, Melissa Brook, and Marion Peters Denard; flash by Susan Tacent, Brenna Womer, Michelle Ephraim, Leonard Kress, Charles Holdefer, Jamie Alliotts, and Jan Stinchcomb; and poetry by Roy Bentley, Stella Hayes, Mirande Bissell, and Jaewon Chang. Learn more...


concho river review spring summer 2020 Concho River Review

Volume 34 Number 1, Spring/Summer 2020
This issue is dedicated to Dr. Terry Dalrymple, the founding editor of CRR. It includes fiction by Peter Barlow, Michael Fitzgerald, Kenneth Hinegardner, and K.K. Roeder; nonfiction by Michael Cohen, Lucie Barron Eggleston, Chuck Taylor, and Christopher Thorton; and poetry by Barbara Astor, Roy Bentley, Jonathan Bracker, Matthew Brennan, Holly Day, Alexis Ivy, Ken Meisel, Alita Pirkopf, Maureen Sherbondy, Travis Stephens, Marc Swan, Loretta Diane Walker, Francine Witte, and more. Learn more...


plume july 2020 Plume

Issue 107, July 2020 online
This month’s Featured Selection: “Caliche Sand and Clay: Five Albuquerque Poets” with work by and interviews with Jenn Givhan, Felecia Caton Garcia, Michelle Otero, Rebecca Aronson, and Hilda Raz. In Essays & Comment: “It’s Called the Renaissance, You Know, or The Soul Sibling Report” by David Kirby. Fred Marchant reviews Ledger by Jane Hirschfield. This month’s poetry selections include Scott Harney, Sandra McPherson, Sydney Lea, Linda Pastan, Grace Schulman, Bruce Cohen, Alice Friman, and others. Learn more...


ruminate summer 2020 Ruminate

Issue 55, Summer 2020
Issue 55 examines how we are individually or collectively Under Pressure—in our relationships, in our communities, in our world. Art by Taraneh Hemami and Kathryn Clark; nonfiction by Jackie Connelly and Melanie S. Smith; fiction by Arthur Diamond and Danilo John Thomas; and poetry by Amy Gong Liu, Stephanie Chang, Casey Patrick, Jeff Whitney, Kelly Weber, Todd Dillard, Zack Rybak, Hailey Higdon, and Chris Haven. Learn more...


seneca review spring 2020 Seneca Review

Volume 50 Number 1, Spring 2020
Our 50th Anniversary Issue, ON ANXIETY, is guest edited by Joe Wenderoth. Featuring poems and essays by Mary Ruefle, Graham Foust, Jamil Jan Kochai, Kitty Liang, Immanuel Mifsud, Amie Zimmerman, Lake Angela, Judy Bertelsen, Laura Brun, Eric Burger, Mike Carlson, Curtis D'Costa, Gregory W. Duby, Chris Erickson, Dylan Godwin, William Greene, Patricia Killelea, Don Krieger, Marek Kulig, Renee Lepreau, David Lewitzky, Marit MacArthur, Jason Morphew, Jesse Nissim, Masin Persina, Chen Rong, Leona Sevick, Linda Umans, Matthew Vollmer, Ruth Ward, Richard Weaver, Joe Wenderoth, marc t. wise, Lily Wong, Jessica Yuan, and more. Cover art and design by Abigail Frederick. Learn more...



Mud Season Review

Number 50, June 2020 online


Magazines Received July 06, 2020

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brilliant flash fiction Brilliant Flash Fiction

Issue 26, June 2020 online
Now on the Brilliant Flash Fiction website: new flash by Darcy Casey, Laura Bailey, Anthony Keers, Rimma Kranet, Kate Lunn-Pigula, Yongsoo Park, David Bassano, Dona McCormack, Christian McCulloch, and Cyan James.  Learn more...


cape rock volume 48 The Cape Rock

Volume 48, 2020
The latest issue of The Cape Rock features new poetry by Caroline Mann, Mark Christhilt, Rachel Tramonte, Carol Levin, Diana Becket, Olivia Vittitow, Nathan Graziano, Elian JRF Wiseblatt, Mukund Gnanadesikan, Daisy Bassen, Christine Donat, Barry Peters, Michael Estabrook, Holly Day, Dick Bentley, Liz Bruno, Sandra Sylvia Nelson, Phillip Sterling, Tobi Alfier, Martina Reisz Newberry, Donna Emerson, James K. Zimmerman, Chase Dimock, David M. Taylor, Seward Ward, Judith Cody, Sharon Kennedy-Nolle, Arlene Naganawa, and Simon Perchik. Learn more...


dogwood volume 19Dogwood

Volume 19, 2020
The nonfiction in this issue asks difficult questions regarding the nature of power, self-concept, and family story; the stories explore the construction of self against one’s own misperceptions; and the poems callus toward our own inferiorities refracted by multi-layered experiences of loss and death. Nonfiction by Rhonda Zimlich, Madeline Kramer, and Tatiana Schlote-Bonne; poetry by Fay Dillof, Diana Woodcock, Kevin McLellan, Tori Sharpe, Jackleen Hlton, Steve Lautermilch, Veronica Kornberg, McKenzie Hurder, Bret Shepard, Jennifer Barber, Tara Mesalik MacMahon, Xiao Yue Shan, Kosrof Chantikian, George Looney, and Jessie Sobey; and fiction by Rebecca Timson, Jennifer Lee, and Hillary Moses Mohaupt. Learn more...


driftwood press july 2020Driftwood Press

Volume 7 Number 2, July 2020 online
Featured in our latest issue is the 2020 In-House Contest winning story "Trash Man" by Jessica Holbert alongside another story, "The Taxidermist," by Seth Tucker. The poetry in this issue explores the emotional and physical connections to different geographies and technologies, from abandoned lighthouses and frost-covered pastures to half-truth news coverage and Harry Potter. Wrapping up the issue are visual arts and comics by Coz Frimpong, Geoffrey Detrani, Yi-hui Huang, Aimee Cozza, and Jason Hart. Learn more...


florida review volume 44 number 1 The Florida Review

Volume 44 Number 1, 2020
The spring issue includes our 2019 Editors' Awards winners Kirk Wilson, Aurielle Marie, and Eleanor Bluestein. With additional work by Billy Collins, Angelo R. Lacuesta and Roy Allen Martinez, Jennifer Popa, Yasmeen Alkishawi, Gabriel Thibodeau, and others. Learn more...


kenyon review july august 2020 Kenyon Review

Volume 42 Number 4, July/August 2020
The July/Aug issue of the Kenyon Review offers fiction chosen by guest editor Angie Cruz. Featured authors include Samia Ahmed, Yalitza Ferreras, Katherinna Mar, Cleyvis Natera, and Namrata Poddar. In her introduction, Cruz writes "When I reread the stories featured in this issue, I find solace in them. They serve as evidence or reminders that as a collective, as members of the global community, everything we are feeling and experiencing now is both temporary and ongoing." The new issue also includes work by Dan Beachy-Quick, Stephanie Burt, Floyd Collins, Nicola Dixon, Rodney Jones, Stanley Plumly, Grace Schulman, and Arthur Sze. Learn more...


lake july 2020 The Lake

July 2020 online
The July issue is now online featuring Ken Autry, William Bonfiglio, David Callin, Kitty Coles, Eileen Walsh Duncan, Maren O. Mitchell, Ronald Moran, Sherry Rind, Robert Ronnow, Jill Sharp, Sarah White. Reviews of Claire Walker’s Collision and Oisín Breen’s Flowers All Sorts in Blossom, Figs, Berries and Fruits Forgotten. Also features a tribute to Eavan Boland.  Learn more...


massachusetts review summer 2020 The Massachusetts Review

Volume 61 Number 2, Summer 2020
In this issue, find featured fiction by Alexandra Kulik & Julian Senn-Raemont and Nia Imara; essays by Allison Grimaldi Donahue and Miljenko Jergović; and poetry by Diamond Forde, Chelsea B. Desautels, Ryan Mihaly, and Thomas Tranströmer. Also in this issue: Juan Vitulli, Mukhtar Magauin, Doug Ramspeck, Emmalie Dropkin, Nicole Gonzalez, GennaRose Nethercott, David Moolten, Kathleen Winter, Steven Cramer, and many more. Learn more...


new england review v41 n2 New England Review

Volume 41 Number 2, 2020
The summer issue extends deep into the past, with translations from ancient Greek, historical fiction featuring Alfred Nobel, and an essay/collage about Virginia Woolf and Elizabeth Bowen. It imagines the future with speculative fiction, and crosses the Atlantic to bring together 15 contemporary poets from the UK. Fiction by Hugh Coyle, Rachel Hall, Laura Schmitt, and more; poetry by Emma Bolden, Jehanne Dubrow, David Keplinger, Esther Lin, Joannie Stangeland, and others; and nonfiction by Indran Amirthanayagam, Zoë Dutka, and more. In translations, find work by Gemma Gorga, Alberto Prunetti, and others. Cover art by Deric Ch'ng. Learn more...



The Midwest Quarterly

Volume 61 Number 3, Spring 2020
This special issue, guest edited by Judy B. Smetana, features work by faculty of the Kansas Technology Center at Pittsburg State University. Work by Andrew Klenke, Erin O’Brien Jordan, Tatiana Goris, Terrance Pierce, Randy Winzer, and more.

Southwest Review

Volume 105 Number 1, Spring 2020



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