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Magazine Stand :: Sheila-Na-Gig – Summer 2024

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Sheila-Na-Gig Volume 8.4, Summer 2024 offers readers breadth and depth in well-crafted free verse poetry (and some forms!) with a spotlight on Editor’s Choice Award winner Shannon K. Winston. The volume includes lots of Sheila-Na-Gig’s frequent contributors in addition to a host of newcomers, including, Stefan Balan, Roderick Bates, Thomas Bolo, Sarah Browning, Rachel Aviva Burns, Zelda Cahill-Patten, Jim Daniels, DeWitt Henry, Linda Laderman, Isabel Cristina Legarda, Grace Massey, Richard Matta, Eric Nelson, JC Reilly, Claire Scott, Richard Allen Taylor, Gail Thomas, William Welch, and Kenton K. Yee.

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