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October 2023 eLitPak :: The RavensPerch: Adding Breath to Words

The RavensPerch flyer for the NewPages October 2023 eLitPak Newsletter

The RavensPerch is an online international literary and visual arts magazine. TRP is unique in that the platform brings the literary world together across generations: a home for adults, young adults and children. We publish poetry, fiction, nonfiction and visual art. We are interested in writing that makes us react. We even give you permission to break our hearts and make us ask for more. Visit website.

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Magazine Stand :: The RavensPerch – March 2022

RavensPerch literary magazine logo

Publishing international literary and visual arts online, The RavensPerch looks for “writing that makes us react – all the way from calmly to boisterously.” Fulfilling that promise are poems by R. Olaf Erich, Anshu Yedavelli, J.T. Whitehead; non-fiction by Wendy Jones, Patty Somlo, Aida Bode, Cyndi Cresswell Cook; fiction by Oso Jones, Bill Richter, Beate Sigriddaughter, Philip Goldberg; and artwork by Carmen Germain and Jamie Bullock.