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Hey Kids!
Earn wealth and fame
(or at least FREE BOOKS and LIT MAGS)
as a NewPages reviewer.

Here’s How!

We believe that out there in the vastness of the North American continent there are bright, imaginative readers who would like to see their opinions of current books and/or magazines broadcast to a larger crowd than immediate family, friends and workmates. You may be one of these readers, and NewPages may be your forum. Here’s how to use us to tell the world what you think.

How to Get Started:

Send us a review (or url) of a recent book or periodical. Any topic you like, preferably from an independent press. Include a statement on what you would like to review. If we like your sample review, we’ll contact you and start sending you review copies. As long as you keep sending back reviews that we can use more often than not, we’ll keep sending you publications. If you have trouble getting your hands on something current or from a small press, drop us a line and we’ll work something out.

What We Don’t Want:

- Drudge work. If you have only a tepid reaction, don’t waste your time writing a review. We'd rather concentrate on materials that are worth reading and that you would want to recommend others read.

- Highfalutin' language or style that is meant more to show off the reviewer's writing than the author being reviewed. Give us a break. We just want to know whether the work is worth it or not, and why.

- Try to avoid aggressively sloppy spelling, semantics and punctuation. Leave the typos to us.

What We Want:

- Lively, opinionated reviews.

- Honest recommendations. Reviews let people know whether a publication is worth spending their money & time on. The only turkeys we want our readers to buy are of the Thanksgiving variety, so point readers & writers to quality publications with your positive reviews. Criticism is encouraged, but the good should outweigh the bad.

- A short quote or two for flavoring is nice.

- Reviews referring briefly to the reviewer’s personal experience could be agreeable.

- Humor sometimes helps. Cheer us up – see your name in print.

- Accessibility. You're writing for the average intelligent person. Don't overwhelm with literary exhibitionism.

What We Worry About / Reviewer Ethics:

Writers reviewing books written by personal friends (or enemies), or from a press they hope to submit their own work to, or that has published their work in the past (or has published works of their personal friends or enemies) see where this is going? We hope for good ethics in the review section. If you have some connection with a press or author, be sure to disclose that to us *before* you write a review for NewPages.

What We’ll Do:

- Try not to embarrass you with careless editing.

- Watch for legally actionable slurs, defamations, etc. (Can’t afford to go to court on your behalf.)

- Publish your review in our website and send you our hearty thanks.

But Wait - There's More!

Specific guidelines for Literary Magazine Reviews.

Specific guidelines for Book Reviews.

Questions About Reviewing Not Answered Here?

Contact Katy Haas for more information and to get started.

We welcome any/all Feedback.