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Magazine Stand :: Green Mountains Review – Laureate Series #1

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Published by Green Mountains Review, the first of five editions devoted to American Poet Laureates is now available. This gorgeous folio-sized publication is a celebration of “the beauty of the diverse voices that make up our country,” and features the first ten Laureates: Rhode Island’s Tina Cane; Virginia’s Luisa A. Igloria; Oregon’s Anis MojganiNew Hampshire’s Alexandria Peary; North Carolina’s Jaki Shelton Green; Maryland’s Grace Cavalieri; Louisiana’s Julie Kane; Kansas’s Huascar Medina; Wisconsin’s Dasha Kelly Hamilton; New York’s Alicia Ostriker. Solidarity of Unbridled Labour provided the layout and design, and with the addition of artwork throughout, this is going to be a collectible. Don’t miss getting your copy today!

Green Mountains Review Launches Social Distance Reading Series

Social Distance Reading Series poetsLiterary magazine Green Mountains Review has partnered with the Vermont School to highlight writers whose book launches have been “snuffed out” by the COVID-19 pandemic.

They post new videos to their Social Distance Reading Series twice a week on Wednesday and Sunday so that authors can read from their newly released collections of poetry. Right now the focus is on writers whose book events were cancelled in the months of January through May.

You can currently find readings by Chard deNiord, Kathryn Nuernberger, Felicia Zamora, Philip Metres, Tommye Blount, Penelope Crazy, and Matthew Lipman.