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Getting the Whole Grist

Published May 05, 2015 Posted By
grist-journalGrist: The Journal for Writers published out of the University of Knoxville English Department has a lot to offer readers and writers in support of owning its subtitle to be THE journal for writers.

A visit to its recently revamped website reveals a clean and easy navigation design, leading visitors to one of three areas: Grist Essentials (information about the print publication); The Writing Life; Online Companion.

Grist promotes The Writing Life as "a place to learn about, hone, and discuss your craft as a writer . . . a dynamic discussion of contemporary writing—thoughts on craft, publishing, and the life that both shapes and is shaped by the words we put on the page." Features include news, craft essays, aspects of living the writing life, and Grist and writing-related events.

Grist Editors write that the Online Companion "allows us to showcase the highest quality writing we receive throughout our reading period while also allowing those less familiar with Grist and Grist's content to get a feel for the wide variety of work we champion. Grist: The Online Companion is also a way to expand what we're able to publish because the online arena is more hospitable to a wider formal variety than is often able to fit in the print issue's 6 x 9 format." The current issue, #8, features poetry, collaborative poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and collaborative creative nonfiction by Mary Jo Balistreri, Ashley-Elizabeth Best, Matt Cashion, Jacqueline Doyle & Stephen D. Gutierrez, Alex Greenberg, Jennifer Savran Kelly, Joseph Mulholland, Brianna Noll, Nicole Oquendo & Mike Shier.

Crazyshorts Contest Winners

Published May 05, 2015 Posted By
Crazyhorse Spring 2015 includes the winner and runners-up of the publication's Crazy Shorts! Short-Short Fiction Contest:

Emily Pease [pictured], "Foods of the Bible"

Landon Houle, "The Exterminator"
Caitlin Scarano, "Sick Day"
Lee Conell, "Matt's Comics"

The deadline for this annual contest is November 1 and the entry fee includes a subscription to the magazine. In addition to publication, the first-place winner receives $1000.

Books :: May 2015 Book Reviews

Published May 05, 2015 Posted By
In case you missed it yesterday, the May 2015 Book Reviews have been posted! This month, our reviewers tackled The Door by Magda Szabó translated by Len Rix, Fallen Attitudes by Patricia Waters, Fanny Says by Nickole Brown, Gephyromania by TC Tolbert, My Very End of the Universe: Five Novellas-in-Flash and a Study of the Form from Rose Metal Press, The Night We're Not Sleeping In by Sean Bishop, Pilgrimly by Siobhan Scarry, That That by Ken Mikolowski, and Wolfman Librarian by Filip Marinovich.

What're you waiting for? Go find your next favorite book.

Lit Mag Covers :: Picks of the Week

Published May 04, 2015 Posted By
Iodine Poetry Journal Editor and Publisher Jonathan K. Rice is also Poet and Visual Artist as well, and has been designing cover art for his iconic publication for the past 15 years. More of his work can be found here on the back list page for Iodine.
"Crow and Cloud," photograph by Carolyn Guinzio, on the front cover of Cimarron Review Winter 2015 is a similar image to what I witness on my walks each morning - the birds coming back after a long winter, filling the tops of trees with their songs, the leaves yet to fill in the sky.
And another for the birds, Beloit Poetry Journal Spring 2015 features a lovely, dark, lush oil on linen by Eleanor Spiess-Ferris, "Shoreline" (2006). The cover does not reveal the entire image, so it's worth a visit to the BPJ website to see what you're not seeing in this pile of birds.

Iowa Reveiw Veterans Features

Published May 04, 2015 Posted By
iowa-review-spring-2015The Iowa Review 45.1 features winners and runners-up of their second Jeff Sharlet Memorial Award for Veterans writing contest, judged by Anthony Swofford, author of Jarhead and former U.S. Marine. This creative writing contest for U.S. military veterans and active duty personnel is hosted by The Iowa Review and made possible by a gift from the family of Jeff Sharlet (1942–69), a Vietnam veteran and antiwar writer and activist. The contest is open to veterans and active duty personnel writing in any genre and about any subject matter.

First Place ($1000)
Katherine Schifani, "Pistol Whip" (nonfiction)

Second Place ($750)
Brian Van Reet, "The Chaff" (fiction)

Runners-up ($500)
Terry Hertzler (poetry)
M.E. Hope (poetry)
James Walley (fiction)

The issue also includes two photo essay features, Stacy L. Pearsall Veterans Portrait Project and Mary F. Calvert The Battle Within: Sexual Assault in America's Military. Both are exceptional contributions to our culture's understanding of military community and the effects of foreign war and domestic violence.
Editor Katherine Mayfield and Intern Bonnie Irwin bring readers and writers The Maine Review, a new print/e/Kindle quarterly publishing short fiction, CNF, poetry, essays on writing, and black-and-white interior art. They also publish annual collections of short fiction (summer) and poetry (winter).

maine-reviewWhile the name, The Maine Review, seems obviously to represent the location of the publication, Mayfield tells me it was inspired "in the tradition of reviews like The Missouri Review and The Iowa Review. We felt that Maine needed a literary review representing the beauty and ruggedness of the Pine Tree State. Though we publish well-known and new and emerging authors from around the world, we feature the work of Maine artists on each issue's cover. The Maine Review is a proud member of the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance, a nonprofit membership organization that works to enrich the literary life and culture of Maine."

With such great role models already influencing this new publication, I asked Mayfield what motivated her to start her own journal, "Throughout my many years of writing and editing, I've seen so much excellent writing that never finds a home, and I wanted to give more writers the opportunity to be published. I also thoroughly enjoy putting the issues together – it's like working a jigsaw puzzle, moving pieces around to get a good 'flow.' The Maine Review also provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase Maine artists."

Mayfield also commented on what readers could expect to find in the publication: "Our mission is to publish quality writing that touches readers and engages their hearts, minds, and imaginations, expanding their view of the world and of life as a human being." While the publication remains fairly "traditional" – not publishing genre horror or fantasy – Mayfield says they do look to feature humor in every issue.

Some recently featured authors include Author's Guild President Roxanne Robinson, Maine Senior Poet Laureate Roger Finch, award-winning poets Annie Finch, Jason Michael MacLeod, Claire Scott, David Sloan, and Sean Sutherland.

In addition to the annual collections of short fiction and poetry, in the next year Mayfield says she'd like to publish an annual collection of CNF/memoir. Just now nearing the end their first year, The Maine Review looks forward to expanding the size and scope of the publication over the next few years.

The Maine Review holds contests and open reading periods. The next contest, for the Fall 2015 issue, will open in late May with a June 30th deadline. The contest for the annual poetry collection will open in autumn. The publication also has two open reading periods (no fee) each year for the Winter and Summer issues with submissions for those issues only accepted during the reading periods. See the publication's website for more specific information. Submission is via the website and there is also a form available on the website for mailing submissions via USPS.

Boulevard 30th Anniversary

Published May 01, 2015 Posted By
boulevard-spring-2015With its Spring 2015 issue, Boulevard celebrates 30 years of continuous publication. The editors write, "Since 1985, our aim has been to present the finest contemporary fiction, poetry, and essays on arts and culture in a variegated yet coherent ensemble—as a boulevard, which contains in one place the best a community has to offer."

To celebrate, Boulevard has two special editions: an e-book anthology and this anniversary issue of the journal, which includes works by Alex Chernow, winner of the 2014 Poetry Contest for Emerging Writers, and a symposium on the artistic merits of contemporary television versus film. A full list of contributors for each volume can be found here.

Happy Anniversary Boulevard!

Chtenia Russian Sci Fi

Published April 30, 2015 Posted By
chtenia-30Chtenia: Readings from Russia issue #30 is themed Science Fiction. "Let's be honest," the editors write. "There really is something fundamentally different about Russian literature."

In her issue introduction, Curator Yvonne Howell writes, "The first remarkable feature of Russian science fiction is the fact that it existed at all," and goes on to discuss the historical context of 19th century Russia. While science fiction is generally understood to have come as a 'hope and fear' response for the "collective fate of humanity" at the turn of the twentieth century when science and technology were burgeoning, Russia, Howell explains, was "in a technologically backward empire at the margins of the Western world." Yet, like all science fiction, Howell credits Russian writers, who faced with "conditions where practical tehcno-scientific improvements were lagging" were able to take "the scientific imagination . . . in unexpected directions."

See a full list of the issue's content here.

Ruminate 2015 Short Story Prize Winner

Published April 30, 2015 Posted By
tori-malcangioThe winner of Ruminate's 2015 William Van Dyke Short Story Prize, judged by Laryy Woiwode, "Nesting Doll" by Tori Malcangio, appears in the Spring 2015 issue.

Read more here about Malcangio, Woiwode's comments on the winning entry, and the second place, honorable mention, and runners up.

Books :: The Green Rose Prize

Published April 29, 2015 Posted By
my-multiverse-kathleen-halmeWinner of The 2014 Green Rose Prize from New Issues, My Multiverse by Kathleen Halme was published last month. The Green Rose Prize is awarded to poets who already have published one or more full-length collections of poetry.

Of the new collection, poet John Brehm says, “In poems that are both intricate and expansive, Kathleen Halme’s My Multiverse takes readers from the City of Roses, with its Shanghai traps and tunnels, to a hummingbird ‘tracing the missing shape of a feed,’ to the neural pathways of the mind itself. These poems do what all great poems do: they make the world seem strange again, shimmering with questions, ‘the mirror ball of meaning strung without a thread.’”
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