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February 2023 eLitPak :: Award-winning Affordable, Professional Poetry Editing, Book Coaching, & Marketing

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The author of four award-winning books and a decades-long editor and book coach/marketer, John Sibley Williams can assist with everything from individual poem to manuscript critiques; regular book coaching; 1-on-1 workshops; the creation of pitch letters, press kits, and book proposals; agent/publisher research; and more. His passion is assisting poets and writers by tailoring all strategies to their individual needs. View flyer or visit website for more information.

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Job Opening :: Ruminate Seeks Editor

Ruminate is currently seeking an editor! Founded in 2006, Ruminate is dedicated to “cultivating authenticity through nourishing conversations while spiritually sustaining life together through action and art.” Besides the award-winning quarterly literary magazine, they also have the online publication The Waking and serve the local and broader community with online and in person events.

They seek an editor who will uphold their mission of supporting their community of artists, seekers, and readers seeking spiritually nourishing conversations as well as one who can expand the range of editorial and contributor voices to “reflect a growing and changing audience” and help them grow beyond their original roots in the Christian community.

Learn more about this opportunity here.

May 2021 eLitPak :: CARVE Critiques and Editorial Services

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Carve offers critiques for prose on a per-word and for poetry on a per-page basis. Get a candid assessment of what’s working, what isn’t, and push your writing one step closer to publication. We also offer in-depth editorial services via Limpede Ink.

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Perfect Your Poem

Do you have a problem poem that’s not cooperating with you? Check out Into the Void‘s new poetry and editing development service. Poetry Editor Andrew Rihn aims to be critical but encouraging with his feedback and promises: “I’ll highlight what’s working (because there is good stuff in every draft!) while pointing out places where you can develop and invigorate your writing. I’ll prompt you to consider the poem from new angles. I’ll ask a lot of questions.”

Find out more about Rihn’s rates and what else you can expect with the editing and development of your poem at Into the Void‘s submission manager.

MAYDAY Magazine Open Editorial Positions

After more than ten years of publishing literary fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and works in translation for an international readership, MAYDAY Magazine is relaunching with a new format and expanded editorial vision.

To help shape the online magazine’s new identity, MAYDAY is expanding and diversifying its editorial staff to include new backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and points of view. Editors at MAYDAY Magazine work remotely and can live anywhere there’s an internet connection.

We invite applications to be submitted by July 31, 2020 for the following editorial positions:

  • Two fiction editors
  • One poetry editor
  • Two nonfiction editors
  • One culture editor
  • One visual art editor

Please visit our complete Call for Applications to learn more.

Driftwood Press Extends Application Deadline for Online Seminars

Good news! If you missed the April 30 deadline for Driftwood Press’s 2020 Online Seminar Series, you’re in luck! They have extended the deadline to apply to May 30. These seminars will run for five weeks starting on June 1 and ending on July 3.

The Erasure Poetry Seminar instructor is Jerrod Schwarz who teaches creative writing at the University of Tampa. This seminar features an in-depth look at the history, practices, and importance of erasure poetry. Every week students receive a video lesson, tailor-made writing prompts, and detailed feedback. The course will culminate in a Showcase Booklet of students’ work which will be made available for free download on Driftwood’s website.

The Editors & Writers Seminar is targeted towards three types of writers: writers submitting to magazines and wanting to fight through the slushpile, writers who wish to be editors of short fiction or run a magazine, and writers who wish to become better editors of their own and others’ work. The instructor will be Driftwood Press Fiction Editor James McNulty. Students receive weekly video lessons, a writing or revision assignment, a reading assignment, and detailed feedback on writing assignments.

Don’t forget that the biannual journal is open to submissions year-round and the publishing arm is currently open to submissions of novellas, graphic novels, and comic collections. They do charge a reading fee. Expedited response options available for journal submissions.

Learn Online with Carve Magazine

Carve Online Writing ClassesBesides being both an online and print literary magazine, Carve also offers online writing classes and online workshops. Did you know that?

They currently offer two writing classes on the Wet Ink platform: Short Story Writing: Fundamentals and Short Story Writing Techniques. Theses classes both run five weeks and are held multiple times during the year.

Fundamentals consists of five lessons: Character & Plot, Point of View, Dialogue, Inner Monologue, and Description.

  • June 15 – July 19
  • August 24 to September 27

Techniques consists of five lessons: Use of Senses, Imagery, Metaphors & Similes, Rhythm & Pacing, and Threading.

  • May 11 – June 14
  • July 20 – August 23
  • September 28 – November 1

Their Online Writing Workshop is devoted to editing for short stories or essays. This is a 10-week course where you get one-on-one attention from a Carve editor. Their next workshops start on June 1 and September 14.