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Magazine Stand :: Waxing & Waning – Issue 11

Waxing and Waning Issue 11 cover image

Issue 11 of the online annual Waxing and Waning is themed “As Water We Rise” with a foreword by C.I. Aki, and contributions of poetry, fiction, and art from David Bradley, Tomislav Silipeter, R. Nikolas Macioci, Nathan Shipley, Catherine DiMercurio, Monica “Mono” Campbell, Joseph Byrd, Mikayla Meyers, George Yatchisin, Jim Gish, Ronald Walker, Amy Murre, Emma Bolden, j niko, Roberta Clipper, Jonathan Yungkans, Andrey Gritsman, Kirsten Meehan, Donald Patten, Erin Rohan, Ray Zimmerman, Janelle Cordero, Walter Weinschenk, Cynthia Good, allison anne, Ery Caswell, Nichole Davies, Emily MacGriff, Jeff Rivers, Joanna Acevedo, and Maya Bernstein-Schalet.

Waxing & Waning is currently taking submissions for The Subversive Edition (in support of The Tennessee Three): “As a Tennessee publisher, we are ashamed and embarrassed by the actions of our state government in the expulsion of the two Black members of The Tennessee Three. [. . . ] It is time for a new era. The ways of the old are no longer relevant or working for the people. [. . . ] We are calling for submissions with the theme(s) of gun control/violence, abortion rights, and LGBTQIA+ rights. We are calling for these three themes in support of The Tennessee Three, whose actions were fueled by recent legislature against legal abortions, drag shows, transgender surgeries, book bans, etc., all of which came to a breaking point once the people’s voices were taken from them.” See the publication website for full details.

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