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New Book :: Cancer Voodoo

Cancer Voodoo poetry by Melissa C. Johnson book cover image

Cancer Voodoo
Poetry by Melissa C. Johnson
Diode Editions, March 2022

Cancer Voodoo grew out of the experience of Johnson’s mother’s illness and death from lung cancer and her own attempts to come to terms with that loss. “I was trying to write about the experience of watching a parent die, an experience that most people will have, but also about the particulars of my mother’s life and death and her family history. There’s a kind of madness of grief — the way that it unhinges and unmoors — that I’m trying to capture. I’m also trying to get at how illness and death re-arrange and collapse time — how they create a milestone that all other events gather around.” Melissa C. Johnson serves as Associate Vice President and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education at The Pennsylvania State University. She earned a BA in English and Fine Arts from the College of Charleston, an MFA in poetry, and a Ph.D. in twentieth-century British Literature and Women’s Studies from the University of South Carolina.

New Book :: She Has Dreamt Again of Water

She Has Dreamt Again of Water poetry by Stephanie Niu book cover image

She Has Dreamt Again of Water
Poetry by Stephanie Niu
Diode Editions, March 2022

In her debut chapbook She Has Dreamt Again of Water, Stephanie Niu imagines the deep sea as sanctuary. Her poems seek solace from generational guilt and a fractured family by diving into dreamscapes where gills grow as easily as wings. Here, the world shimmers with small, stunning miracles: a fish that looks like light, a river delta seen from the moon, a single coyote in the road. In the search for sanctuary, “There is no split, a real self and a dream self / to divide neatly. There are just dreams.” Even upon waking, “she does not weep. She has dreamt again / of water, that place where the river / meets the sea, where long-legged birds / tiptoe through the cordgrass, dipping / their heads to feed.” In these poems, the surreal and unseen suggest the shapes of shared longing. Stephanie Niu is a poet from Marietta, GA. She earned her degrees in symbolic systems and computer science from Stanford University. She is the recipient of a Fulbright Award for work on decolonizing historical narratives of overseas Chinese laborers through digital techniques. She lives in New York City.

New Book :: Night Swim

Night Swim poetry by Joan Kwon Glass book cover image

Night Swim
Poetry by Joan Kwon Glass
Diode Editions, March 2022

In Night Swim, Joan Kwon Glass navigates the dark sea of mourning after losing her sister and her 11-year-old nephew to suicide within a two-month span of time. Night Swim does not turn away from the ugly, unreconciled side of grief: the recurring nightmares, life with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, questions that will never have answers, the desire to hold someone responsible for the deaths when there is no one left to blame. The collection begins with a solitary, titular poem which asks the reader to consider what grief feels like when “the landscape doesn’t change // but everything else does.” Joan Kwon Glass’ first full-length poetry collection, Night Swim, won the 2021 Diode Poetry Prize. She is the author of several chapbooks and has spent the past 20 years as an educator in the Connecticut public schools. She tweets @joanpglass and is online at www.joankwonglass.com.

New Book :: BABE

BABE poetry by Dorothy Chan book cover image

Poetry by Dorothy Chan
Diode Editions, December 2021

BABE is about owning the room. It’s about physical touch. It’s about dancing (actually, grinding) on a heart-shaped bed and starring as the leading lady of the film (no matter how risqué it gets). At the core of this collection, the Chinese American speaker questions the conventions around her, dating back to her origin story as a Hong Kongnese child who would get up to stretch in the middle of Cantonese class. As an adult, she questions her fate since the family fortune teller screwed her over with a lazy fortune, yet got her brother’s completely spot-on. She triple sonnets her way through confrontations of queerphobia in her family, the trauma from a past relationship with a significantly older man, and the constant male gaze. She pays homage to the first girls who ever loved her in this analysis of sexuality, queerness, popular culture, and resilience. She’s baby forever. Dorothy Chan (she/they) is the author of Revenge of the Asian Woman (Diode Editions, 2019), Attack of the Fifty-Foot Centerfold (Spork Press, 2018), and Chinatown Sonnets (New Delta Review, 2017). Chan is an Assistant Professor of English at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Editor Emeritus of Hobart, Book Reviews Co-Editor of Pleiades, and Co-Founder and Editor in Chief of Honey Literary Inc., a 501(c)(3) literary arts organization. Visit their website at dorothypoetry.com

June 2021 eLitPak :: New Titles Available Now from Diode Editions

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Happy Publication Month to Diode authors Shanta Lee Gander (GHETTOCLAUSTROPHOBIA), Sally Rosen Kindred (WHERE THE WOLF), Conor Bracken (THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY IS ME), Teow Lim Goh (FARAWAY PLACES), Joey S. Kim (BODY FACTS), Natasha Sajé (SPECIAL DELIVERY), Amorak Huey & W. Todd Kaneko (SLASH / SLASH), Tyler Mills & Kendra DeColo (LOW BUDGET MOVIE)!

Diode Poetry Journal – March 2020

Diode - March 2020

The March 2020 issue of Diode Poetry Journal is with brand new poetry by TR Brady, Brandon Jordan Brown, Sarah A. Chavez, Brian Glaser, Sarah Gridley, Mandy Gutmann-Gonzalez, KA Hays, Kathleen Heil, Janiru Liyanage, Brett Elizabeth Jenkins, Luisa Caycedo-Kimura & Dean Rader, Virginia Konchan, Amit Majmudar, Christopher McCurry, Cindy Hunter Morgan, JoAnna Novak, Meghan Privitello, Iliana Rocha, Daniel Ruiz, Aaron Samuels, Nate Slawson, Kelly Grace Thomas, Svetlana Turetskaya, Jorrell Watkins, Rewa Zeinati, and Jane Zwart.