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Magazine Stand :: Sleet – Summer 2022

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Summer Sleet 2022 is now online! It’s a beautiful, especially moving edition featuring student poets from Thunder Mountain and Yaakoosge Daakahidi high schools in Juneau, Alaska, in a “By Invitation Only” category. David Buck, Nakima Budke, Joseph Cavanaugh, Elizabeth Djajalie, and Savanna Tisher offer readers a view of the Alaskan landscape and what it means to “be from” this vast northern community. Summer Sleet 2022 also hosts Poetry by Samir Atassi, Nancy Botkin, Jack Chielli, E.J. Evans, Marsha Foss, Scott Gardner, Mom’s Dementia, Paul Ilechko, Kathryn Kysar, Debbie Laffin, John Palen, Joan Roger, Dan Sicoli, Suzanne Swanson, Matthew A. Toll, Cody Triplett, Jay Wittenberg; Creative Nonfiction by Mary Casey Diana, Mariana Navarrete, Anthony J. Mohr; Fiction by Vicki Addesso, Scott Gardner, Mike Herndon, Jerry Kivelä; and a fun section called “Irregulars” with unique contributions from Melanie Alberts, Kathryn Kysar, Mary Lewis, Colette Parris, Holly Pelesky, Edwina Shaw, Tee, and T. Wallace. Sleet is free to read online, and Sleet is currently open for submissions until August 31, 2022. All work, all topics welcome with a special theme for the winter edition: TATTOOS. Visit their website for more information.

Sleet Magazine – Winter 2021-2022

Sleet‘s Winter 2021-2022 Infrastructure Edition is out. Read about art, bears, snow, fatherhood and more as infrastructure! Featuring new work by poet/professor Deborah Keenan; Lucia Cherciu; Trevor Moffa; Christian Chase Garner; Daniel Edward Moore and Yun Wang. New sweetest fiction from Astrid Egger and Ryan Love. Irregulars by Howie Good; Raphael Kosek; Steven Ostrowski; Elizabeth Kerlikowske; Guillermo Rebollo Gil and Timothy Pilgrim. AND CNF from Kathryn Ganfield, Susan Petrie and Sara Dovre Wudali.

More info at the Sleet Magazine website.

New Lit on the Block :: Sleet Magazine

Edited by Susan Solomon, Nate Thomas, Kathleen McEathron and “Sleet Lady,” Sleet publishes poetry, fiction, and flash fiction, with a new submission category for “irregular”: “a genre-crossing bit of writing – something that overflows borders or maybe never had any. It could be an impression, a vignette, a one-line flash. An irregular must be able to stand on its own. We are still in the process of defining this little mutant, but for now the guidelines are minimal. Send us literary-only work that is between 1 line and 500 words. It may be comprised of a single piece or a combination of work.”

Published online with number one accessible in the archives, number two includes:

Poetry by Jamie Lynn Buehner, Sara Dailey, Alan Elyshevitz, Howie Good, Jim Heynen, Bradley Hoge, Jenny McDougal, Patricia McGoldrick, John N. Miller, M.V. Montgomery, Katherine D. Perry, Floareau Tutuianu, Danny Sklar, and Scott Whitaker.

Flash Fiction by A.T. Cross, John Dutterer, Justin Ekstedt, Michael Onofrey, Michelle Reale, Paul Rogalus, and Brad Rose.

Fiction by Joshua James Wilson Mattern, and an interview with writer Jim Heynen.