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Magazine Stand :: Cutleaf – August 2023

Cutleaf August 2023 cover image

Cutleaf publishes a new issue online every other week and will update readers via email so they can keep reading fresh new prose and poetry that “responds to our common experience and reflects our differences.” Recent contributions: Gary Fincke explores where emotion lives in the essay “In the Heart,” Kristin Lindsey is visited by the spirits of the past and present in “Ghosted,” Annette Pearson travels towards the past in search of what is remembered and forgotten in “Road Trip South,” Jacob Boyd challenges, deepens, and complicates the principles espoused in John Perry Barlow’s list of 25 Principles of Adult Behavior, beginning with the poem “Remember that Your Life Belongs to Others as Well. Do Not Endanger It Frivolously,” Christen Noel Kaufman learns to hold death in her hands in three poems beginning with “Never Close a Knife Someone Else Has Opened,” and Okwudili Nebeolisa sinks into the kind of loneliness that can only be felt on dark nights beginning with his poem “It’s Never a Ghost.”

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