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Nimrod – Spring Summer 2020

Nimrod Spring/Summer 2020

The theme for Nimrod‘s latest issue “Words at Play” sounds like a lot of fun. Learn more about it: featuring fiction by Gauraa Shekhar, Sean Bernard, Jackson Ingram, and Alison Ho; nonfiction by JJ Peña; and poetry by James Toupin, Joanna Gordon, Michelle Penn, Wendy Drexler, Holly Painter, Gabriel Spera, Amy Miller, Matthew J. Spireng, George Looney, Ellen Kombiyil, Margot Kahn, Myra Shapiro, Cindy Veach, Katy Day, Marjorie Maddox, Brooke Sahni, Ella Flores, Madeline Grigg, Jean-Mark Sens, Nicholas Yingling, and more.

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