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Thrive with The Tiger Moth Review

Last month, Esther Vincent of The Tiger Moth Review was invited to read poetry on the Thrive Hour Community Corner Facebook group. This group is provides free live sessions to help keep users thriving and accepts donations for families in need.

You can now find these readings on the literary magazine’s website. Each of the three videos includes several poems. Most of these have appeared in The Tiger Moth Review, like “Tree” by Lee Soo Jin or “Elegy for a Silent Stalker” by Ow Yeong Wai Kit. There are also other familiar names such as Mary Oliver and Joy Harjo included.

Take a moment to appreciate eco-poetry read aloud for you by visiting The Tiger Mother Review‘s website.

AGNI Offers Something Special

AGNI is currently offering something really special for readers: the Virtual Launch of AGNI 91.

Here, the editors present videos from their contributors from all over the world and invite readers (or viewers!) to join the audience. All the pieces from the new Spring 2020 issue are available online, most of which have an accompanying video of the writer reading their work.

This is great not only for people who might not be able to spare extra cash to get their own copy (though if you can, please do consider it), but it’s also great for those of us who are having a hard time sitting down and concentrating on reading while we’re social distancing, and those who currently miss attending readings in person.

You can also learn more about the editors who have put this fantastic project together at the AGNI website.

I for one can’t wait to hit “play” and start hearing quality reading in my own home.

Sponsor Spotlight :: Del Sol Review

Originally started in 1997 under the name of “Editor’s Picks,” Del Sol Review has transformed from highlighting select work from print journals to being its very own literary magazine. Contributors include Maxine Chernoff, Paul West, Linh Dinh, Holly Iglesias, Deborah Olin Unferth, Michael Martone, and Daniel Bosch.

Del Sol Review accepts unsolicited works of speculative fiction, poetry, prose poetry, creative nonfiction, short stories, and flash fiction year-round. They love works containing unique and interesting subject matter.

Their latest issue, No. 24, is the Richard Basehart Issue. This contains fiction by Joe Kowalski, Zeke Jarvis, Glen Pourciau, Debbie Ann Ice, Evan Steuber, Jenny Drummey, Andrew Stancek, Richard Leise, Risa Mickenberg, Joseph Couchet, Robert Miltner, Ron Riekki, and Mark Walling; and poetry by Michael Salcman, Nancy Botkin, Wendy Barker, Hilary Sideris, Rich Ives, and Nish Amarnath.

I love the little snippets they put with their issues: “Carnivores. Astonomy. Zsa Zsa Gabor Geeks.” or “Innocent, flight, teeth, yecch, and more!”