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Call :: Club Plum Literary Journal Seeks Strong Voices

Deadline: Rolling
Submissions open for flash fiction of no more than 800 words and prose poems. Send powerful yet subtle pieces. Send strong voices. Send dreamy words that don’t gush. Skate on the edge of realities. Club Plum also seeks art: Please send one image only of pen-and-ink line art, watercolor, bold colors, experimental work, collage, impressionistic or abstract pieces. Tell the editor about your piece. The editor will pass on photography. See clubplumliteraryjournal.com for details. Volume 1 Issue 3 features work from William L. Alton, Ron Burch, Barry Jay Kaplan, James McAdams, Scott Ragland, Emelia Steenekemp, Jake Stimmel, Mary Buchinger, Jason Kahler, Natalie Eleanor Patterson, Katie Anderson, Ann-Marie Brown, Clara Choi, Tim Stuemke, and Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad.

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