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Magazine Stand :: Gay & Lesbian Review – July/August 2022

Gay and Lesbian Review July August 2022 cover image

The July/August 2022 issue of Gay & Lesbian Review is focused on “The Lure of the Sea” and includes essays such as “A New England Romance: Harvard Prof F.O. Matthiessen and Artist Russell Cheney in Love,” by Andrew Holleran, “Sex and Gender in Native America” by Vernon Rosario, “Paul Cadmus’ Art of Cruising” by Ignacio Darnaude, “The Sea and Sexual Freedom: From Typee to Bully Budd, Melville Longed for Something Lost at Sea” by Rolando Jorif, “A Dab of Tar on a Sailor’s Posteriors” by William Benemann, and “The Fastest Woman of Her Day: Joe Carstairs Raced Speedboats in the 1920’s – and Often Won” by Martin Duberman. The publication also features reviews of recent publications as well as poetry, guest opinions, and artwork. Most article intros can be read online with subscribers having access to full content.

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