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Magazines Received March 30, 2020


adroit journal march 2020 The Adroit Journal

Issue 32, March 2020 online
In the newest issue of The Adroit Journal, readers can check out poetry by Bryan Byrdlong, Gabriella R. Tallmadge, Steven Duong, Garous Abdolmalekian, Emily Lee Luan, John Freeman, Jacob Lindberg, Erin Adair-Hodges, Chelsea B. DesAutels, Lisa Beech Hartz, James Richardson, Peter Streckfus, Ae Hee Lee, Matthew Gellman, Sara Elkamel, Seth Simons, Imani Davis, Kim Addonizio, William Fargason, Sahar Romani, Amanda Gunn, Zach Linge, Matthew Rohrer, and Joanna Klink; prose by Elaine Hsieh Chou, Cathy Ulrich, Mason A. Hamberlin, K-Ming Chang, Connor Oswald, and Kate Bernheimer; plus conversations with Natalie Diaz, Matthew Rohrer, Brian Teare, Deb Olin Unferth, and Matthew Zapruder.  Learn more...


black warrior review spring 2020 Black Warrior Review

Volume 46 Number 2, Spring 2020
In this issue: Aliza Ali Khan, Stine An, Sébastien Bernard, Agata Izabela Brewer, Julie Cadman-Kim, Naomi Day, Meg E. Griffitts, Kamden Hilliard, Katherine Indermaur, moira j., Sara Kachelman, Jasmine Khaliq, Jessica Lanay, Amy Lee Scott, M.L. Martin, Cherise Morris, Mónica Ramón Ríos (translated by Robin Myers), Monica Rico, Angie Sijun Lou, Molli Spalter, Jessica Walker, and Qianqian Ye. Chapbook by Seo-Young Chu. Cover art by Dominic Chambers. Learn more...


gargoyle magazine number 71Gargoyle Magazine

Number 71, 2020
Recent contributors: Laura Arciniega, Ned Balbo, Paula Bonnell, Sarah Browning, Michael Casey, Grace Cavalieri, Patrick Chapman, Bonnie Chau, Chelsey Clammer, Chris Cleary, Katie Cortese, celeste doaks, Gabriel Don, Cornelius Eady, Blair Ewing, Abby Frucht, Patricia Henley, George Kalamaras, Rodger Kamenetz, Louise Wareham Leonard, Trish MacEnulty, Franetta McMillian, Deb Marquart, Michael Martone, Tony Medina, Nancy Mercado, Pamela Moore, Daniel Mueller, Susan Neville, A.L. Nielsen, Josip Novakovich, James J. Patterson, bart plantenga, Bern Porter, Doug Rice, Jane Satterfield, Davis Schneiderman, Claire Scott, Gregg Shapiro, R.U. Sirius, Rose Solari, Maya Sonenberg, Marilyn Stablein, David A. Taylor, Susan Tepper, Barbara Ungar, Michael Waters, and many more. Learn more...


macguffin winter 2020 The MacGuffin

Volume 36 Number 1, Winter 2020
The MacGuffin’s Volume 36, No. 1 spotlights the winners of our 2019 Poet Hunt Contest as selected by guest judge Richard Tillinghast. Jane Craven’s “The Sketchbooks of Hiroshige,” which took the first place prize, begins on p. 74, followed by our two honorable mention poets, Jill Reid and John Blair. This issue’s prose selections include Lucy Mihajlich’s brave, patriotic—or maybe just eccentric—“When I Infiltrated IKEA, They Greeted Me at the Door” and Teresa Milbrodt’s poignant “Playing Krampus.” Featured artist Alison Devine graces the book’s inside and outside with a stroll through the Hamilton, Ontario countryside. Learn more...


new england review volume 41 number 1 New England Review

Volume 41 Number 1, 2020
In this issue, find fiction by Maud Casey, David Allan Cates, Nandini Dhar, Elin Hawkinson, Christine Sneed, and Lindsay Starck; poetry by Oliver Baez Bendorf, Su Cho, Jay Deshpande, John Freeman, Rodney Gomez, Zach Linge, Vandana Khanna, Joanna Klink, Alessandra Lynch, Campbell McGrath, Philip Metres, Patrick Phillips, Maura Stanton, Corey Van Landingham, and Emily Jungmin Yoon; nonfiction by Kazim Ali, Michael Bogan, Jennifer Chang, Ching-In Chen, Julia Cohen, Robert Lopez, Walt Whitman; and Max Frisch in translations, translated by Linda Frazee Baker. Plus cover art by Brian Nash. Learn more...


ruminate spring 2020 Ruminate

Issue 54, Spring 2020
Issue 54: The Everyday celebrates Ruminate's focus on finding the sacred within everyday moments and routines. This issue features work from our 2019 Broadside winner Meredith Stricker. This issue also features the winning pieces from our 2020 VanderMey Nonfiction Prize written by Jasmine V. Bailey, Kelly J. Beard, and Atash Yaghmaian chosen by judge Brianna Van Dyke. Also in this issue, find work by Erin Malone, Chelsea Dingman, Sneha Subramanian Kanta, Nick Yingling, Alyse Bensel, Daniel Seth Kraus, Andrew Huot, Stacy Trautwein Burns, and more. Learn more...




Issue 186, Spring 2020

Planet Drum Pulse

Winter 2020

Whispering Wind Magazine

Volume 47 Number 6, 2020


Magazines Received March 23, 2020

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jewish fiction net march 2020 Jewish Fiction .net

Issue 24, March 2020 online
A beautiful new issue of Jewish Fiction .net is out! In these challenging times, we’re sharing our journal with you earlier than usual in the hope that the power of great literature will provide you with comfort and pleasure now. Here you’ll find 16 excellent stories, originally written in English, Hungarian, and Hebrew. And in honour of the upcoming holiday, two stories are about Passover: The Trade” by Mendele Mokher Seforim and “The Guest” by Remy Maisel (where Elijah the Prophet shows up at a seder). Enjoy this fabulous new issue and we wish you and yours continued good health. Learn more...


leaping clear spring 2020 Leaping Clear

Spring 2020 online
The Spring 2020 issue encourages readers to find balance in troubling times. Essays by Amy Sugeno, Dorian Rolston, Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew, and Terri Maue; fiction by Anita Feng; mixed media by Barbara Parmet and Deborah Kennedy; music by Jon Tho; poetry by Ben Gallagher, Beth Paulson, Cameron Morse, Faith Williams, Kathleen Hellen, Mary Jean Port, Mobi Warren, Stephen Fulder, Yasmin Kloth, and more; video by Zangmo Alexander; and visual arts by Denise Susanne Townsend, Michele Giulvezan-Tanner, and Stephanie Peek.  Learn more...


sheila na gig online spring 2020 Sheila-Na-Gig online

Volume 4 Number 3, Spring 2020 online
This issue features our Spring Poetry Contest Winner—Kari Gunter-Seymour—and honorable mentions—Jeff Burt, Joana Johnson, Connie Kopko Kramer, Joanne Monte, and Bonnie Proudfoot. Also in this issue: Matthew James Babcock, Christopher Bailey, T-M Baird, Rose Mary Boehm, Doug Bolling, Simona Carini, R.T. Castleberry, Alan Catlin, Rhiannon Conley, Sean L Corbin, Susan Darlington, Kelly Dolejsi, Tyler Dunston, William Easton, John Grey, Alison Hicks, Rob Hunter, Glenn Ingersoll, Stephanie Kendrick, Mercedes Lawry, Betsy Mars, Tom Montag, John Palen, Robert Strickland, Laura Grace Weldon, Julie Weiss, Joanna White, and more. Learn more...


the shore spring 2020 The Shore

Issue 5, Spring 2020 online
Our spring issue features poetry by: Julia Bouwsma, Charlie M. Brown, Nicholas Samaras, Sarah Marquez, Nicholas Holt, Rachel Small, Noah Stetzer, Kathryn de Lancellotti, Molly Tenenbaum, Jide Badmus, Satya Dash, Wheeler Light, JK Anowe, Jennifer Saunders, David Dodd Lee, Maxine Patroni, Stephanie Seabrooke, Tara Ballard, Ned Balbo, Joanna White, Pat Hananoe-Dosch, Barbara Westwood Diehl, KG Newman, Bryan D. Price, Kathryn Merwin, Jenny Irish, Nicholas Molbert, Alicia Hoffman, TW Selvey, Theresa Senato Edwards, Clay Matthews, Anna Sandy-Elrod, Clifford Brooks & Stephen Furlong. It also features stunning photography by Melissa Marsh. Learn more...



American Book Review

Volume 41 Number 2, January/February 2020

In These Times

Volume 44 Number 4, April 2020

Willawaw Journal

Issue 9, Spring 2020 online
Our Spring 2020 issue features cover art by Claire Burbridge. Find writing by Hugh Anderson, Susan Ayres, Joe Cottonwood, Sarah Bigham, Barbara Daniels, Shannon Finck, Irene Fick, Tricia Knoll, Bruce McRae, Francis Opila, Emily L. Pate, Bill Ratner, Kim Stafford, Doug Stone, Nicole Zdeb, and more.


Magazines Received March 16, 2020

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still point arts spring 2020Still Point Arts Quarterly

Issue 37, Spring 2020
The Spring 2020 issue of Still Point Arts Quarterly celebrates “Grandparents and Other Wise Ancestors.” Featured artists include Karla Van Vliet, Julia Michie Bruckner, Paul Polydorou, and Sheri Vanermolen. Featured writers include Claire Ibarra, Angela Wright, Marianne Mersereau, Janet Sunderland, Gail Tyson, Ilene Dube, Wayne Lee, Douglas Cole, Marc Morgenstern, Denise Tolan, Kaia Gallagher, Anna Leigh Morrow, and Joe Cottonwood. Learn more...


thema spring 2020THEMA

Volume 32 Number 1, Spring 2020
The latest issue of THEMA explores the theme “Six Before Eighty.” Find stories, short-shorts, poems, and photographs by Matthew J. Spireng, J. J. Steinfeld, Cherie Bowers, H.B. Salzer, James “Jack” Penha, Margo Peterson, Alison Arntz, Lisa Timpf, Lynda Fox, Yuan Changming, Georgia A. Hubley, Annie Percik, Robert Wooten, Larry Lefkowitz, and Virginia Howard. Learn more...


true story issue 35 True Story

Issue 35, 2020
"Not Your Ordinary Experience of Desire" by Susannah Borysthen-Tkacz and Justin Chen. In True Story #35, a poignant post-mortem of a four-year relationship, told in alternating voices, becomes a catalog of unmet needs and wants . . . and a path to a hopeful future. Learn more...


willow springs number 85 Willow Springs

Number 85, Spring 2020
This issue of Willow Springs features Roy Bentley, Michael Hettich, Andrea Jurjević, Michael McGriff, D. Nurkse who is interviewed this issue, Ira Sukrungruang, Jackson Burgess, Dante Di Stefano, Allison Hraban, Michael Hurley, Amy Seifried, Ojo Taiye, Fritz Ward, Ryan Cannon, William Walker, and more.  Learn more...


witness spring 2020 Witness

Volume 33 Number 1, Spring 2020
The “Magic” issue features featuring new work by: Eric Tran, Mary Lane Potter, Pamela Yenser, Alex Berge, Nina Sudhakar, Andrea Eberly, L.A. Johnson, Mary Kuryla, Lara Palmqvist, Sarah Helen, Andrew Bertaina, Day Heisinger-Nixon, Miranda Dennis, and David Lerner Schwartz. Plus the second annual Witness Literary Awards: Andrew Collard (poetry winner), Emmy Newman (poetry runner-up), Emily Greenberg (fiction winner), Kristina Ten (fiction runner-up), Michele Sharpe (nonfiction winner), and Anne Liu Kellor (nonfiction runner-up). Learn more...


Against the Current

Number 205, March/April 2020 

Blink Ink

Issue 39, 2020
Take a ride in the "Ghost Bus," Blink-Ink's latest issue. Micro-fiction by Sofia K. Dupi, Francine Witte, Karen Schauber, J. J. Steinfeld, Sreemanti Sengupta, Genevieve E. Abravanel, Tricia Knoll, Carolyn Johnson, Alisa Golden, Daryl Scroggins, Sally Reno, Rob Geisen, Richard LeBlond, Matt McGee, Miriam Kotzin, Mir Yashar Seyedbagheri, Graham Robert Scott, Aurora M. Lewis, Sara Walker, and Jo Goren.




Magazines Received March 09, 2020

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2river view spring 2020 The 2River View

Volume 24 Number 3, Spring 2020 online
New poems by Bruce Alford, Josette Akresh-Gonzales, Matthew Freeman, Abriana Jetté, Brady Thomas Kamphenkel, Tanner Lee, Tatiana Retivov, Samn Stockwell, Teresa Sutton, and John Whalen. Art from this issue is by Megan Duncanson. Learn more...


alaska quarterly winter spring 2020 Alaska Quarterly Review

Volume 36 Numbers 3 & 4, Winter & Spring 2020
AQR’s Winter & Spring 2020 edition is now available with stories by Joy Lanzendorfer, Elise Juska, Matthew Lansburgh, and Patricia Page. Also featured are stories by Katya Apekina, Molly Gutman, Daniel Pearce, and Kirsten Madsen. The edition also includes three engaging personal essays, an exceptional collection of poems by twenty-four poets, and a special anthology “Carrying the Fire: Celebrating Indigenous Voices of Canada." These voices include Mika Lafond, Billy-Ray Belcourt, Smokii Sumac, Tenille K. Campbell, Francine Merasty, J.D. Kurtness, Brandi Bird, and more. Learn more...


cimarron fall 2019Cimarron Review

Issue 209, Fall 2019
The Fall 2019 issue offers poetry by Jacqueline Winter Thomas, Shavahn Dorris-Jefferson, Luke Patterson, Ainsley Kelly, Anne Delana Reeves, Khaleel Gheba, Zach Mueller, Dayna Patterson, Laura Green, Adam Clay, Sophia Stid, Margaret Cipriano, G.C. Waldrep, and Athena Kildegaard; fiction by Robin Becker, Catherine Wong, JP Gritton, and Clancy McGilligan; and nonfiction by Danielle Thien. Our cover art is “Esotrope” by Monica McFawn. Learn more...


diode march 2020Diode Poetry Journal

Volume 13 Number 1, March 2020 online
The March 2020 issue is here with brand new poetry by TR Brady, Brandon Jordan Brown, Sarah A. Chavez, Brian Glaser, Sarah Gridley, Mandy Gutmann-Gonzalez, KA Hays, Kathleen Heil, Janiru Liyanage, Brett Elizabeth Jenkins, Luisa Caycedo-Kimura & Dean Rader, Virginia Konchan, Amit Majmudar, Christopher McCurry, Cindy Hunter Morgan, JoAnna Novak, Meghan Privitello, Iliana Rocha, Daniel Ruiz, Aaron Samuels, Nate Slawson, Kelly Grace Thomas, Svetlana Turetskaya, Jorrell Watkins, Rewa Zeinati, and Jane Zwart.  Learn more...


ecotone winter 2019 Ecotone

Fall/Winter 2019
In "The Love Issue" Jennifer Tseng & Amanda Tseng envision their father, Sarah Seldomridge & Eduardo Espada draw the beginnings of a family, Silas House sings of a boy's first love, and Jennifer Elise Foerster reads Jane Johnston Schoolcraft. Plus sonnets, rondels prime, sonzals, and brefs double, from Chad Abushanab, Ashley M. Jones, Amit Majmudar, and A. E. Stallings. Learn more...


kenyon march April 2020The Kenyon Review

March/April 2020
The Mar/Apr Kenyon Review features a special prose section, “The Unexpected,” guest-edited by Jaquira Díaz. Díaz selected work by Lars Horn, Gabriel Louis, Rebecca Nison, Joseph Earl Thomas, Laurie Thomas, and LaToya Watkins. In addition, the issue includes the winning essay and two runners-up from our 2019 Short Nonfiction Contest: "Hello, Fridge" by Anna Hartford, "Saving Luna" by KT Sparks, and "The Great Glass Closet" by Benjamin Garcia. The issue also includes poetry by Erin Belieu, Destiny O. Birdsong, Cortney Lamar Charleston, Heid E. Erdrich, Linda Gregerson, Ted Kooser, Sally Wen Mao, Michael McGriff, and Bruce Snider. Learn more...


parhelion winter 2020Parhelion Literary Magazine

Winter 2020 online
The Winter issue invites readers to change up scenery and put on someone else’s shoes with fiction by Linda Boroff, Lyndsey Ellis, Sierra Lindsay, Mark Jacobs, and Garrett Zecker; flash by Julie Benish and Anthony Tao; nonfiction by Margaret Erhart; and poetry by David Dodd Lee, Sierra Lindsay, Richard Long, Adriana Medina, Jim Moore, and Austin Segrest. Also in this issue are three book reviews; five interviews; and more essay, stories, poetry, and photography in our “Features” section including work by Darren Morris, Leeta Harding, Charles Duffie, Rebecca Moon Ruark, Valley Haggard, Julie Whitehead, and more. Learn more...


plume march 2020Plume

Number 103, March 2020 online
In this month’s featured selection, find the second installment of the “5 under 35 Plus” feature with twelve poems by six exceptional poets: JK Anowe, Charlotte Covey, Benjamin Garcia, Sneha Subramanian Kanta, Lindsay Lusby, and Sarah Uheida. Alfred Corn provides five flash for the nonfiction section, and Chelsea Wagenaar reviews Paisley Rekdal’s Nightingale. This month’s poetry selections include Rick Hilles, Judy Katz, Leah Umansky, Major Jackson, G.C. Waldrep, DeWitt Henry, and more. Learn more...


qu winter 2020Qu Literary Magazine

Volume 11, Winter 2020 online
The Winter 2020 issue is here with fiction by Renay Costa and Kevin M. Kearny; nonfiction by Jackie Kenny and Stephanie Dickinson; and poetry by Betty Rosen, nicole v basta, Sara Moore Wagner, Tom C. Hunley, Kelly Weber, and Elsa Ball. Patricia Powell provides “On Listening” in our “The Writing Life” section, and in stage/screen writing: Kate McMorran and Libby M. Gardner. Learn more...


runestone feb 2020Runestone Journal

Volume 6, February 2020 online
We proudly announce volume six, featuring: creative nonfiction from Hannah Baumgardt and True Dabill, fiction from Maryetta Henry, Gabraella Wescott, and Holley Ziemba; poetry from Lex Chilson, Marina Fec, arizona hurn, Maya Salemeh, Adam D. Weeks, and more; author interviews with Roy G. Guzmán and John Ostrander; and book reviews by the Student Editorial Board. Learn more...



The Gay & Lesbian Review

March-April 2020

Kestrel: A Journal of Literature and Art

Issue 42, Winter 2019

Mud Season Review

Number 48, March 2020 online

River Heron Review

Volume 3 Number 1, February 2020 online

SIerra Magazine

Volume 105 Number 2, March/April 2020



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