Magazine Stand :: One – April 2022

One online poetry magazine April 2022 cover image

One is an online poetry journal with a unique approach – writers may submit only one poem per issue (via email), and as soon as the editors have selected 21 poems for publication, the next issue will be released. They also include a fun feature called “Second Look” in which writers are asked to take a ‘second look’ at a poem they admire and provide a commentary about that work. The newest issue (26) of One features “A Second Look by Deborah Bogen” in which she re-considers “September 1963” by Jean Valentine. Also in this latest issue are works by Greg Garner, Claire Hermann, Stephen Gibson, Mike James, Alexis Rhone Fancher, Tony Medina, David Giannini, Shei Sanchez, Ben Groner III, David O’Connell, Maryfrances Wagner, DeWitt Henry, Taylor J. Johnson, Zara Raab, Molly Kirschner, Edison Dupree, Steven Winn, Katherine Hoerth, Katherine Riegel, Mike White, and David Kirby. Check them out today and see if you might have one for One! [Cover art: Gateway Arch by Alexis Rockman]

Take a Second Look with One

Sometimes good writing needs a second look, and online literary magazine One agrees with that statement. The “Second Look” section on their website gives writers room to take a second look at their favorite poems and discuss what they enjoy about the work.

For Issue 23, the latest issue, Simon Anton Diego Baena takes a look at Federico Garcia Lorca’s “The City That Does Not Sleep (Nightsong of Brooklyn Bridge).” He gives a little background about the piece and the poet, and then breaks it down. Readers can also see the piece performed by Grainne Delaney with an embedded YouTube video by Jesus Queijas.

And that’s just the latest issue—there are plenty of other writers giving second looks in this section of One‘s website, offering readers a great way to learn with a mini, easily digestible poetry lesson.