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Magazine Stand :: The Gay & Lesbian Review – July/August 2023

The Gay and Lesbian Review July-August 2023 cover image

The Gay & Lesbian Review Editor Richard Schneider opens the July-August 2023 issue by exploring the theme “Fantasy Lands”: “Today’s digital technologies have created possibilities for whole new worlds of immersion and experience, and with them a panoply of subcultures organized around these sites. Under the rubric of ‘Fantasy Lands,’ let us visit a few of these milieux with relevance to LGBT life and culture. This is somewhat new territory for this magazine, which is usually concerned with historical themes and the arts, and it’s worth noting that all four theme articles were written by first-time contributors.” Those articles include “We’re Heroes, We’re Queeros…” by Andrew White; “Romancing the Avatar” by Ashton Corsetti; “Fanfiction and the Omegaverse” by Hannah Matthews; and “Grindr Leaves the City Behind” by Aislin Neufeldt. Visit the G&LR website for more information about his issue as well as past issues and subscriptions.

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