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Magazine Stand :: Hamilton Arts & Letters – 15.1

Hamilton Arts and Letters literary magazine issue 15.1 cover image

Hamilton Arts & Letters 15.1 is “The Candian Chapbook Issue” guest-edited by Jim Johnston and Shane Neilson, and it is not enough to just name names here, but check out some of these titles to get a much better idea of the content:

“Chapbooks as Living Art: An Interview with Cameron Anstee, Ashley Obscura and Adèle Barclay”; Interviewed by David Ly

“MANIFESTO: Visual Poetry for Women” and “Coda for Women Making Visual Poetries” by Dani Spinosa

“A Perspective on Poetry Chapbooks, 1999-2021” by Jason Dewinetz

“The Alfred Gustav Press: WHEN I MAKE A CHAPBOOK” by David Zieroth

“In Praise of the Mayfly: A Survey of Canadian Micropresses Part 2” by Jim Johnstone

And a section of several videos from the Ontario D/deaf/HoH, Disabled, Mad and Neuroatypical Poetics Festival held in April 2022.

Other contributors to this issue include Jim Johnstone, Shane Neilson, Adam Lawrence, David Zieroth, Dewinetz, Monica Plant, Gillian Dunks, Astra Papachristodoulou, sophie anne edwards, Robert Colman, Tanya Adèle Koehnke, Violet Arenburg, Sarah Cavar, Diane Wiener, Sarah de Leeuw, and George Elliot Clarke.

HA&L is free to read online as well as in print by subscription.

Hamilton Arts & Letters – 14.2

Hamilton Arts & Letters celebrates its 13th anniversary with the release of The Science Issue guest edited by Sima Rabinowitz. Contributors for Issue 14.2 include Remi Recchia, Sneha Madhavan-Reese, Mark McKain, Anne Baldo, Grace Sanchez MacCall, Brittany Friesen, Paul Elia, Rachael Carnes, Jill K. Gregory, Mark Cembrowski, J.S. Porter, William F. Pinar, George Grant, Kim Morgan, Susan Gibson Garvey, Richard van Holst, Anna van Valkenburg, JB Stone, Charlie C. Petch, Jenn Carson, David Huebert, Gary Fordham, Alexis Moline, Brooke Pratt, Nicholas Bradley, Al Purdy, Bernadette Rule, Jeffery Donaldson, Leo Dragtoe, Michael Mitchell, Charles James, Camille Nivera, Tor Lukasik-Foss, and Treasa Levasseur.

Read the full issue 14.2 at Hamilton Arts & Letters website.

Call :: Hamilton Arts & Letters Issue 14.2

Deadline: November 15, 2020
Science is among the most creative of human endeavors. From ancient depictions of scientists and scientific phenomena to contemporary graphic novel formats, from Frankenstein to recent best-selling novels dealing with such themes as pharmacology and climate change, and from memoirs on scientific discovery to essays on “life in the lab,” the people and ideas of science continue to capture our imaginations. We seek work that incorporates ideas, language, characters, main or sub-themes, images, and artwork related to STEM expansively imagined and rendered. Full call: halmagazine.wordpress.com/submit/submit-to-hal-magazine. Send submissions or queries to [email protected].