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SubTropics B-Side

Published December 23, 2014 Posted By
subtropicsI've noticed lately that print literary journals take a variety of approaches to how they use the back cover of their publication. Their backsides might be completely blank, carry over the cover art from the front, feature a separate artwork, be a money-making ad spot for anything from creative writing programs to publishing to chocolates, list contributors - and perhaps even include a tag line for the works inside. The newest issue of SubTropics caught my eye for something quite different: Using the back cover to publish a contributor's piece. I've seen snippets on the back cover before, but not a whole work. Seeing Amy Hempel's name in table of contents, I went to the end of the magazine to find her work. Not there. I checked the contents again and saw "back cover" where the page number should have been. No kidding. What a great way to both include and feature a writer, and a great way to allow readers to do what we do naturally - look at the cover then flip to the back to get a quick "free" sample.

NewPages Literary Magazine Reviews

Published December 22, 2014 Posted By

After the hustle and bustle of whatever it is you're doing this holiday season, relax, unwind, pop the top off your favorite beverage, and enjoy some of the finest literary magazine review writing anywhere. NewPages reviewers take a thorough and critical look at the newest issues of both print and online literary magazines from around the globe. December's reviews feature and eclectic mix: Arroyo Literary Review, Atlanta Review, The Carolina Quarterly, The Common, The Florida Review, The Lindenwood Review, The Meadow, North Carolina Quarterly Review, Pacifica Literary Review, Pembroke Magazine, Quiddity, Skidrow Penthouse, Upstreet, and The Westchester Review. Whew! And if that's not enough, we have a full archive of past month's review and a full index of all the magazines we've reviewed over the past ten years. Enjoy!

Give a HOOT!

Published December 22, 2014 Posted By
hootSubscription that is! Still looking for a great gift for someone on your list? One of my favorites is HOOT postcard review of (mini) poetry and prose. This postcard publication arrives monthly with artwork and written work featured on the front and artist and author information on the back. As a postcard connoisseur, I can attest that these are well made - solid paper stock that does not get ruined by the postal machines. Minor smears and smudges of postal inking, but that's a part of the postcard character. If you like your cards pristine or to deliver them yourself, you can also purchase blank sets to send out. HOOT will also send a postcard to someone for you and write a message on the back. I can also attest to their staff having good, clear handwriting! Check them out today.

Rattle Poetry Prize

Published December 18, 2014 Posted By
vanRooyenThe Winter 2014 issue of Rattle features the Rattle Poetry Prize Winner, Craig van Rooyen ("Waiting in Vain"), as well as the works of all of the finalists. A full list of the finalists and more information about the Rattle Poetry Prize can be found here.

Pongo in Your City!

Published December 17, 2014 Posted By
Pongo Teen Writing, long based in Seattle, Washington training writers to work with troubled youth, is now prepared to bring Pongo training to your city!

pongo-teen-writingAccording to founder, writer, and teacher Richard Gold, "The Pongo methodology serves multiple audiences: (1) Therapists and teachers who work with at-risk youth, in private practice or through agencies or in special schools; (2) College students, therapists, artists, and teachers who are interested in starting writing programs in jails, shelters, hospitals, and special schools; (3) College students and faculty in schools of social work, medicine, creative writing, psychology, and education; (4) Staff in institutions, such as jails and hospitals, who are interested in expanding their programming. Multiple agencies, colleges, and institutions can come together to sponsor a Pongo visit and training."

You can read more about the training and a suggested outline for how it could work for you here.

Disability and Poetry

Published December 17, 2014 Posted By
poetryDisability and Poetry is the topic of discussion in the Poetry December 2014 feature "Exchange." Writers Jennifer Bartlett, John Lee Clark, Jim Ferris, and Jillian Weise share views on writing disability, publishing, accessibility, and form and embodiment. There are some startlingly hard-hitting statments, such as Bartlett's "I have resisted the term 'identity poet' when considering my own work; therefore, my biggest challenge is to address my cerebral palsy without poetics and other identities taking a 'back seat' in the process." And later, "I think publishing in poetry is inherently biased; it always will be."

Or how about Ferris's "Disability is dangerous. We represent danger to the normate world, and rightly so. Disabled people live closer to the edge. We are more vulnerable, or perhaps it is that we show our human vulnerability without being able to hide it in the ways that nondisabled people can hide and deny the vulnerability that is an essential part of being human."

The exchange is hard core honest (editors and publishers should be reading this), as well as enlightening for all (including literary event planners). The Exchange is available full-text online here.

Gift Idea :: SIGNED Poetry Broadsides

Published December 16, 2014 Posted By
todd-boss-broadsideHere's a great holiday gift for any poetry lover on your list: limited edition, (some) signed poetry broadsides from The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review. I can personally attest to the quality of these beautiful, limited edition, letterpress (some of handmade papers) editions - having purchased a number of them at past AWP conferences. These are absolute collectibles and will definitely impress. Period. End of story. Order now to get them in time - but even late, they're worth the wait (for one, there is a pre-order for July delivery).

Emerging Writer's Contest Winners

Published December 16, 2014 Posted By
ploughsharesThe newest issue of Ploughshares (Winter 2014-15) features works by winners of the magazine's Emerging Writer's Contest along with commentary from each of the judges:

Tomiko M. Breland, "Rosalee Carrasco"

Eliese Colette Goldbach, "In the Memory of the Living"

Rosalie Moffett, Three Poems: "Why Is It the More"; "To Leave Through a Wall"; "Hurricane, 1989"

Art :: Still Point Online Art Gallery

Published December 16, 2014 Posted By
still-point-arts-quarterlyStill Point Arts Quarterly is a print publication of the Still Point Art Gallery of Brunswick, Maine. The gallery also features an online exhibit space. The current exhibit, Blue: Color of the Clear Blue Sky and the Deep Sea, can be viewed in the online gallery and will be a featured exhibition through February 28, 2015. The current print publication has beautiful, full-color reproductions of select images from the exhibit, including best in show for portfolio (Louis Ebarb), best in show for a single image (Sheri Marcus), bets in photography (Marko Susla), best painting or drawing (Roberta Dixon), and best mixed-media artwork (Ellen Kalin). Song by Zoey Frank is pictured on the publication's cover.

Hellos & Goodbyes at Concho River Review

Published December 15, 2014 Posted By
concho-river-reviewAs noted in the Fall 2014 Forward of Concho River Review, "A forward has become a rare occurrence in CRR, and its appearance in an issue signals changes afoot in the journal. There have been a few." General Editor R. Mark Jackson goes on to explain that Erin Ashworth-King has stepped down as General Editor to assume responsibility's in the university's English department. She'll be phasing out her role over the next several issues. At the same time, Carol Reposa, nonfiction editor since 2008, has resigned and handed over her role to Albert Haley, Writer in Residence at Abilene Christian University since 1997 and author of numerous works published in the likes of The New Yorker, The Atlantic Monthly, and Rolling Stone.
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