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Arts & Letters – Fall 2021

The Arts & Letters Fall Issue is out! This issue features our annual prize winners, as well as fiction by E. A. Bagby, Emma Wunsch, and Brett Armes; flash fiction by Dog Cavanaugh and Andrew Kane; poetry by Michael Waters, Joshua Garcia, Anne Barngrover, Nicholas Samaras, Yerra Sugarman, Elisabeth Murawski, Arthur Vogelsang, and Kay Cosgrove; and creative nonfiction by Sonja Livingston and Kevin Callaway.

More info at the Arts & Letters website.

Unclassifiable Content in Arts & Letters

In the table of contents of Arts & Letters latest issue, the heading “Unclassifiable” caught my eye, promising a walk off the beaten path. This section features the winner of the journal’s annual Unclassifiable Contest.

When I paged to this winning piece—”Voidopolis” by Kat Mustatea—I was greeted with a series of photos with accompanying text. This excerpt is from a project Mustatea began on an Instagram page, loosely retelling Dante’s Inferno. Throughout this 46-part series, Mustatea never uses words with the letter “E.” This combined with the format of the photo-sharing app gave me a burst of inspiration to try new things and to challenge myself while doing it.

There is just enough included in the issue to hook the reader along and lead them to check out the rest of the story on Mustatea’s Instagram. The project has ended, so there’s no wait for new readers to reach the conclusion. Step away from the usual, the classifiable, and check out this piece in the Spring 2021 issue of Arts & Letters.

Arts & Letters 2021 Submission Opportunities

Founded in 1999, Arts & Letters is a nationally circulating journal featuring young, fresh voices as well as established poets and writers. It was founded at Georgia College where it operates out of the MFA program in creative writing. They publish biannually in Spring and Fall with full-color covers designed by Peter Selgin.

They are currently open to submissions for their Unclassifiables contest and Drama Prize. Regular submissions will reopen on August 1. They seek poetry, fiction, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction. They do charge a $3 non-refundable fee. Arts & Letters pays upon acceptance at a rate of $10 per page. Writers also receive a contributor copy and one year subscription.

The Unclassifiables contest is open through July 31 and is for work that blurs, bends, blends, erases, or obliterates genre and other labels. Pieces need to be 5,000 words or less. This year’s judge is Michael Martone. $10 fee. Winner receives $500 and publication.

The Drama Prize is open through June 30 to one-act plays of 30-60 pages that have not yet been produced. $10 fee. Winner receives $500 and travel support to attend the production.

Contest :: Arts & Letters Prize Competition 2020

Arts & Letters Prizes 2020 flier

For our 22nd annual prizes in fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction, we offer the winner in each category a $1,000 prize and publication in the next year’s Fall or Spring issue. All writers and poets writing in English are eligible to enter, excepting friends, relatives, or current and former students of the current-year judges. All fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction prize submissions will also be considered for publication at regular payment rates. The submission period for our annual prizes is February 1 – March 31. The entry fee is $20. Submit now! artsandletters.gcsu.edu