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Magazine Stand :: Bending Genres – Issue 33

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Bending Genres online literary magazine’s submissions guidelines say they seek “thrilling, fanciful, oddball, unusual, stunning fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction pieces. Think Olympics on a case of Red Bull. Think October in April. Think Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey.” Issue 33 contributors who made the cut include Catherine O’Brien, Jess Richardson, Erin Mizrahi, Pat Foran, Kathryn de Lancellotti, Kristin Idaszak, Samuel Edwards, Shannon Frost Greenstein, Theodora Ziolkowski, Sam Rasnake, Glen Pourciau, James Miller, Anna Mantzaris, Lisa Alletson, David Yourdon, Brendan Constantine, Nwabuisi Kenneth, Andrew Cusick, Amy Marques, Megan Jones, Laurel Benjamin, MaxieJane Frazier, Stephen Delaney, George Ryan, Claudia Monpere, Sean Ennis, Catherine Buck, Michaela Mayer, Tyler Dillow, Karen Arnold, Reece Gritzmacher, and Lee Chilcote.

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Magazine Review :: Bending Genres Issue 28

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Guest Post by Gabriela Mejia

If you are in the mood to read anything strange and out-of-the-box, Bending Genres is the magazine for you! Issue 28 of Bending Genres has plenty of short genre-mixing (and breaking) pieces of prose, poetry, and everything in between. In “The Grease Ant” by William Musgrove, a man goes about trying to rid his house of grease ants. Only the ants don’t go away, and bit by bit they steal pieces of the man’s life. In “Statue Thinks of Nothing but Murder All Day” by Chelsea Stickle, part short story, part ekphrastic prose, James Pradier’s “Sapho” comes to live in the Musée d’Orsay hell-bent on achieving vengeance. “Kindling” by Keith Powell sees its narrator attempting to live in a house that’s constantly on fire; but the narrator comes to realize that they are steadily being consumed by a “Sisyphean rhythm.” And finally, Lindsey Pharr’s “Circe at the Strip Club” sees its eponymous witch still up to her old tricks in a modern setting.

At times heartbreaking, and heartfelt, Bending Genres’ short works are utterly memorable. For those who wish to find examples of how to mix genres, craft, and form, Bending Genres is the perfect venue to display such experimentations.

Bending Genres, Issue Twenty-Eight. August 2022.

Reviewer Bio: Gabriela Mejia is a Chicago native and an MFA Candidate at Columbia College Chicago.

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Magazine Stand :: Bending Genres – Issue 27

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The newest issue of Bending Genres online literary magazine features fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction they consider “thrilling, oddball, unusual, and stunning.” Filling out the expectations for this spring 2022 issue are works from Travis Dahlke, Lisa Weber, Deanna Baringer, Miriam Gershow, Cole Beauchamp, Michael Beard, Marisa Vargas, Bupinder Bali, Kristin Bonilla, Stuart Watson, Koss Just Koss, Mugdhaa Ranade, Margo Griffin, Dan Higgins, Audrey Carroll, Brad Liening, Adrian Frandle, Jenny Stalter, Adrienne Barrios and Leigh Chadwick, Rod Martinez, Isabelle Doyle, Nicholas Claro, Gary Reddin, R.J. Lambert, Mikki Aronoff, J.A. Pak, Slawka G. Scarso, Rachel Laverdiere, Bobby Miller, and Shane Kowalski. Submissions for Bending Genres are open year-round and the publication is free to read online along with a full archive.

Call :: Bending Genres Open to Work Year-round

Deadline: Rolling
Send us your zany, innovative best fiction, poetry, and CNF. We publish bimonthly, and year round. We at Bending Genres also host monthly weekend workshops and retreats. Check out past issues at  www.bendinggenres.com. Issue 16 features work by Joyce Wheatly, Gary Moshimer, Benjamin Woodard, Corey Farrenkopf, Patricia Q. Bidar, Georgiana Nelsen, & more.