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Magazine Stand :: Superstition Review – Issue 30

Superstition Review Issue 30 cover

Celebrating their 15th anniversary with Issue 30 of Superstition Review, readers can enjoy art by Corey S. Pressman, Jenny Wu, RAEchel Running, Shirin Mellat Gohar, and Valyntina Grenier; fiction by Amy Reardon, Gabriel Granillo, Michael Colbert, Mohamed Shalabi, Morris Collins, Patrick Henry Thomas, and JT Townley; nonfiction by Audacia Ray, Brooke White, Carlo Rey Lacsamana, Cassandra Whitaker, and Kaia Preus; poetry by Charlie Peck, Constance Hansen, Cynthia Marie Hoffman, Danny Rivera, Joanne Diaz, Kathryn Bratt-Pfotenhauer, Natalie Giarratano, Rachel Nelson, Rebecca Griswold, Remi Recchia, Susan L. Leary, and Yong-Yu Huang; interviews with Angie Cruz, Leopoldo Gout, Manuel Muñoz, Raquel Gutierrez, and Rudy Ruiz. Superstition Review is an open access online publication.

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Magazine Stand :: Superstition Review – Issue 29

Superstition Review online literary magazine Issue 29 cover image

The Spring 2022 issue of Superstition Review is available for readers to access online, with fiction by Abbie Barker, Bradley Sides, Nadine Rodriguez, Ryan Habermeyer, Sahalie Angell Martin, and William J. Cobb; nonfiction by Cindy Lee, Haolun Xu, Laurie Blauner, Marcia Aldrich, and Wendy Gan; poetry by Taylor Byas, Sophia Liu, R.J. Lambert, Nathaniel Rosenthalis, Michael Chang, Meghan McClure, Joshua Gottlieb-Miller, Ja’net Danielo, Hannah Smith, Dorsía Smith Silva, Dorothy Chan, Donte Collins, Donna Vorreyer, Christen Noel Kauffman, Carolyn Oliver, Brett Hanley, and Brandel France de Bravo; interviews with Darrel Alejandro Holnes, Gillian Sze, Kathryn Davis, Melissa Chadburn, Paul Tran, and Yanyi; and art by Delta N.A., Elaine Parks, Emily Rankin, Jenny Day, Michelle McElory, and Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad.

Danielle Geller Interviewed in Superstition Review

In Issue 27 of Superstition Review, readers can find an interview with Danielle Geller conducted via email by Grace Tobin. The interview centers on Geller’s memoir Dog Flowers published by One World/Penguin Random House this year.

The interview opens with the story of how the title of Dog Flowers came to be. The two go on to talk about the decisions Geller made while writing the memoir: what to include or leave out, writing in a nonlinear storyline, and which diary entries and real life photos to include.

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Call :: Superstition Review Issue 26

Deadline: August 31
On behalf of Arizona State University and the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts, Superstition Review is dedicating Issue 26 to work that promotes inclusion and explores new ways to dismantle racial and social inequality. We have chosen this theme in order to magnify voices that have been traditionally undermined by our histories, institutions, policies, laws, and habits of daily life. Our submissions will be open August 1st-31st. We accept art, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. superstitionreview.asu.edu

Superstition Review Author Talk with Todd Dillard

Photo from Superstition Review

If you didn’t already know, online literary magazine Superstition Review offers a wonderful series called Authors Talk. The latest installment in this series features Todd Dillard going to Twitter to answer questions by his followers. Topics range from writing to craft to cats to . . . Ninja Turtles.

Todd Dillard’s debut poetry collection “Ways We Vanish” is currently available for pre-order. Checkout the podcast to learn how Todd curated this collection and his thoughts about poetry and craft in general.