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Magazine Stand :: Sheila-Na-Gig – 6.3

The Spring 2022 issue of Sheila-Na-Gig online poetry journal is chock-full of great writing, starting with Editor’s Choice Award: Rebecca Brock [pictured], followed by Natalli Amato, Cynthia Anderson, Gary Beaumier, Rose Mary Boehm, Alan Cohen, Joe Cottonwood, Steven Deutsch, Michael Estabrook, Laura Foley, George Franklin, Robbie Gamble, John Grey, Mark Hammerschick, Candice Kelsey, James Kimbrell, Gary Leising, Tamara Madison, Robert L. Penick, Greg Rappleye, Seth Rosenbloom, Stan Sanvel Rubin, Michael Salcman, Lynne Schmidt, Haylee Schwenk, Marc Swan, Gordon Taylor, Eileen Trauth, and Carter Vance. The journal also includes the section “Under Age 30” curated by Jessica Higgins, and features Megha Anne, Andy Chapolini, Leonardo Chung, Anastasia Helena Fenald, Larissa Larson, Sara Long, Ernest Ògúnyẹmí, Jeddie Sophronius, Natalie Welber, and Anna Young.

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