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Magazine Stand :: The Gay & Lesbian Review – July/August 2023

The Gay and Lesbian Review July-August 2023 cover image

The Gay & Lesbian Review Editor Richard Schneider opens the July-August 2023 issue by exploring the theme “Fantasy Lands”: “Today’s digital technologies have created possibilities for whole new worlds of immersion and experience, and with them a panoply of subcultures organized around these sites. Under the rubric of ‘Fantasy Lands,’ let us visit a few of these milieux with relevance to LGBT life and culture. This is somewhat new territory for this magazine, which is usually concerned with historical themes and the arts, and it’s worth noting that all four theme articles were written by first-time contributors.” Those articles include “We’re Heroes, We’re Queeros…” by Andrew White; “Romancing the Avatar” by Ashton Corsetti; “Fanfiction and the Omegaverse” by Hannah Matthews; and “Grindr Leaves the City Behind” by Aislin Neufeldt. Visit the G&LR website for more information about his issue as well as past issues and subscriptions.

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Magazine Stand :: The Gay & Lesbian Review – Nov/Dec 2022

The Gay & Lesbian Review November December 2022 issue cover image

The Gay & Lesbian Review / Worldwide (The G&LR) is a bimonthly magazine of history, culture, and politics targeting an educated readership of LGBT people and their allies, publishing essays in a wide range of disciplines as well as reviews of books, movies, and plays. The newest issue celebrates “50 years ago, a mental illness was abolished,” with essays “The Kerouac Century” by Hilary Holladay, “The Curious Case of Gordon Merrick” by Andrew Holleran, “Thom Gunn, A Poet on the Move” by Alfred Corn, “Rise and Fall of the Medical Model” by Vernon Rosario, “”The Vote That ‘Cured’ Millions” by Barbara Gittings, “Inside the APA’s Decision to Delist” by Lawrence Hartmann, and “How Psychiatrists Came Around” by Jack Dresher. The publication also includes a slew of reviews as well as poetry, opinions, correspondence, and cultural calendar info. Visit their site to read limited content as well as for subscription information.

Magazine Stand :: Gay & Lesbian Review – July/August 2022

Gay and Lesbian Review July August 2022 cover image

The July/August 2022 issue of Gay & Lesbian Review is focused on “The Lure of the Sea” and includes essays such as “A New England Romance: Harvard Prof F.O. Matthiessen and Artist Russell Cheney in Love,” by Andrew Holleran, “Sex and Gender in Native America” by Vernon Rosario, “Paul Cadmus’ Art of Cruising” by Ignacio Darnaude, “The Sea and Sexual Freedom: From Typee to Bully Budd, Melville Longed for Something Lost at Sea” by Rolando Jorif, “A Dab of Tar on a Sailor’s Posteriors” by William Benemann, and “The Fastest Woman of Her Day: Joe Carstairs Raced Speedboats in the 1920’s – and Often Won” by Martin Duberman. The publication also features reviews of recent publications as well as poetry, guest opinions, and artwork. Most article intros can be read online with subscribers having access to full content.