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Magazine Stand :: Posit – #29

Posit literary magazine cover image

There’s still time to read the newest issue of Posit online journal of poetry, prose and visual art, and Editors Susan Lewis, Carol Ciavonne, and Bernd Sauermann begin with a welcome that provides an insightful overview of the published works, which they consider “a salutary and substantive alternative to doom-scrolling and despair.” Content includes poetry and prose by Glen Armstrong, Dennis Barone, Barbara Henning, Elise Houcek, Jill Khoury, Burt Kimmelman, Richard Peabody, Maureen Seaton, Patty Seyburn, Jared Stanley, Rodrigo Toscano; text + image by Adrian Lürssen; and visual art by Al Wong, Holly Wong, and Tamar Zinn.

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