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Magazine Stand :: Allium – Summer 2023

Allium Magazine literary magazine cover image

Allium Summer 2023 online issue upholds its mission to publish “work that is provocative, evocative, and bold,” and that represents a range and diversity of wrters’ voices. In this issue, readers can enjoy several watercolor panels from featured artist Leela Corman, whose graphic novel Victory Parade is set during World War II in Brooklyn, New York, and is due out in April 2024. Other works in this issue include fiction by Gemini Wahhaj, Greg Golley, Shelley Ettinger, Miranda Dennis, Max Smothers, Zoe Hanlon, Mary Lewis, Charli Andrews, Katy Gathright, Jeiyanni Hollings, Anthony Koranda, Jay Bigboy; nonfiction, Lauren Hohle, Carmelinda Escuder, Laura Hodes, Alexandra Ernst, Becky A. Benson, Daphne Reed, Ethan Dulaca, Jeffrey Ihlenfeldt, Justine Feron, Cristina Benavides; and poetry by Susan M. Schultz, Jan Beatty, Samantha Johnson, Sarah Iqbal, Denise Miller, Lorraine Carey, Izzy Dimiceli, Josette Akresh-Gonzales, Mole Hart, Moira Barrett, Gretchen Shull, Alorah Welti, Mara Tillman, Stephen Jackson, W.J. Lofton, Jake Bailey.

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Magazine Stand :: Allium – Spring 2022

Allium Spring 2022 literary magazine cover image

The Spring 2022 issue of Allium, an online journal of poetry and prose from Columbia College Chicago’s Department of English and Creative Writing, features fiction by Babak Movahed, Joshua Beggs, Tinia Montford, Wren Sager, nonfiction, Bethany Jarmul, Poetry, Kitty Donnelly, Kent Leatham, Jen Ashburn, Lee Johnson, Erin Rodoni, and the craft essay, “My Rocky Relationship with An Old Friend,” by Clementina Ojie. Rebecca Fish Ewan, author of Doodling for Writers, is the featured artist. Ewan will be teaching “Visual Hybrid Form” in a five-week online class through Literary Kitchen.