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Magazine Stand :: Waxing & Waning – Issue 11

Waxing and Waning Issue 11 cover image

Issue 11 of the online annual Waxing and Waning is themed “As Water We Rise” with a foreword by C.I. Aki, and contributions of poetry, fiction, and art from David Bradley, Tomislav Silipeter, R. Nikolas Macioci, Nathan Shipley, Catherine DiMercurio, Monica “Mono” Campbell, Joseph Byrd, Mikayla Meyers, George Yatchisin, Jim Gish, Ronald Walker, Amy Murre, Emma Bolden, j niko, Roberta Clipper, Jonathan Yungkans, Andrey Gritsman, Kirsten Meehan, Donald Patten, Erin Rohan, Ray Zimmerman, Janelle Cordero, Walter Weinschenk, Cynthia Good, allison anne, Ery Caswell, Nichole Davies, Emily MacGriff, Jeff Rivers, Joanna Acevedo, and Maya Bernstein-Schalet.

Waxing & Waning is currently taking submissions for The Subversive Edition (in support of The Tennessee Three): “As a Tennessee publisher, we are ashamed and embarrassed by the actions of our state government in the expulsion of the two Black members of The Tennessee Three. [. . . ] It is time for a new era. The ways of the old are no longer relevant or working for the people. [. . . ] We are calling for submissions with the theme(s) of gun control/violence, abortion rights, and LGBTQIA+ rights. We are calling for these three themes in support of The Tennessee Three, whose actions were fueled by recent legislature against legal abortions, drag shows, transgender surgeries, book bans, etc., all of which came to a breaking point once the people’s voices were taken from them.” See the publication website for full details.

Magazine Stand :: Waxing & Waning – Issue 10

Waxing & Waning literary magazine Issue 10 cover image

For Issue 10 of Waxing & Waning, the editors went with their standard call: “We want what’s on the fringe. Whatever is deep and true. The moon represents this idea: what is dark, what is brooding, what is wild, what is crescent and changing. We want to feed the beast in you, the one buried beneath layers of manners and anxiety and internet induced abyss, repetition, and relative sameness. Work submitted to Waxing & Waning should be honest and well-executed. It should scream coherently; it should bring experiences and knowledge out of us that we have not seen before. It should rip out our black hearts and put them in front of our eyes. Bring us the work everyone else is afraid of. Bring us the work you’re afraid of. Bring us the work that gets at the trueness frightening you out of the routine. In a world blanketed in monotony—we seek to search outside of ourselves so we can better love, give love, and sacrifice for whatever art could bring. We hope to wax in truth and wane into poetics—to shelter ourselves from reality. To bathe in the light of the moon.”

Stepping up to meet this call for Issue 10 are contributions of poetry by A.N. DeJesus, Esme DeVault, Benjamin Green, Marian Shapiro, Taunja Thomson, and Andrew Walker; fiction by Robert Cramblitt, Max Firehammer, Joseph Morice, Chris Motto, Elizabeth Quirk, Eugene Radice, Douglas Steward, and Rebecca Wood; creative non-fiction by Mackenzie Broderick, Christie Green, Joan Halperin, Melanie Reitzel, and Anne-Christine Strugnell; art by Katie Allcorn, Karyna Aslanova, Gianna Sozzi, and Alice Teeple; a play by Paul Antokolsky; and Editor’s Note by Lance Ümmenhofer.

Waxing & Waning is published under the April Gloaming Publishing imprint, which includes a special focus on Southern literature as well as novels, memoirs, poetry collections, and anthologies. Print copies of Waxing & Waning and the Waxing & Waning Presents Series can be purchased here: www.aprilgloaming.com/shop

Magazine Stand :: Waxing & Waning – The Blackout Edition

Waxing & Waning The Blackout Edition literary magazine cover image

Waxing & Waning publishes one print and one online issue per year, along with one special edition contest, the Waxing & Waning Presents Series, that amplifies voices of underrepresented populations.

For the 2022 Blackout Edition, the writers’ prompt was:

“As 2021 draws to a close, George Floyd’s killer behind bars, Breonna Taylor’s still enjoying their time of freedom, and countless other BIPOC people’s deaths still without justice, our humble literary and arts journal is seeking writing and art that exemplifies the BIPOC experience worldwide. In a time of racial unrest, where privileges are being called out and people are being asked to change their behaviors to make the world we live in accountable for its unfairness and injustices, we at Waxing & Waning are looking for creative work that both includes this aspect, but we are also looking for any and all work about the modern BIPOC experience, even outside of race. Give us your poems about sunsets, stories that strike a chord in the human experience, art that screams to be heard. Be deep, true, honest. Here is not where limits lie. We want it all.”

The contributors for The Blackout Edition Prose: Winner Rim Chon, Runner-up Emil Rem, Marian Fredal, Leslie Grover, and Patrice Washington; Poetry: Winner Shamon Williams, Runner-up Glenn Marchand, Biman Roy, and Sabrina Spence; Art: Winner Christina Sayers.

The 2023’s special edition contest will be titled The Pride Edition and will be open to all writers and artists in the LGBTQIA+ population. Submissions for this will open at the beginning of the year.

Waxing & Waning is published under the April Gloaming Publishing imprint, which includes a special focus on Southern literature as well as novels, memoirs, poetry collections, and anthologies. Print copies of Waxing & Waning and the Waxing & Waning Presents Series can be purchased here: www.aprilgloaming.com/shop

Contest :: Waxing & Waning Presents: The (TN) Tempest Edition

Deadline: January 17, 2021
With the prompts of living during the COVID-19 pandemic and dealing with natural disasters and their aftermath, this special edition of Waxing & Waning attempts to be the home for beauty during devastation, truth in fear, and human nature as it meets eye-to-eye with Mother Nature (in TN & beyond). One way to heal is for writers/artists to create—to put their hardships on a blank page or canvas. Bring us these attempts. $10 submission fee for all categories. Winners of each category (poetry, prose, & art) will receive a $50 prize. About 30 contributors will be selected for publication.