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Magazine Stand :: Green Mountains Review – Laureate Series #1

Green Mountains Review literary magazine cover image

Published by Green Mountains Review, the first of five editions devoted to American Poet Laureates is now available. This gorgeous folio-sized publication is a celebration of “the beauty of the diverse voices that make up our country,” and features the first ten Laureates: Rhode Island’s Tina Cane; Virginia’s Luisa A. Igloria; Oregon’s Anis MojganiNew Hampshire’s Alexandria Peary; North Carolina’s Jaki Shelton Green; Maryland’s Grace Cavalieri; Louisiana’s Julie Kane; Kansas’s Huascar Medina; Wisconsin’s Dasha Kelly Hamilton; New York’s Alicia Ostriker. Solidarity of Unbridled Labour provided the layout and design, and with the addition of artwork throughout, this is going to be a collectible. Don’t miss getting your copy today!

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