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Magazine Stand :: The Shore – Spring 2022

The Shore literary magazine cover art

The Shore online poetry journal “lucky thirteenth” is stocked full of writing that “pierces the easy observations of the everyday and gets at the ghostly underside.” It features poems by Lisa Compo, Stephen Lackaye, Cynthia Marie Hoffman, Jen Jayda Gupta, Jess Smith, Jane Zwart, Simon Montgomery, Lee Potts, Calgary Martin, Daniel Ruiz, Shannon Ryan, Wendy BooydeGraaff, Lori Lamothe, Adam J Gellings, Mikko Harvey, Sy Brand, Sam Rye, DS Maolalai, Carolyn Oliver, Victoria Mbabazi, Samuel Prince, Christien Gholson, Michael Battisto, Sara Fitzpatrick, Ja’net Danielo, Stephanie Kaylor, Afton Montgomery, Jenny Della Santa, José Angel Araguz, Sihle Ntuli, Jeanine Walker, Julia Hands, Matthew Herskovitz, Katherine Huang, Malorie Varnell, Meredith Arena, Laurie Sewall, Ariel Clark-Semyck, Kevin McIlvoy and Rachel Marie Patterson. This issue also features some intriguing photo art by Nadine Rodriguez.

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