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Magazine Stand :: The Lake – March 2024

The March issue of The Lake online journal of poetry and poetics is now available, featuring Arvilla Fee, George Franklin, Lorraine Gibson, David Illich, J. D. Isip, Matthew Johnson, Tom Kelly, Craig Kirchner, Ted McCarthy, Marian Kaplun Shapiro, J. R. Solonche. Readers can also enjoy book reviews of Hannah Stone’s The Invisible Worm and Philip Metre’s Fugitive Refugee.

The Lake‘s “One Poem Reviews” feature allows poets to share a single poem from a current collection for readers to sample. This month spotlights Marion McCready and Kelly Sargent.

Also included in this issue is “A Tribute to Louise Glϋck” by Cathy Porter, in which she writes, “I believe Glϋck always thought there was more to say, even if it wasn’t ‘pretty.’ She was grit and soul, the real stuff. And in the ‘real’ stuff she managed to find herself and persevere.”

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