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Magazine Stand :: Walloon Writers Review – 2022

Walloon Writers Review Seventh Edition 2022 cover image

Walloon Writers Review is an annual collection of short stories, poetry, and other forms of creative writing, along with nature photography inspired by the natural beauty and uniqueness of northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. Michigan authors and photographers and those who live here seasonally, have ties to the region, or have visited celebrate the incredible experience of being here.

A Call For Submissions is posted annually, and in 2023, the Eighth Edition of the magazine will be released. Walloon Writers Review print journal is designed to share on the reading table at the cottage, on the bookshelf of the cabin, on hand at camp, and can be found on the Michigan shelves of independent bookstores throughout the state. Writers and photographers are welcome to submit their best “up north” materials; editors welcome contributors “where they are” in their craft. The publication attracts both nationally recognized contributors alongside those just getting underway. The passion for the region is clear in each accepted selection.

Call :: Walloon Writers Review 6th Edition

Walloon Writers Review coversDeadline: September 30, 2020
Walloon Writers Review is an independent regional literary magazine that shares original creative writing and nature photography inspired by Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. We are accepting submissions for our upcoming 6th edition, to be published as an E-edition late 2020. Call for Submissions runs now through September 30th. Visit our website for our Guidelines. No submission fee for this edition only.

Walloon Writers Review – No. 6

Walloon Writers Review edition 6 is a collection of poetry, short stories and nature photography inspired by Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. This independent regionally focused literary magazine is published annually. “Edition 6” edited by Associate Editor Glen Young, is so titled as this is our first digital edition. Walloon Writers Review edition 6 is available on issuu and the link can be found on our website. No charge for the digital edition this year. Cover photography by Elizabeth J. Bates.