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Magazine Stand :: Cutleaf – Issue 2.7

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In the newest issue of Cutleaf online journal of short stories, nonfiction, and poetry, Brett Biebel shows readers what happens when one pays close attention to roadside attractions (or distractions) in two flash pieces, “Minnesota Miracle Man” and “In the Offing.” E. M. Mariani explores the truth of a long-ago admission and the mixed blessings of motherhood in “Mother’s Teeth.” And Linda Parsons examines the conditions under which light comes and to what degrees it can be observed in three poems beginning with “The Light around Trees in the Morning.” This issue features stills from the 1924 silent film The Hands Of Orlac, directed by Robert Wiene and starring Conrad Veidt. The film is one of the first to depict transplantation as a moral and artistic conundrum.

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