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Magazine Stand :: Cool Beans Lit – Spring 2024

The Spring 2024 issue of Cool Beans Lit showcases the writing and art of creators expressing their stunning views of nature, technology, magical realism and even mathematics. The pieces in this issue will long resonate with readers and art aficionados alike. Featured authors include J.R. Solonche, Nick Young, Louis Efron, John Muro, Jane Varley and Alison Boulan. Artists include Kelly DuMar, Annika Connor, Gerburg Garmann and Tatjana Krilova. This latest issue contains a wide range of new talent (as young as 17) and established writers, such as a former CBS News correspondent and a National Book Award/Pulitzer Prize-nominated author. One artist is a nine-year improv actor from Saturday Night Live. Worthwhile reading that is sure to stoke the senses.

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