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Magazine Stand :: Gargoyle – 76

Gargoyle literary magazine CD issue 76 cover image

Dust off the CD player, it’s time for Gargoyle‘s audio issue (#76). “Hunted and gathered” by editor Richard Peabody, the line-up features music and spoken word by Amanda Newell, Barbara Ungar, Blair Ewing, Bob Hate/Chet Hix, Bone People, Carmen Calatayud, The Crooked Angels, Dave Essinger, David Taylor Nielsen, Eugenie Bisulco, Gerry LaFemina and the Downstrokes, Henry Crawford, John King, Knuckleberry Finn, M. Scott Douglass, Maryann Hannan, Nancy Mitchell & The Chris English Band, Randi Ward, Sally Toner, Sarah Browning, Stephen Scott Whitaker, and Tim Wendel.

Magazine Stand :: Gargoyle – 75

Gargoyle literary magazine issue 75 2022 cover image

I always know the newest issue of Gargoyle has arrived when the post office has to send the forklift to drop off this massive tome at my doorstep. Clocking in at nearly 500 pages (see a full list of contributors here), this is an annual that will truly provide a year of great reading – nonfiction, poetry, fiction, and art (Issue 75 cover art by Cynthia Connolly). What readers can expect to find is about as clear as the submission guidelines, “Gargoyle has never had guidelines during its entire history. We don’t believe in them.” Thus – be ready for just about anything, with the underlying principle that it is quality work, “The best work we can obtain. Work we can live with. Work we can read 20 times and still get a kick out of. We’ve never had a theme issue and doubt we ever will. Obviously, we want the best poem or story you will ever write. We’re not fans of the same-old/same-old and tend to publish works that are bent or edgy.” Considering the fact Gargoyle is only open for submissions from July 1 to July 31 – or until they get enough to fill the issue, “whichever comes first,” it’s clear they are well appreciated by writers! Add to this – Gaygolye Online, which started in May 2022 and has just released its second issue. Readers have plenty to enjoy through every season!

Gargoyle – No. 74

Gargoyle 74 cover

Gargoyle 74 features nonfiction by Linda Blaskey, Ruth Boggs, Dylan Emmons, Darlene Fife, Jesse Lee Kercheval, CD Nickols, Randon Billings Noble, Darius Stewart, and M. Kaat Toy; poetry by Fran Abrams, John Kinsella, Elisabeth Murawski, Todd Swift, Paul Jaskunas, Rosemary Winslow, Beth Baruch Joselow, RC deWinter, Lyudmyla Diadchenko, to name a few; and fiction by Kelli Allen, Jeff Bagato, Christina Kapp, Jordan Redd, Esther Iverem, Che Parker, Meg Pokrass, Tom Whalen, Kathy Wiilson, and more.

View the full list of contributors and grab a copy of Gargoyle 74 here.

Gargoyle Magazine – No. 73

In this issue of Gargoyle: family and relationship works, a thread of Greek myths, bullies, and a couple NASA poets. Nonfiction by Anne McGouran, Frances Park, Marilyn Stablein, and D. E. Steward; fiction by Sean Gill, Frederick Highland, Len Kruger, Jillian Oliver, Max Talley, Curtis Smith, and more; and poetry by CL Bledsoe & Michael Gushue, Roger Camp, Kathleen Clancy, German Dario, Holly Day, Alexis Draut, Robert Estes, Michelle Fenton, and others.

Update Your Bookmarks – New Website for Gargoyle

Gargoyle - homepage

Gargoyle Magazine has moved over to a new website. The new site still has everything the old one had—the ability to order the current issues and back issues, recommended magazines, reader testimonials, a bit of history, news and announcements, and more. The page is a little easier to navigate and has a nice, clean design.

Go visit the website and see for yourself everything Gargoyle has to offer.

Gargoyle – No. 71

Gargoyle - Number 71

Check out the new issue of Gargoyle. Contributors include: Laura Arciniega, Paula Bonnell, Sarah Browning, Michael Casey, Grace Cavalieri, Patrick Chapman, Bonnie Chau, Katie Cortese, celeste doaks, Gabriel Don, Cornelius Eady, Blair Ewing, Abby Frucht, Patricia Henley, George Kalamaras, Louise Wareham Leonard, Trish MacEnulty, Franetta McMillian, Tony Medina, Nancy Mercado, Susan Neville, A.L. Nielsen, Josip Novakovich, James J. Patterson, bart plantenga, Bern Porter, Doug Rice, Jane Satterfield, Davis Schneiderman, Claire Scott, Gregg Shapiro, Rose Solari, Maya Sonenberg, Marilyn Stablein, Susan Tepper, Michael Waters, and many more.