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Magazine Stand :: Posit – Issue 32

Posit issue 32 cover image

Posit: A Journal of Literature and Art issue 32 offers readers much to cozy into as the winter months settle in around us: new poetry and prose by Michael Brosnan, C Culbertson, Elisabeth Adwin Edwards, Sean Ennis, Peter Gurnis, Dennis Hinrichsen, Andrew Levy, Rahana K. Ismail, Jean Kane, and Julie Marie Wade; text + image by Francesco Levato and Laura Moriarty; and painting, collage, and ceramic sculpture by Ron Baron, Sue Havens, and Jill Moser.

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Magazine Stand :: Posit – Issue 30

Posit Journal issue 30 online literary magazine cover image

Posit Journal online is celebrating its 30th issue of publishing innovative, aesthetic, accomplished poetry, prose, visual art, and film. As the editors write in the introduction, “Although (to paraphrase David Byrne) we’re not quite sure how we got here, we’re thrilled that we have, thanks to the vivid and continuing engagement of our growing family of contributors and readers.” They invite readers to engage with “poetry and prose by Isaac Akanmu, Tyrone Williams, and Pearl Button that confronts the historical and contemporary poison of racism and colonial appropriation, alongside work by Julie Choffel, Erika Eckart, Vi Khi Nao & Jessica Alexander, Jo O’Lone Hahn, Sam Wein, and Nancy White exploring gender repression and violence – as well as its persistent, sometimes even exuberant defiance “swinging ourselves to wonderment” (Sam Wein, Season of Fanny Packs). The innovative poetics of Kristi Maxwell, Benjamin Landry, and Dennis James Sweeney speak to the state of the planet and even the dubious nature of the future itself, while the visual art of Andrea Burgay, Taraneh Mosadegh and Ana Rendich grapples in a different idiom with the existential challenge of living as moral and emotional beings in a threatened and threatening world.”

Magazine Stand :: Posit – #29

Posit literary magazine cover image

There’s still time to read the newest issue of Posit online journal of poetry, prose and visual art, and Editors Susan Lewis, Carol Ciavonne, and Bernd Sauermann begin with a welcome that provides an insightful overview of the published works, which they consider “a salutary and substantive alternative to doom-scrolling and despair.” Content includes poetry and prose by Glen Armstrong, Dennis Barone, Barbara Henning, Elise Houcek, Jill Khoury, Burt Kimmelman, Richard Peabody, Maureen Seaton, Patty Seyburn, Jared Stanley, Rodrigo Toscano; text + image by Adrian Lürssen; and visual art by Al Wong, Holly Wong, and Tamar Zinn.

ICYMI :: Posit Issue 27

Screenshot of Posit Issue 27Sure, it’s been about two months since it’s release, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check it out if you haven’t yet! Posit Issue 27 features poetry and prose by V. Joshua Adams, Michael Brosnan, Gabe Durham, Joey Hedger, Kylie Hough, Patrick Kindig, Peter Leight, Elizabeth Robinson, Zach Savich, Edwin Torres, and Lucy Zhang.

You’ll also find Text+Image by Janis Butler Holm and Gina Osterloh as well as Nance Van Winckel. This issue features visual art by Christina Haglid, Dee Shapiro, and Hester Simpson.

Published three times a year, Posit is currently open to submissions of videos and animations of no more than 3 minutes as well as visual art and photography (no fee to submit!).