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Magazine Stand :: Gargoyle – 76

Gargoyle literary magazine CD issue 76 cover image

Dust off the CD player, it’s time for Gargoyle‘s audio issue (#76). “Hunted and gathered” by editor Richard Peabody, the line-up features music and spoken word by Amanda Newell, Barbara Ungar, Blair Ewing, Bob Hate/Chet Hix, Bone People, Carmen Calatayud, The Crooked Angels, Dave Essinger, David Taylor Nielsen, Eugenie Bisulco, Gerry LaFemina and the Downstrokes, Henry Crawford, John King, Knuckleberry Finn, M. Scott Douglass, Maryann Hannan, Nancy Mitchell & The Chris English Band, Randi Ward, Sally Toner, Sarah Browning, Stephen Scott Whitaker, and Tim Wendel.

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