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Gemini Magazine – August 2021

The new issue of Gemini Magazine featuring the winners of the Poetry Open is out. A sincere thank you to all who entered. James Henry Zukin of Los Angeles took top honors and the $1,000 award for “Gimp Boy and I.” Beatrice Kujichagulia Greene won second prize for “Eyes (circa 1990).” Honorable mentions include work by Ana Wooldridge, Suzanne Chick, David Butler, and Tom Bixby. More info at the Gemini Magazine website.

Tint Journal – No. 6

The 24 new poems, short stories, and essays in Tint Fall ’21 (Issue 6) by writers identifying with 19 different nationalities and speaking 15 different mother tongues are just as diverse in their subject matter: Ranging from belonging, grief, labor and LGBTQ+ to abuse and trauma, they will cue the readers to think about the pressing issues of our time and open new literary landscapes for them to enjoy. Each text is accompanied with an original visual artwork and a brief Q&A with the writer. More info at Tint Journal website.

Still Point Arts Quarterly – Fall 2021

“Living on the Water.” Featured writers this issue include Jennifer Novotney, Tricia Gates Brown, Patricia B. Carley, Susan Emeline Bills, Marc Eichen, Jennifer Fearon, Katherine Hauswirth, Barbara Cole, Anthony Cordasco, Karen Bowers, Felecia Babb, Rachel Racette, Debbie Cutler, and Russel Rowland. See this issue’s featured artists at the Still Point Arts Quarterly website.

Magazine Stand :: The Gettysburg Review – 33.3

With paintings by Jenny Brillhart, fiction by Jeff Frawley, Matthew Raymond, Kevin Breen, Kay Bontempo, and David Blanton; essays by Anne Kenner, Kathy Flann, and Phillip Hurst; poetry by Rosalie Moffett, Ann Keniston, Evan Blake, Lynn Domina, John McCarthy, D. S. Waldman, Diane Martini, James Harms, John Bargowski, Jill McDonough, Ed Falco, Jeffrey Harrison, Sharon Dolin, Danusha Laméris, Lance Larsen, Richard Lyons, Linda Pastan, Mark Kraushaar, Melissa Kwasny, and Nance Van Winckel. More info at The Gettysburg Review website.

The Boiler – 34

A new issue of The Boiler is out with nonfiction by Virginia L Wood; fiction by Joe Baumann, Margaret Emma Brandl, Mialise Carney, Kathryn Holzman, and Yun Wei; and poetry by Sarah Ghazal Ali, Ruth Baumann, Flower Conroy, Jennifer Funk, Aeon Ginsberg, Bretty Hanley, Allie Hoback, Jenna Le, Fatima Malik, Noathan Spoon, travis tate, James Kelly Quigley, and more. Art by Claire Morales.

More info at The Boiler website.

Rain Taxi Review of Books – Fall 2021

The new Fall 2021 issue is hard to miss with a stunning cover by Minnesota poet and artist Paula Cisewski! Inside, you’ll find interviews with poet Mervyn Taylor and talk radio host turned author Peter Werbe, a visit with Tessa B. Dick, a closer look at the legacy of Braiding Sweetgrass, and reviews of books by Joan Mitchell, Richard Wright, Geoff Dyer, Will Alexander, Duo Duo, N. H. Pritchard, Allison Bechdel, and many more! More info at the Rain Taxi website.

Hippocampus Magazine – October 2021

Inside, you’ll find essays and flash creative nonfiction by writers including: Sophie Scolnik-Brower, Morgan Eklund, Kathryn Fitzpatrick, Joey Garcia, Karen Green, Nita Noveno, Jess Payne, Sherry Shahan, Gary Smothers, Hannah Smothers, and Hillary Wentworth. Our new edition also features an articles section full of reviews, interviews, and columns. More info at the Hippocampus Magazine website.